Worst Pixar Movies


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1 Cars 2

I don't think this movie is as terrible as everyone says. I think it's okay. 6.5/10.

My Least Favorite Pixar Films From Worst To Best

1. Toy Story 3 (2010)

2. Inside Out (2015)

3. Wall-E (2008)

4. Finding Nemo (2003)

5. Finding Dory (2016)

I think Toy Story 3 is not only my least favorite Pixar film, but my least favorite animated film of all time. The only ones that I almost hate as much are Inside Out and Sing. I think Wall-E sucks, I've never liked Finding Nemo at all, and I thought Finding Dory was Pixar's epitome of mediocrity. I hate people beating on Brave. It's actually one of my favorite Pixar films.

I like Cars a lot too. People will probably hate me for this, but it's my opinion.

Now for my explanations.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

I've always hated this one for its shameless manipulation. It puts your childhood favorites nearly on death's radar and deliberately makes you cry. Hard. It's just so disgusting. ...more

Don't understand how they could be your least favourite. They're actually 5 of their best films. - DisneyLover19

Now a lot of people are going to hate me for this, but I disagree with everything on this list. I honestly liked cars 2, brave, and all the movies on this list. All the movies had mostly good moments, but sometimes very few bad moments in it. I probably won't be surprised if anyone dislikes this - TheGameBoy815

The fact you believed Cars 2 was a good movie means that you do not understand what made Cars a... well... decent film. Cars 2 basically took the comic relief character (Mater) and butchered him into the main character, morphing him from a comic relief character to a "spy" character. I'm sorry, what? No. It's sad the original main characters took a huge sidestep. - mattstat716

Other 2 are better - Typical999

I think I'd rather watch Frozen than Cars movies.

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2 Brave

My least favorite Pixar film, period. I'd rather watch Cars 2, my 2nd least favorite - codgtamk34

I don't even know where to begin with this atrocity. I will admit, I didn't watch the whole thing. I couldn't take it anymore 45 minutes in and turned it off. The characters were so unlikable and unattractive that I could not have cared less of what became of them.

The Scottish accents were not appealing. The actress who did the voice for Merida was about 35 years old and sounded like it. The voice did not match the character at all. The character is a piece of work who blames others for her mistakes.

The King. Oh dear God. This gargantuan has no redeeming qualities. He broke the ugly stick he was hit with it so hard. Not to mention he is a complete animal.

Honestly, this movie was so bad that it's borderline offensive to Scottish people. Disney should not include Merida in its princess collection in hopes that they, and we, can forget that this movie ever happened.

Brave has been one of my favorite movies ever, I learned a little about Scotland, it had suspense, drama, and action, I was totally freaked out when the king started chasing his wife!

Brave was sad when the bear (that used to be a prince. ) died. What happened to the good shows on Pixar?!?!

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3 The Good Dinosaur

As a huge fan of Pixar, this was the first Pixar movie that truly I truly felt leans more towards younger audiences rather than kids and adults (like most other Pixar movies). While the animation looks outstanding, and I was heavily invested by the realistic backgrounds in the film, I was bored by everything else the film had to offer. All the characters in this film I found incredibly bland and uninteresting, and it really hurts to say that because most other Pixar movie excels at character development and emotion. At least in Brave I thought Merida's dad and the triplets were hilarious, and her connection with her mom I could see at least some love put into, but I just couldn't find myself invested in any of the characters in The Good Dinosaur. Arlo's voice as well is super annoying, and he sounds like a whiny 6 year old boy, but I will admit that the rest of the voice actors do a decent job.

Overall, I was really disappointed by this movie, and considering the development ...more - Disneykid00

I no longer hate this film. I now find it okay, which means it's not Pixar's best film but it's not the worst either - codgtamk34

I actually loved this movie because of dinosaurs. But there is one problem: They all looked outdated looking, for example, they were all shown with pronated hands, the Velociraptors should be more feathery like the real ones were, the T-Rex probably all should have had lips (not just Nash), etc. Not only dinosaurs, but pterosaurs/pterodactyls too, their membranus wings should be rounded at the tips so it doesn't mess with their flight, they should have hair-like structures on their bodies (pycnofibers), etc. Other than that, I liked this movie. - DinoLover4242

