Top Ten Worst Places to Teleport

With great power comes great responsibility they said, it will be fine they said.

The Top Ten

1 A battlefield

What's that little beeping toy doing here? - SuperHyperdude

2 A pub fight
3 A tornado
4 A hostage situation
5 Death row

No my name is not John Coffey and no I'm not scared of the dark and no I don't know a mouse named Mr. Jingles and no I don't have any powers. - SuperHyperdude

6 Big Brother house

Especially during an arguements, no one is safe when theirs an arguement - SuperHyperdude

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7 A massacre

That's a nice friendship everyone is having. - SuperHyperdude

8 A slaughter house

That's a nice cranberry juice, right? - SuperHyperdude

I would run, run, run! To someone's house! - funnyuser

9 Into space

It's the most likely given the structure of the universe, with wormholes being our current best means of teleportation. - PositronWildhawk

The worst place to be, no one will ever see you again and no one will know where you are... while your dying. - floridiancat

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10 Into the mouth of a lion

The Contenders

11 World War II
12 A sauna full of old people

Worse than all the other places in this list by a stretch. - Maplestrip

"Is that the new cleaner? " - SuperHyperdude

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13 The surface of the Sun
14 Hell

Oh, hi Satan I was just y'know burning in an eternal fire.

15 Firing range

Oops... Wrong target - the gunman who shot me

16 In a volcano
17 In a bears mouth with salmon

When a bears hungry there is no escape..

18 A serial killer's house
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