Worst Places to Wake Up

So, you lovely, lovely people. Where would be the worst place to wake up and find yourself asleep? You know what I mean : )

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1 In an Ants' Nest

Haha This would Tickle a little then it may not be so pleasure able just hope to god it's not RED ANTS - Curti2594

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2 Random Strangers' Bedroom

Pleased to say I've NEVER done this, but it would be awkward beyond belief. Especially if he'd run out of bacon... - Britgirl

3 In the Dentist Chair With Half Your Clothes Missing

What the hell was that dentist doing?!?! Would you want him/her as your dentist afterwards?!?! - PositronWildhawk

I can't even begin to imagine what waking up to this would be like... Hmm... 'Scuse me... Just off to the dentist... - Britgirl

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4 In an Operating Theatre In Mid-surgery

I have read of incidents where this has happened. Absolutely terrifying. - Britgirl

5 A Battlefield

Missiles whizzing about over your head? I think I'll pass. Thank you anyway! - Britgirl

6 In a Bus Shelter

Especially if a drunk man was sleeping on YOU! - Britgirl

7 In Prison

That would suck, and if you didn't remember why you were in there and what you had done.

I never intend to find out first-hand what waking up in this God-awful place is like. - Britgirl

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8 In a Coffin
9 In Hell

Yep. Prison would be the closest to hell for me. - Britgirl

10 At a Justin Bieber Concert

It does beg the question: what would you be doing there in the first place? - Britgirl

Wait Why Am I at his concert Did I get forced to go here?

The Contenders

11 In Freefall

Haha sometimes this is my Dreams I Dream of - Curti2594

12 In the Mouth of a T-Rex
13 In a Wicker Man Replica
14 In a Dingy Set Adrift On the Ocean

How horrible this would be... Knowing you're going to miss your favourite soap. What a nightmare! - Britgirl

15 On a Falling Plane
16 Sewage
17 In a Crocodile River
18 Kardashian's House

A place where no one want s to go

19 On Train Tracks
20 Sahara
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1. In the Dentist Chair With Half Your Clothes Missing
2. In an Operating Theatre In Mid-surgery
3. In a Coffin
1. In an Ants' Nest
2. Random Strangers' Bedroom
3. A Battlefield



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