The plot is just a dinosaur and a human boy getting from point A to point B, and it has several sequences that feel more like episodes of a T.V. show than scenes from a movie. Sure, there are some attempts at emotional parts, but they didn't resonate with me because the characters were too bland. Absolutely nothing is done with the great "what if the dinosaurs never died out and ended up living alongside humans? " concept - there's no attempt to do anything interesting with the relationship between humans and dinosaurs, so they might as well have scrapped the concept and made Spot a dog-like dinosaur or something. Most of the jokes were boring too. At least the animation was excellent... but I'm kind of sad they wasted it on a mediocre story that doesn't come close to deserving it. - Treacle

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4 Monsters University

It's certainly not a bad movie, but it's very mediocre when compared to it's predecessor Monsters Inc (Easily one of Pixar's best movies). I didn't really care much for the premise and how Mike and Sulley first met. If anything, a sequel would've worked out much better for Monsters Inc, cause then we'd actually get to see Mike and Sulley reunite with Boo. Also, I found most of the characters besides Mike, Sulley, and other characters from the original Monsters Inc to be bland and forgettable (I don't even remember many of the characters names). Of course, the animation still looks stunning just like every other Pixar movie, and I love hearing Bill Crystal and John Goodman voice as Mike and Sulley again. But overall, it's mostly "meh" in my eyes. Certainly better than Cars 2 and The Good Dinosaur, but it's still very weak for Pixar standards. - Disneykid00

Was immensely disappointed, I most probably could have written a better script/plot-line for this than the guys at Disney and they are getting paid ridiculous amounts to make this film. Unfortunately everybody will in fact go and see this film at the cinema due to the fact that it has been excessively advertised and is another 'Pixar film' and therefore it will still take millions at the box-office. These guys really need to sort their act out if Pixar are going to continue to be successful!

Why is this so high? It wasn't even that bad. - FLIPMODE


Brave is amazing.

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5 A Bug's Life

It aged horribly? This is the 90s when CGI first started.
The only thing I hated about A Bug's Life is the video game and people don't get it came out a month after Antz.

A bugs life is only on this list because it is not popular among peoples favorites. The only thing I don't like about it is that Hopper dies. ;, (

This list is pretty bad. This used to be my favorite movie. What the heck is it doing here. Besides Planes: Fire and Rescue all Pixar movies are good. - RalphBob

It's not necessarily all that bad it's just very forgettable - Ajkloth

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6 Cars

At least it's better than Cars 2.

As a kid, I liked this movie, but when I saw better Pixar movies, Up and Coco, I was thinking that Cars was just a way for Pixar to make money so that they can make good films. Although it inspired by drawings of fictional characters, it isn't really a good movie. - LukasKat

How is this movie even bad? It's a great movie! It was directed by the same director of Toy Story! Cars is one of the classics and one of my favorite pixar movies. It has a great plot and great characters.

Yes! It may be not the best pixar movie but it was just a great movie! - MostTalented_BoyX

Cars had actually plagiarized the storyline from Doc Hollywood. - BurnAux

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7 Ratatouille

Overrated - Typical999

What? Ratatouille is a great movie! - PackFan2005

What an idiot made this I love cars 2 the incredibles I hate this guy - simpsondude

Why is this on here? This is by far one of my favorite movies ever!

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8 Finding Dory

Another overrated Pixar film - Typical999

But this was good. Not amazing, but good. - AliciaMae

What ultimately fails Finding Dory in my opinion is that it borrowed so heavily from Finding Nemo, and the truck scene. There's no way an octopus can drive a truck. Other than that, the film was just decent. - DisneyLover19

This Movie's Amazing

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9 Toy Story 2

Best in the toy story trilogy. - AliciaMae

Toy Story 2 is actually my favorite in the trilogy.

"No Buzz, I am your father." - darthvadern

Taylor Hopkins I LOVE TOY STORY 2 it's sucazova! I got that from lion king toy story is the best

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10 The Incredibles

Who the hell put The Incredibles on this list, its one of Pixar's best films

The new one is better

The writing is just a little off. For example:

Syndrome starts off trying to kill the Incredibles (really, wants them dead), then he finally catches them and just keeps them prisoner.
Frozone has tried to stay out of the superhero game, other than the occasional going out with Bob Parr, even when danger is occurring. Then, all of a sudden, he decides to suit up.
And just what the heck happened to super villains like Bomb Voyage after the super heroes were banished? They weren't banished. You would have thought that, with the supers gone, they'd be taking over the world.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good movie (as most of Pixar's is), but it's not one of their best.

This is Pixar at their finest. Disney animation at their finest, for that matter. Just what is it doing here? This list needs remixing, and fast. - PositronWildhawk

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The Newcomers

? Frozen

What? This isn't a Pixar movie. - DinoLover4242

The Contenders

11 Wall-E

It's a good movie but most of the characters sucked and it had a terrible.

