Top Ten Worst Places To Hold A Concert


The Top Ten

1 The funeral of someone who hated the band

And now, to bid farewell to our dear Johnny...Introducing Blood On The Dance Floor!
Johnny: *ghost rises out of grave* I hate you all. - ResonatingScreamS

I wonder if the ghost would be James Bond - iliekpiez

2 Near an active volcano

"Sweet pyrotechnics Bill! But, where are all the other workers? "
"They burned to death due to the pyrotechnics."
"And the band? "
"They also burned to death." - isaaonrtdmtr

A one, two, three-*BOOM* - ResonatingScreamS

3 In a landfill

Says something about the quality of your band, don't you think? - ResonatingScreamS

4 In a graveyard

You might disturb the spirits, especially if your band is particularly loud. - ResonatingScreamS

I could easily see some band doing this when thirsty for controversy. - Zach808

5 In the middle of a desert

I don't think anybody will see your band, in that case. Well, maybe one or two cacti. - ResonatingScreamS

6 In a sinkhole
7 On top of Mount Everest

How would you manage? - ResonatingScreamS

8 Nuclear testing site

Is one of your songs called Radioactive? I know there's quite a few songs called that. - ResonatingScreamS

Go ahead, this would postpone any damage the weapons could possibly do. - irises

9 In an abandoned warehouse
10 The nearest 7/11

Well, erm... - ResonatingScreamS

The Contenders

11 Jack Graham's Shack in Tucker, Georgia

The loud music may make the shack walls fall down - GlassweighanCountess

12 In a Japanese Bathhouse
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