Worst Pizza Toppings

Here is a list of things you should NEVER put on pizza.

The Top Ten

1 Chocolate

If someone ever put chocolate on my pizza I would punch them in the face.

Worst type of pizza - zuni

Dessert pizza is still pizza.

Ummm... I have no idea why anybody would even think of this.

2 Anchovies

I'm a vegetarian, and I can't exactly say why anchovies are on pizza most of the time, POOR LITTLE FISH.

Anchovies make me throw up. I don't even like seafood to begin with.

This has to be the worst topping of them all, I love pizza but Anchovies are too bizarre for my liking

Wonder what wackjob invented this topping? - Alpha101

3 Baked Beans

No thanks

Beans beans good for u eat the more u fart the u eat the more you fart the more u sit on the toliet seat

4 Oreos

I LOVE THESE SO MUCH but not on pizza

5 Pineapple

Alrighty, people, listen up. Pineapple does NOT belong on a pizza. First of all, the texture is nasty and when it's in your mouth in comparison to the pizza's texture, it's just gross! Secondly, the flavor! Pizza is a cheesy and savory dish, and pineapple has no place on top of a pizza. Some people argue that it's a good combination, but that's your opinion and it's okay if you do like it that way. But for me, pineapple is tolerable on its own, but on top of a pizza, it's simply unacceptable. Please keep your fruit away from my pizza.

When I first heard of a topping, pineapple, It sounds like a disgusting pizza topping to have on pizza because It's fruit. A few weeks egos, I try Hawaiian pizza from Papa John's pizza and pineapple is actually a pretty good pizza topping and it's a sweet pizza topping to have. It was my first time eating pineapple as a pizza topping. You should try pineapple on a pizza topping, and everybody should too. You should like pineapple pizza in your first time, you would probably like it a lot. Why Pineapple is on this list? Take Pineapple out of this list! It's one of the best pizza toppings ever!

Why would you not like pineapple is the best ingredient you dum dum

I'm Italian and we Italians find outrageous that Americans like to put Pineapple on pizza. There is no such thing as fruits and/or poultry on Pizza! (At least not traditionally)

6 Marshmallows

Melt on it. Just keep it as candy

7 Rice
8 Bone

I asked for a BONELESS pizza, but they got bone in it and it was nasty.

9 Squid Squid are cephalopods of the order Teuthida, which comprises around 304 species. Like all other cephalopods, squid have a distinct head, bilateral symmetry, a mantle, and arms.

Why would anyone even think to put squid on a pizza? Anything from the sea has no business on a pizza.

10 Bananas

Who thought up this idea? Fruit DOES NOT belong on a pizza!

Gross so so gross I hate banana

Who in the world puts bawnawna on der pisa? Like mi spelin? Oh... I love chu bawnawna!... But not on pizza. blech wrec meck!

The Newcomers

? Peanut Butter
? Olives

My whole family eats olives on pizza! (I personally don't like them) but it doesn't deserve to be on this list!

These taste so horrible they taste like dirt

I'm guessing the people who eat olives on pizzas are cannibals - Plantera

They are my number 1 favorite pizza.

The Contenders

11 Cherries

Honey nut cheerios are even better

12 Mushrooms

Mushrooms are awesome on pizza, especially extra cheese and extra mushrooms.

Like eating a gummy candy with the flavor of dirty feet.

Mushroom pizza is my favorite of all time!

I hate it it tastes gross

13 Corn

Since when is corn used as a topping?

Corn kernels are actually really tasty on top of pizza to be honest - Iliketoptens

Who puts corn on a pizza? Who’s idea was that? It doesn’t really do anything good.

14 Pepperoni

What kind of idiot put this here

The greasy combination of cured beef and pork deserves to be number one on this list. You can't even tell what kind of meat its made of, pepperoni is literally greasy mystery meat.

Pepperoni is awesome! Who put pepperoni on this list its YUMMY!

Pepperoni is the best

15 Pickles
16 Broccoli
17 Egg

Eww that is disgusting

18 Hummus
19 Fish

Poor little guys R.I.P from getting killed for horrible pizza

20 Surströmming
21 Peppers


22 Spinach
23 Lettuce

Guys: don't have a salad bar on your pizza - princepretty

24 Shrimp

Seafood and pizza never go well together - princepretty

25 Spam
26 Prunes
27 Ketchup

Ketchup on pizza is good. that is why this is so low.

28 Banana Peppers

Not sure why anyone likes this.

29 Peas
30 Cheese

If it doesn't have cheese then it's not pizza! It's that simple. I would love to answer phones at a pizza shop for a week just to hear some of the crazy things people add on their pizzas, or in this case, don't add.

Really? It's what makes the pizza. I guess if you don't like as MUCH pizza, search "pizza napoletana" on Google images, it's only good in Naples, Italy, hence that's the name.

If it doesn't have cheese, it's not a pizza.

It's the best type... - zuni

31 Onions
32 Tuna

Again, seafood has no business on pizza!

Tuna on pizza is not that bad

33 Parmesan
34 Sauerkraut

Germans don't do this - princepretty

35 Avocado
36 Apples

I hope no one actually puts these on pizza.

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