Top Ten Worst Places to Get Shot With a Nerf Gun


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1 Scrotum

Welp... there go my CHILDREN

Better hope it's not one of those darts with a suction cup on the end. - AngryByrd

Anyone who votes for anywhere else must either be a girl nerfer or doesn't care about having babies.

Common guys this ins't gonna take them out. it doesn't hurt much more than the chest or the back or something. so for the eye if you really want to cause any pain at all.

2 Face

I got a black eye from getting shot in the head with the mega Magnus

Only terraces use nerf gunz

Well I personally don't believe they hurt much in any place. not for anyone above twelve at least. but someone about ten getting hit in the eye is gonna take it badly.

3 Back of Head
4 Eye

Yeah. I'd put this with face in guess but yeah, I'd say this is the worst place. the nerf guns themselves won't be strong enough to really get to the balls and stuff to cause much damage but there's nothing protecting the eyes and they're pretty fragile.

I'd rather get shot in the balls than in the eye.

I once got kicked by a preschooler inside the eye - Animefan12

This happened to my cousin many times before

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5 Jaw

That's what I call, a "Jawbraker! " - KingoNarwals

6 Back

Only if you have a sore back! - Daisyfur123

7 Gut
8 Cheek
9 Ear

My ears are weak because they have had so many infections that they got softer and now my hearing is damaged and my ears just hurt a lot already, so being shot? NONONO - Carl12

Why is this at the bottom? I've been shot in the gut and it doesn't hurt near as bad as being shot in the ear. - letdot52

10 Chest

That happened to me not too long ago... Not fun. - RockFashionista

Especially for girls.. 😳 - LucyHeartfilia

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11 Genitals

I have experience...

12 Hand
13 Side of the head
14 Heel

If you have Achillesheel

15 Nose
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