Top Ten Worst Places to Crash Your Car


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1 Into an Explosives Factory

Haha, that's what I call it - fatality - fuadmondeo

That's just, terrible, why would you even wanna do that? Gosh that would make a big dent in your car

DAMN, just that. Horrible place to crash. - floridiancat

Vrom, what the- KABOOM

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2 Into the Ocean

Well, I guess I like to watch the sharks swim by... - MoldySock

Scary. Your trapped in that car ya can't open the doors. Ya gonna die

I hope their are no sharks around

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3 Into Your Boss's House

You'd be more than just fired

Someone just got fired!

You're FIRED! That's what your boss can say after crashing into their house - Jordansalesguy2392

Even worse! Your boss will kill you!

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4 Into a National Monument

But you will be all over the news. - MyOpinion

Help! My car is stuck in the Eiffel Tower! - ethanmeinster

If you live after that you will be prisoned

I'm stuck in the Space Needle

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5 Into a Cliff Face

What if the cliff had Richard as a surname? Would that be OK? - Britgirl

6 Into a Hospital

You'll probably get help almost right away. - funnyuser

7 Into an Active Volcano

Ohh- no! Ouch!... I hate talking about this... - funnyuser

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8 Into a Wedding

Bad - unless it's your ex boyfriend's... - Britgirl

Or your ex girlfriend's wedding.

Hello PositronWildhawk. In answer to your question: no that didn't happen. Just goes to show the power of prayer amounts to very little. - Britgirl

In response to Britgirl; did that happen? - PositronWildhawk

9 Into a Rocket
10 Into Your Office

Imagine your face when your car starts hurtling at 100mph into your own office and you just think "oh crap". Laugh out loud. - PositronWildhawk

My face would hurt so bad if it got hint laugh out loud

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11 Into a Space Station

I crashed my car into the Death Star. Why are you complaining about crashing into a measly space station?

Someone watched "Man of Steel" too much. - ethanmeinster

Did I just crash on a space station

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12 Into A Public Bathroom V 1 Comment
13 Into a Driving School

That happens to Mrs. Puff's boating school all the time. - Murvine_Taylor

14 Into a Library

So, you're sitting in the uncomfortable chairs provided in the library, and you have some coffee by you, and you're nestled into a good book, and...

BAM! The world's quietest place turns into a giant wad of paper, metal, and glass. - Turkeyasylum

You: Sorry.
Librarian: Sorry, but you are kicked out of the library!
You: NO!

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15 Into a Relative's House
16 The White House The White House

If you hit Donald trump, this would actually be the best place to chrash your car.

What? - SpencerJC

Person: Oh crap... I'm going to prison, aren't I?
Other person: I don't know.
Person: Oh, wait. Donald Trump's dead. It was worth it!

17 Into Your Best Friend

Why would you kill your best friend?!

18 Into a Torture Chamber

So, you're torturing the torture chamber by crashing on it? I need to go now. It's gonna be a tragic view. - Animefan12

19 Into PositronWildhawk

That's true. If you crash into me, you'll certainly regret it. - PositronWildhawk

That would be good. He would stop appearing everywhere

Love it when people mention PositronWildhawk, because it is certain they'll comment

20 Into a Zoo

A lion rips your head off. Lion wins FATALITY

You will kill so many animals.

The llamas and alpacas will spit in your face - Harri666

The animals will kill you. - EmperorCales

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