Worst Places in California to Live


The Top Ten

1 Tunjunga

Ahh so romantic at night the sound of gunshots and people being murdered - lakot

2 Downtown Los Angeles

Tip stay away from hobos - lakot

3 Sacramento

It has been a boom town for about 60 years

Capital from California - SpencerJC

Capital of ca Wow that's sad - lakot

4 Van Nuys

Mexican gangs everywhere try not to get shot - lakot

Weird how come I never see Mexican gangs?

5 Glendale

I am actually stunned (and not in a good way) that Glendale is on this list. There is a list of the safest cities in America, conducted by Business Insider only a year ago. On the list, Glendale is ranked as the 3rd SAFEST city in America. - NickLancer

Ok ok its not a violent city just try not to get hit by a car - lakot

6 San Diego San Diego

Two words Drug Users - lakot

Should be number 1 - just32

7 Stockton
8 Neveda City
9 Orovile

The pop. Is 15000 but the crime rate is more BLOWIN your MIND YET? - lakot

10 Richmond

The town looks beat up well know you know there's crime there - lakot

Lots of sex offenders and bad ideologies

The Contenders

11 Pomona
12 Santa Cruz

The horror, the horror.
For the love of God, stay away.

13 Modesto
14 San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California.
15 Riverside
16 Compton
17 Del Mar

Hell on earth, whatever you do, don't move here.

18 Irvine

You will be yelled at for having your lawns grass too high and everyone thinks you live next to a celeb

19 San Bernardino
20 El Monte

Avoid stopping in this area for even the briefest of pit stops. Straight to the point: Check Yelp for customer's comments specifically regarding franchises of restaurants, markets and retailers in this city and you will find the common denominator of people not caring about their work here. From under cooked food, rude service people and outright criminal activity right under your nose... if your car breaks down in the area, have it serviced by a garage in Temple City, Arcadia or Monrovia, lest a sub-par mechanic in El Monte entail repeat visits and even more money to rectify a simple problem that would have been solved by a competent mechanic in any other city in one simple transaction. As for what it's like to live here, watch Southern California news broadcasts for mentions of El Monte - it's usually regarding murders, robberies and escaped convicts known to be in the area. On a parting note: the employees at the local Chase Bank are known to steal Driver's Licenses and California ...more

You know things aren't good there when you call 911 and they put you on hold.

A meth head was breaking into my car. They did thousands of dollars worth of damage. Called 911. Had to wait one hour and thirty minutes for the cops. They interviewed the druggie and let them go.
Later, my car insurance rates went up despite no accidents or tickets. Found out that the meth head is a local prostitute and she did the cop a favor resulting in no charges or records of the incident ever happening. Was a fat officer from the El Monte P.D.

The crime rate is noteworthy in El Monte. Cops are supposed to protect the innocent here... but those cops are shady. Call 911 and the first thing they ask is "is anyone getting killed? " If you say no they put you on hold right away and leave you hanging.

21 Murrieta
22 Simi Valley
23 Temecula
24 Beverly Hills

Stay away a rich person will rob you

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