Top Ten Worst Places to Crash Your Car

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1 Into an Explosives Factory

That's just, terrible, why would you even wanna do that? Gosh that would make a big dent in your car

Haha, that's what I call it - fatality

Get ready to explode says driver licenes

Yeah. That'd leave a mark. Ouch!

2 Into the Ocean

Scary. Your trapped in that car ya can't open the doors. Ya gonna die

A.K.A. Suicidal. Straight you go into the shark's tummy.

Well, I guess I like to watch the sharks swim by...

I hope their are no sharks around

3 Into Your Boss's House

You're FIRED! That's what your boss can say after crashing into their house

Hm... Not very diplomatic, but tempting, surely...

Even worse! Your boss will kill you!

You'd be more than just fired

4 Into a National Monument

Traffic around the arc in Paris should be sorted out

"Hello, yeah my car is stuck in The Statue of Liberty.

If you live after that you will be prisoned

Help! My car is stuck in the Eiffel Tower!

5 Into a Cliff Face

I wonder if Abraham Lincoln is not broken...

What if the cliff had Richard as a surname? Would that be OK?

6 Into a Wedding

Bad - unless it's your ex boyfriend's...

Or your ex girlfriend's wedding.

7 Into an Active Volcano

Ohh- no! Ouch!... I hate talking about this...

You'd be burnt to a crisp.

8 Into a Rocket
9 Into a Public Bathroom

You can't even drive there

10 Into Your Office

Imagine your face when your car starts hurtling at 100mph into your own office and you just think "oh crap". Laugh out loud.

My face would hurt so bad if it got hint laugh out loud

The Contenders

11 Into a Library

So, you're sitting in the uncomfortable chairs provided in the library, and you have some coffee by you, and you're nestled into a good book, and...

BAM! The world's quietest place turns into a giant wad of paper, metal, and glass.

You: Sorry.
Librarian: Sorry, but you are kicked out of the library!
You: NO!

"Shush! This is a liberty. And stop that car alarm! "

12 Into a Torture Chamber

So, you're torturing the torture chamber by crashing on it? I need to go now. It's gonna be a tragic view.

13 Into a Space Station

I crashed my car into the Death Star. Why are you complaining about crashing into a measly space station?

Someone watched "Man of Steel" too much.

How exactly would you get your car to crash into, say, the ISS?

Did I just crash on a space station

14 Into a Nuclear Power Station
15 Into a Bomb
16 Into a Speeding Train

I like trains.

Isn’t that from asdfmovie?

17 Into a Police Station

You will get arrested.

They will arrest you!

Great big trouble

Big trouble dude

18 Into a Relative's House
19 Into a Hospital

You'll probably get help almost right away.

This actually happened near my high school once

20 Into the Dealership Where You Bought It

I'm returning it, it's broken haha

21 Into a Celebrity

It depends.
If it's your favorite singer (in my case, Rihanna) it would be one of the worst things because the star will hate you, but if it's someone that you hate, it would be okay

And Justin bieber's ghost would come and play his music and never stop no matter what!

Yay! Justin Bieber dies! Or run into all of One Direction or even better, JB and 1D at the same time.

That would be terrible. Unless its Justin Bieber.

22 Into an Active Battlefield

Someone will shoot a homing missile

(Day of war in North Korea)
Me: Ahh what a nice day of place
*boom! *
Soldier#1: sir target to American cars
Soldier#2: yes sir!
*BOOM! BY near miss*
Me: Ahh that was close
Me: AH!
Me: where am I!?!
North Korea soldiers: HANDS UP IN THE AIR!
Me: okay okay okay I surrender please don't kill me!
*usa soldiers kills North Korea soldiers*
Usa soldier#1: Sir u need to get out of North Korea's place
Me: why?
Usa soldier#2: because this place is dangerous in war
Me: Oh okay I will leave the North Korea
*he goes into usa army helicopter and leave in North Korea*

23 Into a Funeral

Killing alive people present in a funeral? That's such a bad thing to happen.

We'll need some more coffins for that!

Oh my God, can you imagine this happening. I'm not laughing... HONESTLY!

Priest:*going to put the cross on the coffin*
*something crashes to the coffin*
Priest:oh lord, thank you! *begins to cry*

24 Into the White House

Person: Oh crap... I'm going to prison, aren't I?
Other person: I don't know.
Person: Oh, wait. Donald Trump's dead. It was worth it!

If it means that all of those stupid politicians will be killed, then count me in! I'm crashing in.

Breaking news a person just crashed into th white house and killed donald trump
News repoter: how do you feel
Person: happy
Officer: your're arrested

If you hit Donald trump, this would actually be the best place to chrash your car.

25 Into Your Xbox
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