Top Ten Worst Places to Get Lost In Minecraft


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1 Abandoned Mineshaft

I swear I ALWAYS get lost in mineshafts!

I hate having to dig strait up

I always get lost in abandoned mineshafts

Too big

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2 The Nether
3 Strongholds

Its impossible to find it for me in survival mode!

You never find a way out.

4 Underground Caves

I got lost here before looking for diamonds to mine some obsidian. when I got my diamond pickaxe got some obsidian but fell into lava while doing it

5 Ravines
6 In Your Own House

You made it way too big, you can't even find your way out?

I've done that before. - Minecraftcrazy530

Stampy's house is good example - MChkflaguard_Yt

What the...

7 On Someone Else's Server
8 The Aether

That dosnt even exist

9 Under an Overhang
10 Pig Farm

Is that even possible? - SONICBEWM

The Contenders

11 The End

You have to beat the ender dragon which is hard for me

12 Gigantic underground caverns
13 In a Village

It is so safe with the iron golem you can't die

14 Twilight Forest
15 The Cake Dungeon
16 On a Horse
17 At Spawn
18 In the sky with only one dirt block beneath you

Damn, I hat when this happens...

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