Top Ten Worst Places to Live In London

Not the most dangerous, but the worst to live in the City of London for various reasons. The most common reason is that the following places are full of Low class housing estates

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21 Woodgreen

It's a horrible disgusting place. Loaded with gang culture and dangerous people.

Another crap area ruined by gang culture and the Labour Council. The only good thing about Wood Green is hot blonde MILF Tamzin Outhwaite.

22 Roehampton

Agree with this. In the godforsaken part of Wandsworth. No shops, no train or tube station and the Alton estate. Even being near Richmond park can't save it.

Home to one of the biggest estates in London and absolutely nothing here apart from crappy discount stores and fried chicken shops

One of the biggest estates in London

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23 South Norwood
24 Dollis Hill

Full of gappy indians&is dead. Moist area


25 Streatham

You speak a lot of nonsense. People thrive in streatham. Naomi cambell being one of them. Never judge a place and the people who reside their, by your own bigoted and closeted standard

Another crap area ruined by Labour's Lambeth Council and neglected by Labour's Closet Racist MP Chuka Umunna, who uses this his constituency to boost his own image and his own career prospects.

26 New Cross
27 Canning Town

Canning Town is in Newham and Newham is number 11 on the list seems kinda pointless having this here

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28 Shadwell, Tower Hamlets

An International student from the United States was attacked by a gang of Racists Muslims.

A lot of these areas are filled with high populations of black people just saying

Absolute dump. I call it Shad-hell.

A third world area and Capital of Londonistan & Bangledesh thanks to Labour's Tower Hamlets' Council and its current local MP Rushanara Ali.

29 Richmond

I've had the pleasure of living in such an environment.
Unfortunately a lot of kids are bad asses round here

Rihmond is full of educated posh people, they wouldn't attack you even with newspaper here!

30 Stepney
31 Oval
32 Thamesmead

Soulless dump full of ukippers

Full of thenes

33 Kennington

Lived there for two weeks before using the break clause in my tenancy contract and escaping. Never felt so unsafe in my life

Spartan splash it’s nuttin. Come on uno harlem bad. Harlem bop with kuku dons in a frightening block


34 Stratford

Another area ruined by Labour Party Councillors.

... Is an area of 2 sides: North of the railway there is the overpriced shopping centre, plastic park and the Olympic dog bowl - South, you've got a shopping mall which should have been demolished 10 years ago, druggies, dossers and one of the worst traffic hubs in East London. Guess what side Newham council prefer to talk about?

True Westfield is a stabbers paradise nervous security guards who have to deal with constant gang fights and stabbings.

35 Wealdstone

Fly tipping, transient population, absolutely nothing of any redeeming nature and a lack of any infrastructure investment make for one rotting heap. Never go there.

Full of chicken shops, betting shops with crazies hanging around outside, several stabbings (1 fatal). Like living in Mogadishu.


36 Willesden

Willesden is a far cry from Willesden Green

37 Walworth
38 Greenford

Thanks to the Labour Council of Ealing, Greenford is a craphole because:

(1) Smirk of teenage thug moments before killing an Old Age Pensioner (Paula Castle) for her handbag: Pair of 15-year-olds including father-of-two jailed (Daily Mail, 10 May 2013).

(2) Four guilty of killing Dean Mayley in Greenford mugging (BBC, 28 August 2014): "Four teenagers have been convicted at the Old Bailey of killing a man with a mental age of nine (learning difficulties) who was stabbed during a mugging in west London."

(3) Geeta Aulakh: fourth man guilty of machete murder (BBC, 15 April 2011): "Mother-of-two Geeta Aulakh, 28, had her hand severed during the attack in Greenford, west London, in 2009".

(4) Labour chief in social housing owns £1m home round the corner: Councillor branded a 'hypocrite' after buying property while staying on as housing association tenant (Daily Mail, 14 December 2014):

Julian Bell (Labour's Greenford Broadway Councillor) bought ...more

39 Bexley

A peaceful environment, where commuters thank bus drivers. A host of grammar schools and therefore a surge for moving to this area for this purpose. Lots of green spaces, particularly Danson Park with a large and beautiful lake with swans and ducks gliding aimlessly around it. Nothing to do in the area, but it's just a bus drive or train journey into Central London, or a bus drive away to the nearest DLR station in Woolwich to get you into Central London as well as Stratford, if you want some more grit and polish!

One of the most boring places I have ever been to. Absolutely nothing to do! Oh and chavs.

Chavs, need I say more?

Sadly more homes being built everywhere,
Already active gangs in the area
more homes means more children teenagers more gangs more crime

40 Stonebridge Park

AKA Little Somalia courtesy of Brent'@ Labour Party Council, who depend on their votes, in order to stay in power.

I love it there I think it great.. I don't think ot should be on this lost there's nothing to worry about

As the rest of Harlesden it's just a massive dump full of 3rd world lo-life scum. A dirty, loud hole.

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