Worst Pink Floyd Songs

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21 Money

What? This song is amazing!

This is there best song! Are you crazy?

Is this possible?

Can't even Follow the Rhythm

22 Eyes to Pearls
23 More Blues

This is so underrated it is one of the best blues rock songs I have ever heard - MilkmanBoi

Best song on more

Gayest song ever and boring

24 A New Machine, PT 2
25 Goodbye Cruel World

Why is this so low

26 Sysyphus

Part 2 is the best one

27 Another Brick in the Wall

Is this an actual joke?

28 San Tropez

What? This song is really calming, it makes me feel like I'm in paradise

What is this doing here? San Tropez is a good song.

What? one of the reasons that meddle was a great album - KingCharlesIlI

I love this song
Its extremely relaxing

29 Up the Khyber
30 Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk

Meh, easily the worst song on Piper.

31 The Trial

This song is awesome you're just not a true fan

Great song
One of my favorites in the wall

Don't like this at all to be honest.

32 Pow R. Toc H.
33 One of the Few
34 Don't Leave Me Now

Yes this song deserves to be on the list

The worst of Pink Floyd

35 Cluster One

Come on, this is brilliant

36 Terminal Frost

Very good instrumental

37 Flaming

Flaming? A bad pink floyd song!? This feels like your walking through a fairytale. One of my favorites from Piper.

I'd say "FLAMING". It would have been great if it were bowie's song instead but for the fact it is sooo unlike floyd. Kind of irritating too.

38 Interstellar Overdrive

This is the best song from Piper in my opinion...

What?!? This is their beat song!

Exactly. People just don't listen to the whole song. The end is epic (studio version). - Arnoldlayne

This song is good

This is awesome - MilkmanBoi

39 Speak to Me

I'm not really going to count this as bad since it's technically part of Breathe (In the Air) but it isn't really a song.

Actually, this song is called "Speak to Me / Breathe (In the Air). Not sure why they're on separate tracks.

40 A Saucerful of Secrets

Not only is this not their worst song in my opinion, it's their best song from the album, along with Set The Controls, and is a runner for one of their best overall.

The live versions are better, they have David's vocals rather than a choir

This song amounts to practically nothing. Most of it is just random noises, and some may not consider that so bad. But the song goes on FOREVER.

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