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21 Spam
22 Cheese

If it doesn't have cheese then it's not pizza! It's that simple. I would love to answer phones at a pizza shop for a week just to hear some of the crazy things people add on their pizzas, or in this case, don't add.

Really? It's what makes the pizza. I guess if you don't like as MUCH pizza, search "pizza napoletana" on Google images, it's only good in Naples, Italy, hence that's the name.

If it doesn't have cheese, it's not a pizza.

Its ot a pizza without cheese its just bread and toppings so why would you not

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23 Pepperoni

The greasy combination of cured beef and pork deserves to be number one on this list. You can't even tell what kind of meat its made of, pepperoni is literally greasy mystery meat.

What kind of idiot put this here

Pepperoni is awesome! Who put pepperoni on this list its YUMMY!

Pepperoni is far too greasy to be good.

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24 Onions
25 Tuna

Again, seafood has no business on pizza!

26 Parmesan
27 Lettuce

Guys: don't have a salad bar on your pizza - princepretty

28 Shrimp Shrimp

Seafood and pizza never go well together - princepretty

29 Sauerkraut V 1 Comment
30 Prunes
31 Oreos Oreos
32 Hummus
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