The Ten Worst Places to Live in West and South West London


The Top Ten

1 Southall

3rd world segregated and overpopulated dump, courtesy of Local Labour Party Councillors and Labour-run Ealing Council.

*has now become a refuge for immigrants
*has a constant traffic jam
*most of the shops or businesses are from east Asia or India - Legoman11

2 Hayes

*This beauty is next door to our friend Southall
*There is a recent gang that has been causing havoc for a number of estates
*Has several big counsel estates that are the majority of space for this poor little suburb - Legoman11

3 Sunbury-on-Thames

Rough and gangs

Town full of crackheads and gangs

Crime town

*A town that has been absorbed by heahrows traffic
*Is now mostly covered by huge counsel blocks and a failed attempt to recreate the abandoned Chubb building
*Also The men who made the bomb on the tube were found in sunbury and that kind of explains the citizens there - Legoman11

4 Hounslow

*This is Southall's ugly sister with the same atmosphere
*more close to heathrow but less populated
*only other thing is that Hounslow station and shops are mostly English - Legoman11

5 Feltham

*The younger brother of the Southall and Hounslow Family
*once again not much difference except there are more superstores
*also compared to the others its smaller in size providing a less congested atmosphere - Legoman11

6 Uxbridge

*Voted worse area out of Northolt, Ruislip and Hatch end
*Rubbish transport service and also rubbish people with tracksuits most of the time
*Also work is very hard to get in Uxbridge as it is mostly now made up of machine factory's - Legoman11

7 Brentford

*Has a nice area but is ruined by poor transport and litter
*The main concern is the brentford fc firm called the "Brentford youth element"
*But is mainly a nice area - Legoman11

8 Isleworth

*A nice area that ha sadly been twisted into a part of Hounslow
*There is a nice canal and river
*But is populated by chavs in tracksuits and generally bad people - Legoman11

9 Northolt

*Northolt has an OK background but is now covered in warehouses
* the high street is its main crappy function
*But the original Northolt village is nice and peaceful - Legoman11

10 Wandsworth

*The nearest suburb to the centre of London
*Because of that it is congested in traffic and horn beeps
*the school and education is extremely good with most schools giving out As or higher in GCSE - Legoman11

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