Top Ten Worst Places to Take Selfies

Selfies, the definition of iPhones and our culture but just how much is too much

The Top Ten

1 At a graveyard

Damn I thought that was a good place

Graveyard is not worst place

I thought we could do that Thriller thing - SuperHyperdude

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2 Catfight

Look at them pussies fighting! - SuperHyperdude

3 At a war
4 At a boxing match
5 At an operation

Let's begin this operation but, first will have a selfie of everyone present here. - Kiteretsunu

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6 At an arguement

Haha! Stop arguing for a moment... I want to capture my angry face! - Britgirl

Oh well, it's better to do it than not do it - SuperHyperdude

7 At a bombing attack

Guys, guys hold on, I need to make this picture - SuperHyperdude

8 When letting loose

I'd say you should stop straining for this. - PositronWildhawk

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9 At a hostage situation

All right heres the plan, Pvt. David put the damn thing away - SuperHyperdude

10 At a slaughterhouse

Just chillin here with all the animal guts #ChickenLittlesHere - SuperHyperdude

The Contenders

11 At a funeral
12 At a satanic church
13 On the set of a porno
14 In the toilet

People will forget to do what they want in toilet

15 At washroom

People's forget what is use of washroom

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