Why would anyone make a list like this, wall-e is the 3rd best animated movie of all time and toy story is the 2nd best.

Hmm I wonder how this list will be! :D (sees WALL-E at #3 spot)... What?! HOW IS WALL-E AT #3?! WALL-E IS ONE OF THE GREATEST FILMS OF ALL TIME! (it's the best in my opinion)... This list suck.

Should be at the top

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12 Up

I think Up started great, it had a really engaging and unique first act. But the middle and ending were just SO boring in my opinion. Not the absolutely worst I've seen, but to me not the best Pixar film either.

No one will talk bad about this movie. No, Russel is not my favorite, and no I do not think the center theme should be introduced late into the movie. But really, Doug is about as good as you can get with a comedic character. Sweet, and just wanting his master to be happy. And on top of that, you have Carl. Unlike many kids movies, Carl is the protagonist, yet he is a grumpy old man. How many movies can you say have that? Kids movies especially? Not very many. With all of the emotions drawn out from this film, I really don't see why this was put on the list.

Up is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and I think a lot of other people would agree with me - Ajkloth

Great movie as a whole sure... but overall atmosphere was highly depressing and, I felt, a tad too morbid. Could have made an effort to make the movie a bit more enjoyable instead of making an obvious emotional play that detracts from the film itself.

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13 Inside Out

How is "Inside Out" horrible?! It is a fantastic movie and created love. It's sad as well. No matter how popular it is, it is still amazing; even probably better than "Frozen."

Way too much is plot for the sake of having a plot. Sadness touches the core memories for no reason even after she knows that she can corrupt them. Joy could send the core memories up the tube to HQ, but instead they needed to drag it out for another hour. Joy and Bing Bong both fall into the forgotten memories at the exact same time, but only Bing Bong starts to disappear. Riley can clearly function, at least not emotionally, so are these five emotions controlling her or are they her? - VicarSlayer23

Wanna know something that's even worse than the movie itself? People will hate you just for having a different opinion and disliking that "cute and sweet" little blue blob. Seriously, the plot is a mess and the characters are not likable at all, especially Sadness!

Wait how did INSIDE OUT rank better than FINDING NEMO

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14 Cars 3

Worst cars movie - myusernameisthis

Why must I shut up, Pixtol? I have spammed that Cars is my least favourite Pixar movie, but I have proven my points. This is a list of worst Pixar movies. I guess I should say more good things about Cars to prove my mixed opinion towards Cars. According to Bobsheaux, Cars 2 has a lot of good aspects. 2006 was nowhere near the best animated blockbuster (most of its blockbusters are just decent), but it is great compared to 2013. I have very high expectations for Cars 3. I think it will give Lightning McQueen character development unlike in Cars 2, whereas he is thinly written. I actually love Mater's Tall Tales a lot. It gives depth to Mater's character. Mater has overstayed his welcome a lot, but I admire Mater for his strong attempts of comedy at times, cuteness, capabilities and kind-spiritedness.

I saw this yesterday as my first birthday party as an adult, and I am way too upset that most iMDB scores consist of heavy hatred towards this film. Lightning McQueen was finding ways not to retire. He was testing Cruz Ramirez, but he did not take away his own place to Cruz Ramirez for her to keep. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who gives Cars 3 an 8/10 (an 8 for the animation, a 10 for the sound, a 6 for the story and a 7 for the characters).

We can still give it a chance to improve over Cars 2

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15 Toy Story 4

No I'm exited 4 this - myusernameisthis

It didn't come out yet. - Jessicarabbit

We all know this will be terrible. Didn't Pixar understand that Toy Story 3 was a great way to conclude a franchise that we all love, and the last thing we wanted from them is another sequel. As much as I love this franchise I don't want Pixar to release this. Toy Story 3 is the best of the franchise so why did Pixar have to ruin it by making Toy Story 4?! - FJS19

The Fact That It's A Love Story Just Ruins The Franchise at this point - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

People, it's not out yet! Wait for it to get a trailer or something! You can't judge movies that don't have a trailer yet!

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16 Finding Nemo

This movie is so amazing, how can people not like this beautifully crafted, crisply animation wonder of the world

You have got to be kidding me

Such a moving and heartfelt story. I absolutely love this movie. And Ellen DeGeneres is fantastic

I love this movie with a passion. Yeah, I said it! Go on and shoot me for saying this, catfight lovers! >8(

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17 The Incredibles 2 The Incredibles 2

This movie was a middle finger to the first film.

