Movie Review - Cars 2

MegaSoulhero Like I said in my review of Cars, I like that movie but it was definitely the weakest Pixar movie. And I was NOT expecting a sequel! But since I am a huge Pixar fan, I went to see this movie since I always trust them with coming out with good movies. So let's talk about Cars 2!

In this movie, Lightning McQueen competes in the World Grand Prix which takes place in three different countries around the world. He takes Mater along with him and Mater gets mistaken for a spy. So he works with two other spies to stop a group villains know as "lemons" from sabatoging the Grand Prix. Blah blah blah, this movie SUCKS! What the hell was Pixar thinking!? This is a terrible movie! It is unfunny, annoying, and makes absolutely no sense! I liked the first Cars movie but did it really need a sequel? Cars 2 has such a confusing plot! I barely understand it and I'm 19! Michael Caine's character, Finn McMissile, is basically a James Bond ripoff. And Caine gives such a bland performance that it makes Finn a very uninteresting character! Finn is also a complete idiot because HOW WAS HE NOT ABLE TO FIGURE OUT THAT MATER WASN'T A SPY!?!?

Also, in this movie, Mater is the main character. That was a TERRIBLE idea! Sure, Mater was funny in the first movie, but that was because he was a supporting character! He was annoying at times but they didn't go too far with it! This movie went too far with it! And the jokes in this movie are HORRIBLE! I don't remember laughing once during this film! There is literally a pee joke and a poop joke! And the whole spy plot makes no sense! This feels more like fan fiction rather than a movie that should've been released in theaters! The writers must've been very drunk while writing this movie! I mean, Mater being a spy? Who would come up with something like that!? This is Pixar! They are supposed to be the one of the best animation studios ever! But this was clearly just a way to sell toys! The racing plot is barely focused on and the characters from the previous film barely even show up! The only positives I have for this movie are that the animation is really good. At least the animators showed some effort. I also thought there were some pretty awesome action scenes. But it's not as exciting knowing that the characters are cars!

Cars 2 is a film that didn't need to happen! It's awful, it's horrible, I absolutely hated this film! This would've been a lot better if it was JUST about racing! There's so much happening that the plot becomes very confusing and hard to follow! I really hope Cars 3 will be better because Cars 2 is an unfunny, nonsensical toy commercial! Come on, Lasseter! We expect better!

Score: 3/10


I liked the Mater's Tall Tales shorts, but to give Mater his own movie? Which isn't even good looking back on it to begin with? Yeah, I can see why critics and audiences disliked this movie. Either way, I hope that Cars 3 will be better like you said. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is a good movie - 1507563

Just keep telling yourself that - MegaSoulhero

I mean the movie is okay it's just that I hate mater as a main character make lighting the main character and then it would have been better - 1507563

I sort of liked this movie, and I somewhat kind of understood the plot. Either way, I respect your opinion. - visitor