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1 Cars 2 Cars 2

Now a lot of people are going to hate me for this, but I disagree with everything on this list. I honestly liked cars 2, brave, and all the movies on this list. All the movies had mostly good moments, but sometimes very few bad moments in it. I probably won't be surprised if anyone dislikes this - TheGameBoy815

For my first part... I believed that Cars 2 isn't a very bad movie, but for a Pixar film, It's Absolutely garbage and It's pretty much as Pixar's first bad film. I know that the reviews of Cars 2 is unfair to most of you, but before If I say that Cars 2 Isn't a bad Pixar Film, let me set off the hood and debate this film.

Now first of all, the only positive note that I liked about Cars 2 is the animation, which It looks pretty nice and even MORE OF AN ACHIEVEMENT AND MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN THE ACTUAL SCRIPT, PLOT, AND CHARACTERS THAN THE FINAL MOVIE!

Now to the negative notes. I had first have a thought that in a Pixar or a Disney movie, you actually expect to have the story as very simple plots, scripts, and characters. But in here in Cars 2, THE PLOTS AND SCRIPTS ARE A MASS OF A HUGE MESS! In two confusing plots forcing on Matter the trow truck with spys, and lighting McQueen rivaling the Formula One against Francesco Bernoulli. Just more confusion after confusion with ...more - BurnAux

I really didn't like Cars 2, but who put Up on this list? That's one of my favorite animated movies!

I may sound weird when I say this, but this is not Pixar's weakest feature film. I like all Pixar movies, nevertheless. The only Pixar movies that I like less than Cars 2 are The Good Dinosaur (it's uncreative and overly unrealistic) and especially Cars (I would love to explore out of Radiator Springs). - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

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2 Brave Brave

I don't even know where to begin with this atrocity. I will admit, I didn't watch the whole thing. I couldn't take it anymore 45 minutes in and turned it off. The characters were so unlikable and unattractive that I could not have cared less of what became of them.

The Scottish accents were not appealing. The actress who did the voice for Merida was about 35 years old and sounded like it. The voice did not match the character at all. The character is a piece of work who blames others for her mistakes.

The King. Oh dear God. This gargantuan has no redeeming qualities. He broke the ugly stick he was hit with it so hard. Not to mention he is a complete animal.

Honestly, this movie was so bad that it's borderline offensive to Scottish people. Disney should not include Merida in its princess collection in hopes that they, and we, can forget that this movie ever happened.

Brave has been one of my favorite movies ever, I learned a little about Scotland, it had suspense, drama, and action, I was totally freaked out when the king started chasing his wife!

Brave was sad when the bear (that used to be a prince. ) died. What happened to the good shows on Pixar?!?!

This is the worst movie ever! Couldn't watch anymore than an hour because of how boring and un-entertaining it was. Pixar's worst by far.

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3 A Bug's Life A Bug's Life

A bugs life is only on this list because it is not popular among peoples favorites. The only thing I don't like about it is that Hopper dies. ;, (

This list is pretty bad. This used to be my favorite movie. What the heck is it doing here. Besides Planes: Fire and Rescue all Pixar movies are good. - RalphBob

I feel Bugs Life is the worst just because it is so forgettable. As much as I don't like either of the Cars movies, at least I say that I remember the characters names, meaning that it had impacted me on some level.

I HATE this irritating movie a lot! Flik is pure annoying, whiny, arrogant, self-absorbed, and super fiscal. I also really hate Atta, the Queen, Gypsy, and Rosie. They are brats and they're also annoying. And I hate Manny, Francis, Dim, Tuck, Roll, Slim, and Heimlich. They're just annoying little dorks. This is the most annoying Pixar movie I've ever seen.

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4 Monsters University Monsters University

Was immensely disappointed, I most probably could have written a better script/plot-line for this than the guys at Disney and they are getting paid ridiculous amounts to make this film. Unfortunately everybody will in fact go and see this film at the cinema due to the fact that it has been excessively advertised and is another 'Pixar film' and therefore it will still take millions at the box-office. These guys really need to sort their act out if Pixar are going to continue to be successful!

