Top Ten Worst Places to Take Her On a Date

Taking your girlfriend to these places may make her doubt your affection for her. Just don't take her to these places. OK?

The Top Ten

A Family Planning Clinic

She may be a bit miffed. If you're actually thinking about it, either don't do it, or let it be a nasty surprise. - PositronWildhawk

So awkward. Is it a first date? You want to make happy? Then wait until your married to do this

Woah awkward! I'd be like "Can we uhh go shopping or something? " - maddyparrot22

The Studio Where They Film Embarrassing Bodies

"Tina, darling. Just imagine this is the EXACT spot where they examined someone's piles! Amazing isn't it? "

"Goodbye Lee! " - Britgirl

Can you imagine this?!?! Seriously?!?! - PositronWildhawk

Jeez, Who does this? - floridiancat

A Rap Concert

I'd be okay with this depending on the rapper - RoseWeasley

Especially if they're blabbing on about sex. And it's all you can hear. Creepy. - PositronWildhawk

I'm Black and I'm a girl and I hate Rap Music!

If your girlfriend is black...

A Strip Club

Yes boi

A place like this shows that you don't care about the girl

Now that would be Terible for her/him

A Hospital

That would be weird

A Prison

How would you even get into the prison in the first place?

A Justin Bieber Concert

This one is the worst because it would have to be followed by a funeral


A Sumo Wrestling Stadium
A Funeral

See how romantic this place is. They talk about dying together. May our love be that eternal... - Kiteretsunu

A Dump

Why would you ever take them to a dump?

It would smell really bad
Definitely one of the worst places to take her - Ajkloth

The Contenders

A Fast Food Restaurant

Why take them to a fast-food restaurant when you can take them to a much fancier restaurant? You should be buying dinner not lunch food!

The thing is, my father did this when he first went out with my mother. It was before he knew she was vegetarian. - PositronWildhawk

Ugh a few burgers and the romance can begin

Didn't Chris Chan want to take his date to McDonalds? What an idiot!

Your Parent's House

A nice family dinner. If not awkward. - PositronWildhawk

A Gay Bar

Especially when you're not Gay. - FearTheWeird300

Never in a gay bar!

Ok not that's weird! - floridiancat

A Political Rally
A Pro Golfing Event
An NFL Game

You wouldn't make it in the stadium before you were dumped. JUST SAYINg!

A Gas Station

Dude, I'd be happy if a guy took me to a political rally, or the dollar store. - MoldySock

Your Other Girlfriend's House

The best place


A Car Wash

Laugh out loud you can get the car washed

A Casual Dining Restaurant

Actually, it's the perfect place for a coffee date

This would actually be a great place for a date. - ethanmeinster

A Truck Stop
A Busy Parking Lot

Why would you take your girlfriend to a parking lot that's really busy?

Taking your girlfriend to these kinds of place may make her doubt your affection for her.

It's just unprofessional and can make you seem very immature.

Rather take her somewhere private,that can make her feel like she is in a serious and matured relationship.

Once again don't take your girlfriend to a busy parking lot.

A Dollar Store

You could buy her gifts from dollar stores, but take the price tags off first. - Turkeyasylum

Hahalolz! "Classic Cheapskate's Choice"! - HezarioSeth

A Convenience Store
A Department Store

Actually, I could go down with some large French fries and a big mac.

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