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21 Toy Story

What the hell?! Who put this on the list! In fact, who put ALL these movies on the list?! These movies are awesome!

You know, I think this is a troll list...

This list is a complete joke. All the movies on this list are great. Whoever made this list should be given the death penalty.

Take this movie out, it don't deserve to be in this list... And whoever who put this in this list, you killing part of my childhood

Because fools its when they gave up with hand drawn animation. Oh and hahaa I notice Frozen isn't on here yet.

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22 For the Birds

It has a moral guys. It has a plot, but the characters were unlikable... - TeamRocket747

23 Coco

This will suck. Copying practically everything from the Book of Life. Nice job pixar.

24 Dinosaur

Umm... This is Disney who made this, not Pixar.

25 Toy Story 3

This is worst movies not best duh - docreywashere

Who made this list anyways how does this list even exist I like a all the movies all pixar movies are good yes even brave and cars 2 are actually good in my opinion

This should be higher! This movie was awesome!

This is a WORST Pixar movie list. I think you meant it should be removed.

It was an amazing movie! Shut up everybody who hates this!

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26 Geri's Game
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