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1 Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal

Why was this list even approved? Piplup should of been banned after that.

It's a horrible list.

What if piplup is actually here to prove how bad the list approval system is? 🤔

How did you make this list not self-moderated without getting suspended? It’s the truth of course, but I thought admin doesn't approve these lists?

2 Reasons Why Stephen Hawking Deserved to Die

Terrible list. I recommend that you never visit this list. The list says that he is an idiot, he is autistic, and he was a criminal. All three of those things are absolute bull. It also says that he liked Dairy Queen at the bottom. Seriously Piplup? Why does that mean that he deserved to die?

I wasn't a big fan of Stephen Hawking, but this list is downright stupid.

Why would he deserve to die? The worst troll I've ever seen

3 Reasons Why Female Should Be the Only Gender

If it wasnt for men,we wouldn't have
.Freddie Mercury
.ANY of the Beatles
This is sexist!

Alert alert sexist appeared must call mario poilce

We wouldn’t have Jesus if female was the only gender.

4 Reasons to Hate Kids

This is hypocrisy because she might have been a kid too.

5 Reasons Why Stephen Hillenburg Deserved to Die
6 Top 10 People and Fictional Characters that Should Get Cancer

I have one word to describe this list. Read the last word of the list.

7 Reasons to Hate Your Parents
8 Reasons Why Albert Einstein Is Stupid

I have one word for this list Stupid

Why Einstein?

9 Reasons Why You Should Kill Yourself If You Have Autism

Terrible and mean-spirited, should be above Apples are Weird.

I have no idea people would be bothered by claiming that apples are weird.

Err...this is encouraging suicide, which is completely ILLEGAL.

Really? I have autism... -.-

Doesn’t exist

10 Reasons to Hate the Scratcher 456mnb

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11 Reasons Why Apples are Weird

Why did she made that list? It doesn't make sense at all. - Userguy44

Apples are weird - CrypticMemory

12 Top 10 Reasons Why AIDS is Better than Justin Bieber

What in da damn

13 Ugliest Fire Type Pokemon
14 Top 10 Reasons Why Sliced Bread is Better Than Cyndaquil
15 Little Mic

This list makes no sense. How did admin approve it?

Best list maybe

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