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1 Randall Boggs - Monsters Inc. Randall Boggs - Monsters Inc.

I disagree with this entry 100%. I think he's awesome. I still respect your opinion. - DCfnaf

He's honestly just bland and forgettable. His design is cool but there's really nothing memorable about him.

Stop with the annoying roasts

The only screaming is coming from the fact he can't tell a child from a circular one eyed monster.
Right. - mattstat716

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2 Johnny Worthington III - Monsters University

Oh look! Another villain with III at the end of the name. He is so mean. He just wants to win. Not using think win win. Slapped a teammate for no reason because OF A OPINION.

Roast: He looks like satan who never brushes teeth. - TeamRocket747

Johnny looks a lot like Bowser. because they both have brute strength, tough guy personalities, have devil-like horns and are villains.

His grandfather is Satan I, his father is Satan II, and he is the current Satan. - AmtrakHan6993

3 Henry Waternoose III - Monsters Inc.

This guy, just wants to kidnap children. Just no.. -_-. He acts like he's cool
Roast: but he's nothing but a big spider who needs some bleach. - TeamRocket747

4 Syndrome - The Incredibles Syndrome - The Incredibles Syndrome (born as Buddy Pine) is the primary antagonist in The Incredibles. He wanted to be super like the others, even though he had no powers. He was Mr. Incredible's #1 fan, and dubbed himself "Incrediboy," but he was rejected by Mr. Incredible. Angered after being refused, he developed an evil plan ...read more.

Just look at him. Is he a boy or girl? God dammit, cut your hair. After being rejected, he becomes butthurt.
Roast: Why orange hair? It looks like trump's skin. Get better hair, you fat hamburger. - TeamRocket747

SERIOUSLY? He's like the best villain! Eh, opinions are opinions.

And who happen to be the "best" Pixar villains anyway to you? - DCfnaf

Hey he's one of the best, why not put chick hicks on here - VideoGamefan5

5 Lotso - Toy Story 3 Lotso - Toy Story 3

You gotta admit, he had the place locked down like a prison. - mattstat716

Lotso just imprisons toys. He is just racist. I think he is actually trump.
Roast: This pink potato is nothing but a worthless strawberry smelling pigheaded jerk who has the smallest dick ever. - TeamRocket747

6 Sid Phillips Sid Phillips

He was the garbage guy in the third movie! Look at the shirt! - TwilightKitsune

He looks like this kid in my grade! No joke! - Catacorn

He tortures toys for no reason. He best represents someone in my class.
Roast: Skull shirt? Always wearing it? Wash your clothes. - TeamRocket747


he just...
blows up toys?

...Well I mean, he's having fun, isn't he? Isn't that the point of toys?

I think either you all are missing the point, or I am. - mattstat716

7 Hopper - A Bug's Life

Wow, This List Is Pathetic, - VideoGamefan5

He tried to choke Flick to death. He bosses the ants around. And I thought atta was supposed to.
Roast: Hopper is a coward because he is a bald fish. - TeamRocket747

He bossed them around because he was taking over, that's the whole point of the movie. - LarkwingFlight

8 Charles F. Muntz - Up

He almost killed a child.
Roast: You can fight when your old, but not fight when you're young. - TeamRocket747

Almost murder doesn't make a character bad in the sense that they are poorly characterized. He was in fact very well done. - LarkwingFlight

9 Auto - Wall-E

he's Okay

Auto is the ugliest robot on the planet.
Roast: He is as ugly as Big red. - TeamRocket747

10 Stinky Pete - Toy Story 2 Stinky Pete - Toy Story 2

He is really an ass. Forcing woody to go to Japan.
Roast: P.U, I wonder what that smell is. Oh wait, it smells like stinky pete. - TeamRocket747

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11 Professor Z - Cars 2

Cars was a piece of trash already, though... - mattstat716

He made a car a piece of trash!

This is trashy villain - TeamRocket747

Is he actually the villain though? I thought Miles Axelrod was because he made allinol explosive

12 Chick Hicks - Cars Chick Hicks - Cars

Not really a villain though. He’s just a cheating a**. He’s only seen in like 20% of the movie


13 Grem - Cars 2

Oh my god

14 Chef Skinner - Ratatouille

He is extremely annoying!

Chef skinny is so bad. - TeamRocket747

15 Darla - Finding Nemo
16 Jangles the Clown - Inside Out Jangles the Clown - Inside Out

Jangles is a beast. He should be #1. - TeamRocket747

This list pisses me off, because of the fact teamrocket747 putted good villains and not bad villains like this one, oh well, teamrocket747 is probably a troll anyways - VideoGamefan5

Excuse me? I'm not a troll. Opinions are opinions. Now, learn about opinions next time. - TeamRocket747

17 Miles Axlerod - Cars 2 Miles Axlerod - Cars 2
18 Jackson Storm - Cars 3 Jackson Storm - Cars 3

I hate this villain
Jackson Storm Sucks!

19 Evelyn Deavor - The Incredibles 2
20 The Underminer - Incredibles 1 and 2

He's a retard. I wish he was caught in Incredibles 2 but he just escaped.

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