Top 10 Worst Places to Take Your Wife

Please, if you take your wife to any of the places, she'll break up with you seconds later so don't get any ideas.

The Top Ten

1 Public Bathroom

She would probably think your insane in the membrane. - nintendofan126

We all despise public bathrooms. They're yucky, sticky, and full of piss.

Repulsive! If my husband took me there, I'd make shovel girl part 2 - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This is a terrible idea. Don't do this folks - EpicJake

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2 Cemetery

Call me weird, but I like cemeteries. I'm not a cheery person at all. I like the dark, the horror, and the mystery of a cemetery. - RockFashionista

3 The Woods

See my comment on "public bathroom". - EpicJake

4 Nude Beach

This would be so awkward and embarrassing if I was surrounded by women who are stupid enough to not wear their clothes on the beach. Any woman who does this must have an IQ lower than Justin Bieber. I'D never do this. I'm so self-conscious about being covered up, I don't wear low cut shirts, bikinis, or shorty shorts. I am SO RELIEVED for my school's EXRTREMLEY strict dress code, because about 3/4 of the girls in my grade would dress inappropriately if they had the option. - RockFashionista

No, this clearly should be on the top ten BEST places to take your wife.

Really? Who wants other men staring at their Wife? I sure wouldn't. - nintendofan126

5 Junkyard
6 Whore House

Heh heh, good luck with that. - RockFashionista

7 Football Game
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