Top Ten Worst Places to Die


The Top Ten

1 Justin Bieber's House

I rather die in school than here - theDj7121

When you got to heaven, how would you explain what you were doing in this GirlBoy's house.. ? - Britgirl

2 Home

Don't wanna die here. - theDj7121

3 School

All the kids will be saying - theDj7121

4 Public

Only if ya swear he had it coming Austin price dude!

5 Middle of the Ocean on a Cruise ship
6 Vegas

What Ever Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, including deaths - theDj7121

7 Bathroom when door is locked

That would be terrible! Imagine going to the bathroom locking the door and having a heart attack! No one can access you! But I would actually love dying in Justin Bieber's house

This wouldn't be cool. Especially if it were a public cubicle. Spine-chilling. - PositronWildhawk

Nobody won't never ever get your body. - theDj7121

Janitor will find you

8 Mountain
9 Live TV.

The whole world may see - theDj7121

10 Space

It will end up some were and if I lands on earth I don't want little kids seeing.

In space no one can hear you scream!

Your body will be lost. - theDj7121

The Contenders

11 On Mars
12 When your best friend gets a promotion
13 When you're reaching for the last slice of pizza
14 When you're living
15 On Top Of Mount Everest Just As You Make The Awesome Discovery That There Is A Frozen Big Mac At Its Peak Left By Sir Edmund Hillary
16 Bermuda Triangle
17 At Target
18 Concentration Camp
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