Top Ten Worst Places Be When Your Car Breaks Down


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1 At a Justin Bieber Concert

I'd rather have a bunch of bugs fly around my face in the girls bathroom while licking on a rock than crash in a JB concert - LightningStrike

I can stand a haunted house or school or a room filled with spiders, but not this one. This is torture in every possible sense. I can't see him murdering music right in front of my own eyes. - Kiteretsunu

I would just run to the nearest gas station if they had one there close and ask them for help. If not I would run back somewhere else, if that doesn't work, game over. :( - funnyuser

How predictable that something to do with Justin Bieber is number 1 - christangrant

2 In the Woods

Made a very bad decision

911 what is the emergency

Got a timeout that sucked

Oh god! Then a psychopath would come out and kill you! - JaysTop10List

3 At a Haunted House

You'll be so scared that you'll pee on your self. - JaysTop10List

4 At a House With Cannibals

Alone with no cell service, Cyri had only a small pocketknife to defend themselves against a family of cannibals... - Cyri

Hands down, the most scariest pace for your car to break down. - JaysTop10List

Meanwhile in Texas outback/ everywhere in West Virginia

'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' situation - mholland1997

5 An Abandoned Hospital

But what if it's just you, and they have a free service, and free wifi!

I run out of that car and run for my life. - JaysTop10List

6 Hell

How would you even drive to Hell? Those caskets don't have a built in Cadillac. Plus, if you could do it anyways, why would you even think of driving there and most people would try to go the opposite way (including me and basically all of Western Civilization) to heaven. Maybe someone played "Highway to Hell" way too much. That's why you don't listen to a song on repeat everyone. I hope you've all learned your lesson about not listening to country music in a car on repeat during your funeral while there's a car there for some reason. But seriously, go on the path to heaven, not hell

That's why you don't drive there, and thank God it's not reachable in the natural world. - ethanmeinster

I don't know where the highway to hell is, and I think you have to be dead to go there. - Merilille

That would be scary as Slenderman - JaysTop10List

7 A Creepy Church of Satan

I'd run for my life, and probably try to destroy it. - ethanmeinster

I would be ten times as scared if Satan himself popped out. - Connor360

The second most creepiest place to your car to break down. All of us TopTenners will run for our lives. - JaysTop10List

I would study it from the shadows, and find landmarks. Then, once I got to a safe place, I'd call the authorities. - Cyri

Now I'm thankful that I'm not old enough to driveā€¦ - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 At a Strip Club

You don't want your girlfriend to see this. - JaysTop10List

What if Miley Cyrus Is twerking there UH OH - RockStarr

9 At a Chris Brown concert
10 On a Railroad Track

That would be scary if the train was coming at you - trains45

I was caught in the middle of the railroad tracks... - Cyri

Your car will be lost, the railway corporation will ask you to pay for the train, and there may be no time for you and your family to get to safe places - MChkflaguard_Yt

Some words of advice: Get your kids out of the car first, then the adults. Then wait out and see what could have been your deaths. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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11 A Party Full of Drunk People

Then those people may try to get in your card by breaking your windows. - JaysTop10List

12 A Vast Desert

A bit cliched, but it would totally suck.

Not going to survive in the desert one day - Jordansalesguy2392

13 In Heavy Traffic
14 A Place Full of Venomous Spiders

This is real creepy. - JaysTop10List

I hate spiders already, but venomous ones are 10000000x worse. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 Underwater

Drving my car underwater like a boss... Wait, it broke down! Why on earth did that happen?

16 Nuclear Weapon Test Site
17 In a Tunnel
18 Police Station

Bah bah (we are the sheep)

Oink oink! - SovietZephyr

19 Prison
20 A Haunted School

Thanks to R.L. Stine, this one came up in my mind. - JaysTop10List

21 At a Nicki Minaj Concert
22 Bobby Mackey's Music World
23 Chernobyl

If you're willing to drive your car into the 30 mile zone knowing that it might break down, you're a special kind of stupid. - Gg2000

24 Gang Hideout / Gang Turf
25 Nurburgring Nordschleife
26 On a One Lane Highway
27 A Place With No Wifi

You could play games on your 3DS.

28 On a Hoverbrige
29 The White House Fence

Wow President Obama be like what the bleep - JaysTop10List

30 At the Bates Motel
31 An Asylum

That would be terrible - Plantera

32 Walmart Parking Lot
33 At a 24/7 Boarding School
34 At a Satanic Black Metal Band Concert

You don't wanna get sacrificed do you?

35 Detroit
36 At TheTopTens HQ

Top ten HQ WHAT

37 Hackney
38 Middle of a Desert
39 A Place Where There's a Lot of Crime
40 On a Motorway
41 Tenderloin San Francisco, CA
42 The Bronx, New York City, NY

It is the biggest scary place ever known in USA.

43 Into Amy Rose's House from Sonic Boom!
44 In a Teen Titans Go! Musical
45 Japanese School
46 At Hollywood Sign
47 A Chinese Restaurant

But I LIKE Chinese food... - Cyri

48 In a Hole
49 On a Hill
50 At a Place with No Cell Service
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