Top 10 Worst Places to Play Watch Me by Silento


The Top Ten

1 A Funeral

It would just be disrespectful to the deceased - christangrant

2 A Wedding

Please don't play this song at my wedding - christangrant

3 A Business Meeting

Doesn't fit at all - christangrant

4 A School

I heard it so many times in school and I get attacked for not liking this piece of crap by stupid idiots who think it's a good song - christangrant

5 A Birthday Party

How to ruin my birthday play this awful song - christangrant

6 A Grocery Store

No I don not want to hear this crap when getting food - christangrant

7 In a War Zone
8 At Your House

If I heard this song being played at my house I would start breaking stuff - christangrant

9 A Playground

Would cause all the idiots to dance to it - christangrant

10 The Moon The Moon

If I see an astronaut dance to this on the moon I'm done with life - christangrant

The Contenders

11 In Public Toilets
12 In Space

Those poor aliens... - Entranced98

13 At a Heavy Metal Concert
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