Top Ten Worst Places to Crash Your Car


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21 Into a Celeb

If it's Justin Bieber, it would actually be the best place to crash your car.

Depends on the celebrity

It depends.
If it's your favorite singer (in my case, Rihanna) it would be one of the worst things because the star will hate you, but if it's someone that you hate, it would be okay

I'd cry if a car it Eminem

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22 Into a Police Station V 3 Comments
23 Into A War V 1 Comment
24 Into the Dealership Where You Bought It

I m returning it its broken haha

25 Into Your Xbox V 2 Comments
26 Into a Funeral

Oh my God, can you imagine this happening. I'm not laughing... HONESTLY!

Killing alive people present in a funeral? That's such a bad thing to happen. - Animefan12

We'll need some more coffins for that! - Neonco31

Priest:*going to put the cross on the coffin*
*something crashes to the coffin*
Priest:oh lord, thank you! *begins to cry*
*Priest wins, RELLIGIONNALITY* - CerealGuy

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27 Into the President

Not that bad. At least he wont be the president anymore - LokiLover2000

If it's Obama, it would be the best place to crash your car. - N64Dude

Well you will be gunned down by military forces

Hey, if it means eliminating Obama, and finally putting an end to the US, then yeah, I'd totally do that. Just think. Not more United States. laugh out loud.

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28 Into the World's Largest Butt

I wish it would be Kim Kardashian's

I wish it would be Kim Kardashian's.

29 Into a Brand New Car

The person with the new car would go psychotic on you. - Murvine_Taylor

You. Have to pay $10 million dollars to pay your damage cars after crash - SpencerJC

30 Into a Gas Station V 2 Comments
31 Into Justin Bieber

And Justin bieber's ghost would come and play his music and never stop no matter what!

Yay! Justin Bieber dies! Or run into all of One Direction or even better, JB and 1D at the same time.

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32 Into a Tornado

Once you enter the tornado, you're dead. - Animefan12

Wait, how can you crash into a tornado - Harri666

33 Into the Large Hadron Collider

A hadron collider! But apart from money, you would be stealing away the future nobel prizes those poor physicists could have got. - Kiteretsunu

That would not only cost you your license, but more money than most people can comprehend. - PositronWildhawk

Congratulations. You became the first person to die in a black hole. - ethanmeinster

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34 Into a Museum of Priceless Artifacts
35 Into a Mafia Club

The mafia would start killing you

Mafia: ok, we need to make this guy disappear
Car guy: crashes into club
Mafia: :/

36 Into Your Wife
37 Into Your Boss

That would be the 2 best place 1justin Bieber

38 Into a Nuclear Plant
39 Into Wallace and Gromit's House

Then I will have some cracking toast with them and go on their wacky adventures together.

Then I would have some crackling toast with them and go on their wacky adventures

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40 Into the National Space Station

Huh car doesn't exists goes into space - SpencerJC

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