Worst Places and Times to Run Out of Gas


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1 By a Building Featuring a Justin Bieber Concert

I'd rather be out of gas in the middle of nowhere than the building.

Car runs out of gas.
Me: Shoot
Justin Bieber: Baby Baby Baby ooohhh

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2 The Florida Everglades
3 The Middle of Nowhere

This is the stuff of nightmares. Just a really horrible place to run into trouble. Really scary. - Britgirl

There is a place called Nowhere in Kansas. It was not only in Courage. - RalphBob

4 The Desert
5 Antartica

It is my dreamplace to visit, I like the weather and the population density - yatharthb

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6 By a Gas Station That Is Burning Down
7 When Your In a High Speed Police Chase

Really? Another Justin Bieber joke? They stop being funny after youve heard like 50 of them.

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8 Area 51

Alien is in Area 51 you better watch out! - SpencerJC

9 On a War Battlefeild

Go away Osama the second - hockeykid58

10 On Your Way to the Super Bowl

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11 When You Have a Bean Feast
12 Close to a Graveyard

You know, horror movies and stuff

13 Running From a Violent Gang

If you are running you do not need a car - hockeykid58

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14 Milton Keynes
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