Top Ten Worst Places to Live In the UK


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21 Swindon (Wiltshire)
22 Corby (Northamptonshire)
23 Oldham (Manchester)
24 Possilpark (Glasgow)
25 Jaywick (Essex)

The most dilapidated place in England by a mile. Most of the houses were meant to be temporary and are falling to pieces. Closed shops, fly-tipping everywhere, unemployment rates through the roof, chavs as far as the eye can'd be hard-pressed to find somewhere in the UK that's worse to live in than this hellhole. - Entranced98

26 Harlesden (London)
27 Torbay (Devon)
28 Grimsby (Lincolnshire)
29 Brixton (London)

Brixton is bad but not as bad as edmonton, which has seen the most murders in 2015

30 Bracknell (Berkshire)

Forgotten concrete wasteland inhabited by single mums on the dole and their multiple reefer smoking boyfriends!

31 Dover (Kent)

Yeah, there are quite a few chavs there but Gravesend is a hundred times worse. - Entranced98

32 Southampton (Hampshire)

To be honest, some parts are really nice, but once you step into Bitterne, you're in a new world.
I've been to Bitterne numerous times, and it's horrible dog poop everywhere, graffiti, and homeless people. But don't even get me STARTED on the toilets… yeuch!


33 Crawley (Surrey)
34 Chatham (Kent)
35 Bristol (Gloucestershire)

Bristol should definitely not be here. The city is both beautiful and a very interesting tourist attraction. Not to mention the fact that one side of the city, Clifton, is a brilliant place to visit, that in some ways is very similar to the beautiful spa town of Bath.

36 Sheerness (Kent)
37 Basildon (Essex)

To be fair basildon is not that bad specially the housing near the train station and town centre, The nasty parts are more away from the town and don't have a lot of amenities. Built quickly after the war for London under the new towns act, there is a lot of east end people living here. a lot of new builds too so there is a lot of money being generated and invested in Basildon, I have seen worse places that's for sure. I have never felt unsafe walking there

It's only bad in places. There's much worse towns out there. - Entranced98

38 Ilfracombe (Devon)
39 Bridgwater (Somerset)
40 Sunningdale (Berkshire)
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