Worst Places to Shop

This list is for the worst places when it comes to shopping.

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41 Family Dollar

The management a large part of the employees are rude and cruel. There are a few employees that are kind there. I was made fun of. This is no joke. I ended up leaving in tears and I haven't gotten the nerve to turn these 3 employees in. I keep thinking that if the store manager could joke about me to his employees and the employees joined in the reindeer games, then what is district manager or upper management like. What hurt me even more was there was a long line of customers behind me, so needless to say this has hurt me deeply with regret for stepping foot in this childish store, Main st. Riverside, Ca Family Dollar grow up.

You need to report these people cause they have no business serving the publics if they are that unprofessional and vulgar!

42 X-Cargo
43 Ross

Ross gives me a headache every time I go here I feel disoriented by the blinding lights and stuffy atmosphere. I could go my whole life never hearing of ross again.

I hate this store. The toys are all over the place and all of the shoes they have their are like made out of cheap rubber.

44 Gamestop

GameStop some of the locations are decent but the ones where I live are bad. Also I hate how you can't trade in games or consoles until your eighteen even if the games are rated e. If you want to buy a decent game buy them from amazon or at a retro game store.

I love Gamestop! Take it off the list! - Pegasister12

I Don't think GameStop is a bad idea for shopping. This store is for gamers

45 Tesco

Buying alcohol there is a nightmare! I'm a citizen of an EU country but the cashier did't recognize my ID because it wasn't on the picture of the world's ID's she looks at when checking, so I couldn't by beer even though my ID says I'm old enough... Horrible store

This the place I get sick of. There was one near Castlereagh road. It's like having a job where you get the food your looking for and once you got the food you go home. It's getting very old and if only a different shop replaces it like Sainsbury

So bad the kids in my school make jokes and memes out of it

46 99 Dollar Store

From fake brands to really disturbing stuff. - Navylexi

47 Poundland

Super cheap and breaks easily. Whenever something breaks in my house, my mum says "Ohhh Victoria, it's from Poundland. You know what it is like there." I only go there for food and cooking books. Whenever my mum says that we are going to Poundland, you will always hear a big fat moan from me.

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48 Blockbuster Video
49 Save-A-Lot
50 Circuit City

The last of these closed YEARS ago.

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51 Morrisons

OH NO REVENGE OF THE CHAVS! I went on like, Christmas eve to get some ice cream and stuff like that and when we went to get some bread buns some chavs came over and said THESE ARE ON SPECIAL OFFA! GET EM BEFORE SHE DOES! And just ran to them laugh out loud.

52 Olympia Sports

The employees don't leave you alone

53 Grocery Outlet
54 Gordon's Jewlers
55 Beadspoint

Appauling Customer Service, wrong orders shipped, no apologies, terrible...

56 Burlington Coat Factory

Boring place. Nothing cool. No time to shop anywhere else. BS! Burlington sucks!

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57 Food Lion
58 Ralphs
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