I don't hate it, but monsters inc is my favorite Pixar movie, and I was kinda hoping they would make a sequel to it instead of this. I wanna know what happens to Boo, like does she grow up? What happens when the kids become teenagers? Is Sulley doing a good job at running the business? Etc. I was really disappointed to see that this movie is the one they chose over a sequel.

How is THE INCREDIBLE'S and BRAVE that high on the list?!?!?!

This is BY FAR Pixar's worst. I really liked Monsters Inc but this was trash. I couldn't take anymore than an hour of this film because of how stupid it was. I was hoping we would find out what happened to Boo, and instead we get this piece of crap as a sequel. This should be number 1!

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5 Cars Cars

How is this movie even bad? It's a great movie! It was directed by the same director of Toy Story! Cars is one of the classics and one of my favorite pixar movies. It has a great plot and great characters. - TopTenJackson

Yes! It may be not the best pixar movie but it was just a great movie! - MostTalented_BoyX

WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PUT THIS ON THIS LIST? I grew up with this movie. And the bad guy does NOT win. He won the Piston Cup but he got his defeat. - CoolGuy731

Its not as good as other pixar gems, but its not bad.

I really like this movie, it may be one of the weakest Pixar films but I really like it, I don't know what's so bad about this film.

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6 Ratatouille Ratatouille

What an idiot made this I love cars 2 the incredibles I hate this guy - simpsondude

Why is this on here? This is by far one of my favorite movies ever!

This movie was absolutely horrible!

Worst movie ever! SPOILER ALERT: This movie's about some stupid talking rat who is a chef. And when he steals food from that old lady's house, I freaked out when she took out a RIFLE, went beserk and started shooting all over the house! Its just a rat! And that dumb newbie ( sorry I don't remember anybody's name ) is so idiotic! Whenever someone speaks to him, he's like, " ummm... uh... EEP! Hehhehheh...what? " He acts like he's not even human! Not to mention he has a giant nose. Now, for my review! I give Ratatouille a... 2 out of 10! Horrible! Unlikeable characters! Dumb plot! Bad content! Do not watch Ratatouille! Sorry, I think I'm overreacting.

Oh yeah, and I gave a thumbs up to whoever commented "Fall asleep every time," and "This movie was absolutely horrible! "

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7 The Good Dinosaur The Good Dinosaur

Amazing animation... But so, so bland and boring. When I saw advertisements for this, I didn't even know it was Pixar at the time! The plot sounded like it belonged to a forgettable Dreamworks film. It's just an adventure through beautiful landscapes but with unimportant and annoying characters that they meet along the way. The good dinosaur actually annoyed me at times, I knew that there was going to be the 'villainous' characters from before popping up again and getting in the way. I wouldn't recommend it

Easily Pixar's worst! Impeccable photo-realistic animation wasted on an extremely bland and disposable story with forgettable characters.

Taylor Hopkins hoo noo pixar don't do this to toy story and finding nemo

This is the worst movie ever, without doubt. Too boring and it's just not entertaining. This should be number 1 of the worst pixar films.

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8 Wall-E Wall-E

Why would anyone make a list like this, wall-e is the 3rd best animated movie of all time and toy story is the 2nd best.

Hmm I wonder how this list will be! :D (sees WALL-E at #3 spot)... What?! HOW IS WALL-E AT #3?! WALL-E IS ONE OF THE GREATEST FILMS OF ALL TIME! (it's the best in my opinion)... This list suck.

Huh? This is my second favorite Pixar movie, up being my first. Sure I get why some kids may like the movies with the funnier aspects, but being one of the more serious movies I'm surprised they put this on here.

Huh uh. You actually love this movie, even if you THINK you hate it.

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9 The Incredibles The Incredibles

Who the hell put The Incredibles on this list, its one of Pixar's best films

This is Pixar at their finest. Disney animation at their finest, for that matter. Just what is it doing here? This list needs remixing, and fast. - PositronWildhawk

How? Just explain to me how this movie was even in this list? And how it is the 8th most hated movie? Almost the entire pixar is perfect, including this movie

WHAT?! This is my favorite movie of all time!

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10 Toy Story 2 Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 is actually my favorite in the trilogy.

