Top Ten Worst Places to Fall On Your Face


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1 Animal Poop

Just plain disgusting and I think I've mentioned it too many times in my other lists. But Poop is Poop. - Kiteretsunu

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2 A Standing Medical Syringe

I don't want to get AIDS, SARS, or an old man's saliva. Plus, do you now the size of those needles? You can recover from falling on burning charcoal (just stop, drop and roll, go to the hospital, and get 5000 gallons of ice), but no one, wants that to happen. However AIDS has no cure, and I don;t want everyone to think I lost my virginity.

Chances of getting into this trouble is really less, but the injury it would cause would be really unbearable. - Kiteretsunu

Think of all the possible dieseases that can be caught from a syringe. No, best not... Awful! - Britgirl

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3 A Burning Pile Of Charcoal

Just imagine the pain you'll get! - Kiteretsunu

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4 A Hard and Rough Concrete Surface

This is one of the most common ways to get hurt which takes it's ranking higher than the below three. - Kiteretsunu

I hate falling on Concrete it destroys your knees or Elbows - Curti2594

I can imagine someone falling face first towards concrete floor. Ouch. - MasterJamezZXQ

There are 2 things that will break - Your head and the surface - Animefan12

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5 Thorny Bushes

The wounds caused can be very serious. - Kiteretsunu

6 Spikes

Oh my gosh, ouch! - funnyuser

7 A Bomb Detonation Switch

I don't know where the actual bomb site would be but I think the results won't be favourable. - Kiteretsunu

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8 A Big Rock

Bam! And you see blood coming out. - Kiteretsunu

Ow! This will hurt! - HezarioSeth

9 A Fire Ant Colony Nest

It wont hurt. I would faint before I even land. - DubstepLover

I have experience this and I won't forget it. - FrankP

Would a bullet ant nest be worse?

That hurts so bad. - LokiLover2000

10 A Bucket Full Of Water Filled With Piranhas

Not really much of a possibility, but is one of the worst too. - Kiteretsunu

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11 A Cactus

Yea if I have to choosh to poop or a cactus, then I am falling right in to the poop - XMrGentlemanX

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12 Red Chili Powder Spread On The Floor

Just watch out for your eyes. But I don't think we fall with our eyes open. Nevertheless. - Kiteretsunu

13 A Volcano
14 In the Middle of the Street

It was nice knowing you.

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15 On Justin Bieber's Crotch

Too small to have any effect on you. - PositronWildhawk

16 The Girls' Bathroom
17 The Marvin Marvin Set

Seeing how horrible the show is, you'll probably explode before you even fall on your face. - ethanmeinster

18 Bloody Floor

I would be able to stand back up because I've passed out over the shear terror!

19 A Toilet

That would damage and clog the toilet and break your head - Animefan12

20 Into a Land Mine
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1. A Burning Pile Of Charcoal
2. Animal Poop
3. Thorny Bushes
1. Spikes
2. A Hard and Rough Concrete Surface
3. A Standing Medical Syringe
1. Animal Poop
2. A Standing Medical Syringe
3. A Burning Pile Of Charcoal



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