Top Ten Worst Places to Get Lost In Minecraft


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1 Abandoned Mineshaft

I swear I ALWAYS get lost in mineshafts!

I hate having to dig strait up

I always get lost in abandoned mineshafts

Too big

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2 The Nether
3 Strongholds

Its impossible to find it for me in survival mode!

You never find a way out.

4 Underground Caves

I got lost here before looking for diamonds to mine some obsidian. when I got my diamond pickaxe got some obsidian but fell into lava while doing it

5 Ravines
6 In Your Own House

You made it way too big, you can't even find your way out?

I've done that before. - Minecraftcrazy530

Stampy's house is good example - MChkflaguard_Yt

What the...

7 On Someone Else's Server
8 The Aether

That dosnt even exist

9 Under an Overhang
10 Pig Farm

Is that even possible? - SONICBEWM

The Contenders

11 The End

You have to beat the ender dragon which is hard for me

12 Gigantic underground caverns
13 In a Village

It is so safe with the iron golem you can't die

14 Twilight Forest
15 The Cake Dungeon

PopularMMOs always gets lost there if he wouldn't have waypoints his entire series would be spent in the cake dungeon O_O

16 On a Horse
17 At Spawn
18 In the sky with only one dirt block beneath you

Damn, I hat when this happens...

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