Worst Places to Hide During Hide and Seek


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1 In an oven

I don't think roasted Nintendofan126 would taste good? - nintendofan126

2 Behind a glass door

You would probably say HOW DID YOU FIND ME

He'll never find me here I'm sure of it!

3 Covered in a sheet standing up

"Is it a ghost? Whatever just kill it! "

4 On top of a dining room table

I've done this before. I've even won before by doing this. - nintendofan126

Everyone would see you. - cosmo

5 Under a carpet

Hmm... This is actually the best place to hide. Surely no one's going to notice your bulge under the carpet... ? - Britgirl

6 In a toilet

The perfect hiding spot! - TristGamer

7 In a bear cave

And they never saw their friend again... - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

The most epic hiding place ever!

8 In an aquarium
9 In an emptied and functional freezer

24 hours later...
I can't believe I haven't found him yet. I better get myself a popsicle and start thinking.. OH MY! - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

10 In a volcano

You would get burned and die. Except if the volcano is extinct. - cosmo

The Contenders

11 Behind a short curtain

My kid brother did this and I had to pretend I didn't see him haha.

12 Behind the seeker

I would go behind the seeker, then keep on stepping like I'm going somewhere else. Then I would follow the seeker wherever they go. Maybe they will never find me. Haha! - funnyuser

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13 In a haunted house
14 The microwave

A 5 yr old died in one once. - Curtis_Huber

15 Behind a stripper pole

Or a stripper for that matter. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

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16 On the seeker's head
17 The Washing Machine

Say hello to the Washing Machine: Legit Hiding Spot of 2017

18 Behind a slim tree
19 Under your bedcovers
20 The Fridge
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1. In a volcano
2. In a bear cave
3. In an aquarium
1. Behind a glass door
2. In a bear cave
3. Under a carpet
1. On top of a dining room table
2. In a volcano
3. In a toilet

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