Taylor Hopkins I LOVE TOY STORY 2 it's sucazova! I got that from lion king toy story is the best

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11 Planes Planes

This movie is really boring. Nothing funny about it. It's just cars but turned into planes. - micahisthebest

WHAT THE HECK! Why is this so low! It was AWFUL compared to Pixar movies.

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12 Up Up

No one will talk bad about this movie. No, Russel is not my favorite, and no I do not think the center theme should be introduced late into the movie. But really, Doug is about as good as you can get with a comedic character. Sweet, and just wanting his master to be happy. And on top of that, you have Carl. Unlike many kids movies, Carl is the protagonist, yet he is a grumpy old man. How many movies can you say have that? Kids movies especially? Not very many. With all of the emotions drawn out from this film, I really don't see why this was put on the list.

Up is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and I think a lot of other people would agree with me - Ajkloth

Great movie as a whole sure... but overall atmosphere was highly depressing and, I felt, a tad too morbid. Could have made an effort to make the movie a bit more enjoyable instead of making an obvious emotional play that detracts from the film itself.

The love story was great. There were NO words spoken, but it was still amazing. It was well done.

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13 Finding Nemo Finding Nemo

This movie is so amazing, how can people not like this beautifully crafted, crisply animation wonder of the world

I loved the movie it was great but the title made it quite predictable

When I was little I hated this movie but I don't know why. Now I'm just to old to find the joy in it. - happyhappyjoyjoy

You are never too old to find the joy in a Pixar Movie believe it or not Toy Story is one of my favorite animated movies and I'm 13. Why? Because Pixar Rocks

This movie is very overrated. Don't know why everyone is so amazed.

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14 Inside Out Inside Out

How is "Inside Out" horrible?! It is a fantastic movie and created love. It's sad as well. No matter how popular it is, it is still amazing; even probably better than "Frozen."

Way too much is plot for the sake of having a plot. Sadness touches the core memories for no reason even after she knows that she can corrupt them. Joy could send the core memories up the tube to HQ, but instead they needed to drag it out for another hour. Joy and Bing Bong both fall into the forgotten memories at the exact same time, but only Bing Bong starts to disappear. Riley can clearly function, at least not emotionally, so are these five emotions controlling her or are they her? - VicarSlayer23

Wait how did INSIDE OUT rank better than FINDING NEMO

This movie is amazing! This is my favorite Pixar movie ever! The characters are likable, the animation is amazing., and it's full of emotion from inside Riley's head and outside (no pun intended)

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15 Sing Sing

It's not a Pixar movie! And if it were, it would be on par with Cars, the weakest Pixar movie of all time with a 7/10.

LOL, Sing was from Illumination! - DCfnaf

16 Finding Dory Finding Dory

Even though it is not out yet is just like the same thing like finding nemo

One Of The Worst Animation Movies Ever - VideoGamefan5

Get it higher this movie looks awful its not even out yet, They didn't put gill, deb, bubbles, and the others in the commericials

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17 Toy Story 4

Thanks for turning Toy Story into a romantic comedy.

18 Cars 3

We all know this will be trash. The only reason Pixar is continuing this downhill franchise is because it earns so much money from merchandise from each movie. I doubt at this point Pixar even cares if their Cars movies have even passable plots just to get money from merchandise. Cars 2 made sure to prove that.

We can still give it a chance to improve over Cars 2

Even though it's not out yet, we all know it's going to be the worst here.

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19 Monsters, Inc. Monsters, Inc.

This is so good Monsters working at a Monsters INC a scare company to get there electricity - raysfavourites

This shouldn't even be on this list, like the Incredibles. This movie is adorable and emotional. I cried during the end. So cute!

No wonder this mvie is so low on the list! Because it's a masterpiece!

We know the setting just by reading the title. Same for Monsters university. - TeamRocket747

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20 Toy Story Toy Story

What the hell?! Who put this on the list! In fact, who put ALL these movies on the list?! These movies are awesome!

You know, I think this is a troll list...

This list is a complete joke. All the movies on this list are great. Whoever made this list should be given the death penalty.

Take this movie out, it don't deserve to be in this list... And whoever who put this in this list, you killing part of my childhood

What a crap movie toy story is the worst pixar ever

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