Worst Pitbull Songs

I don't understand why Pitbull is a famous rapper, he has no talent and his songs are horrible.

The Top Ten

1 I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

Worst song from the music industry... Ever I guess.

2 Don't Stop the Party
3 International Love

Chris Brown ruined a catchy song once again! First, Rihanna's birthday cake, now Pitbull's International song! What's next?

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4 Rain Over Me
5 Dance Again

Nice song but no good dance! :/

6 Hotel Room Service
7 Rabiosa
8 Back In Time

What r you talking about this song is awesome

9 The Anthem

Pitbull is the worst rapper I ever heard!

10 Timber

Screw this crap I hope it dies in a hole - christangrant

Why is this song on this list

What. This is not on the list?
Wild Wild Love should be in this list too. Pitbull ain't a rapper at all.

The Contenders

11 Shut It Down
12 We Are One (Ole Ola)
13 Wild Wild Love

I like Pitbull, I think he's funny, but I'm sorry, this song just plain sucks

I just went to vote for Back in Time, forgetting this existed. Oh well. - WonkeyDude98

14 Blanco
15 Fun
16 Fireball
17 Feel This Moment

I hate it when the song sampled the beginning of "Take on Me" by A-ha

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