-Evelyn Deavor, as a villain, was a middle finger to Syndrome. She was a surprise villain, but there were a lot of foreshadows of her villain role, and her character writing was lazy, unroginal, and makes no sense.
-Too much obnoxious humor like Jack-Jack fighing a racoon, the same person imitating Edna, Violet squirting water out of her nose, and more.
-Bob, Violet, and Dash are out of character. Bob and Dash whine most of the time. I don't get what Dash is whinning about, Bob is complaining about his babysitting job, and Violet's relationship with her boyfriend, Tony, was too upleasant.
-Elastigirl being thicc is one of the stupidest character writing yet.
-The story felt repeated from the first movie except Bob and Helen swapped roles. How unbelievable Brad Bird wasted 11 years of his time (he spent 11 years making the story, 2 years of production, and the 14th year was the release date).

But the perfect ...more

This was pretty good. The first one was way better, however. - AliciaMae

Brad Bird is starting to run out of ideas. All he can think of is Bob babysitting his kids.


18 Coco

While I think it is way too overrated and praised by others, I will say this is at least pretty decent. The movie seemed kinda interesting and I liked the idea of it. - PerfectlyPink1210

One of the best animated movies

Kinda overrated but good - B1ueNew

Who ever put this movie on the list should go to hell this movie is a masterpiece

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19 Planes

This is not pixar

Ugh I hate this movie!

This isn’t Pixar, it is a spinoff of the cars franchise which IS Pixar, but Planes ISN’T made by Pixar. It’s also the same with it’s sequel. - elijalinsky

20 Toy Story

What the hell?! Who put this on the list! In fact, who put ALL these movies on the list?! These movies are awesome!

You know, I think this is a troll list...

Its slightly darker than the later Toy Story movies.

This movie is the worst

Extremely Overrated. In fact both 1 and 2 are Overrated. but the 3rd instalment is Amazing. I mean there just Toys that talk ended sly about moving day, Oh-no. I mean it’ So Stupid and Boring. And Oh god the Villain. He is so annoying.

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21 Lava

The worst Pixar short. - DinoLover4242

The pacing is SOOO SLOW - myusernameisthis

Me too, but it is one of Pixar's weaker movies besides Brave, Monsters' University, A Bug's Life, The Good Dinosaur and Cars 3's predecessors which I like. The animation is very industrious (even by Pixar standards) and so are the singers, but I can live without heterosexual romantic couples. - The Ultimate Daredevil

I liked this short

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22 For the Birds

It has a moral guys. It has a plot, but the characters were unlikable... - TeamRocket747

23 Monsters, Inc.

You can't tell someone to shut up if they hate the movie. I liked Monsters, Inc. when I was younger. But I wouldn't have gone to see Cars I was not 6 years old I was a teen.

This is so good Monsters working at a Monsters INC a scare company to get there electricity - raysfavourites

This shouldn't even be on this list, like the Incredibles. This movie is adorable and emotional. I cried during the end. So cute!

No wonder this mvie is so low on the list! Because it's a masterpiece!

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24 Planes: Fire & Rescue

Not pixar - itskenny

I love both Planes movies!

25 Ratatoing

Horrible ripoff. Also, not Pixar. - DinoLover4242

This is not a Pixar movie. This is an awful ripoff of a Pixar movie. - Treacle

26 Tangled

It should've been Pixar.

Its not pixar

27 Toy Story 3

Why does everyone like this movie? it's literally just toy story 2 but the other way around and doesn't capture the feel of the first 2 AT ALL! and the ending basically takes away from EVERYTHING the first 2 set up. I love the first 2, but I'd say this was one MASSIVE "screw you" to the first 2.

This is worst movies not best duh - docreywashere

Who made this list anyways how does this list even exist I like a all the movies all pixar movies are good yes even brave and cars 2 are actually good in my opinion

It was an amazing movie! Shut up everybody who hates this!

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28 Dinosaur

What?! This is epic and a really good movie movie! I

Also, it isn't Pixar. - DinoLover4242

Umm... This is Disney who made this, not Pixar.

THIS IS NOT PIXAR - elijalinsky

29 Geri's Game
30 Meet the Robinsons

This isn't Pixar... - HunterBoy

31 Trolls

This isn't Pixar. - DinoLover4242

Dreamworks. About Troll dolls that suddenly came back for this?

I don't care if it's not Pixar. It was THE WORST. (Brave was awesome by the way, so get it out of second.)

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