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1 Hell

If there is absolutely one place I am certainly NOT going is Hell. I would do absolutely anything to stay away from this place. A person named Richard Sigmund was able to get a glimpse of this place (look up My Time in Heaven book) and he gave a horrifying description of what Hell is actually like: pure eternal torture. Being burned by fire, ripped apart by demons and put back together to repeat the process, raped, and so much other wild torturous bullcrap that it's just unbearable. No. No no no no. I don't care what ANYONE says. Of course, I've never seen it, but do I care? Well, considering the circumstances, hell no. I'm a Christian and I'm staying a Christian, because experiencing something like this for an ETERNITY is just ridiculous. I'm staying faithful to God. Screw that.

The evil realm. Satan tortures everyone with fire. It is scary how satanic the whole place is. Whatever you do, do not go to hell after you die ( be good and follow the 10 commandments and you will be fine). It's even worse than the DMZ!

I am not a real great person... but I plan to become generous and kind now. I really hope I don't go here. We can't even imagine what the horror is like here.

Yeah, of course it's the first because It burns fire, Lucifer and Satan next to you and demons running and abusing each other and will drop you into the firepit!

2 New Jersey New Jersey is a state in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware.

Worse than hell. For good metaphor, See Exorcists prequel where Lucifer fell from heaven and landed on Earth on the way to Hell and they built a church over the spot where that evil landed with swords pointed down to keep Lucifer from escaping and then buried the church so no one would find and open it. Too late. Christie and the rest of that damned evil State of New Jersey are already out and raining hell on Earth. Too late for the Lord's Prayer to deliver us from evil? Kingdom come - to Camden County? to Bergen County? Probably not and most certainly not the case now.

God help those suffering in New Jersey, God's speed to those families not yet afflicted, and God Damn those in New Jersey who cause all the suffering until the strong and those not yet too weak to fight can vanquish them and save all the people and their children suffering at their malicious and evil hand.

What!? NJ is actually a great place! We have great schools, a great place to raise families, good drivers, many diners, many tourist destinations, fresh food and vegetables, clean beaches, people pumping our gas for us, and best of all, SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE!

So you’re trying to make me look like a laughingstock? I from New Jersey loser! You must be a redneck from Mississippi. you must’ve been born on the Belt Parkway because that’s where most accidents happen. We have six flags great adventure, what do you have some cheap rides from Chuck E. Cheese? Oh, should I mention that you are such a loser?

3 Jail

A friend of mine created this list when we were bored in school. He put jail on the list but not prison but then somebody else must've added prison to the list later and it went up here.

The only thing that is scary about prison is the food. I know its probably not like the prison food you see in T.V. but I still don't like thinking about it

I hope I never go to jail, I probably never will, but you never know

At least, I know 2 ways to escape. The silent and the easy way.

4 War Zone

This should be number 1, think about th soldiers and innocent people that die in a war zone.

Fear, noise, people dying in front of you, bullets and mortar fire.

I was here before... It is hell
No seriously
Screw Justin Berber stuff. That ain't bad

I feel bad for those who died

5 Concentration Camps

Much worse than an average correctional facility. It's basically like hell on Earth. People were put into concentration camps for no good reason in Nazi Europe. You'll hear brutal stories of families getting separated and millions being put to death in gas chambers. Who could even think of doing this?

This is why if I time-travel to the 40s, I will go to South America, not Europe. And North Korea's concentration camps sound really scary!

During World War 2, the Nazis has a system of these places worse as hell where you starve to death.

Rather burn in hell for 3 days straight than go to a Concentration Camp.

6 Black Hole

Oh please, there are much worse holes I've been in.

Because those are conveniently located nearby

You'll die an extremely painful death.

If you went in a blackhole you would be spaghettified and you would turn really long.

7 The middle of the sun

You'll die before you reach the Sun's Surface.

'Hell' is not real...

Again as if that’s conveniently close by

You can only survive on 0.3 or 0.6 miliseconds of the scorching heat of our sun

8 North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who in turn inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.

This place is the worst country in the world! You do not want to go here!

How is this below New Jersey?!
Edit: I think it's below NJ because of vote bots liking the bad comments about NJ.

Lower than a Justin Bieber Concert and New Jersey?

How is New Jersey #2 on this list?

9 Antarctica

If you want to die there, go naked!

Man, it is cold there!

Well it’s getting smaller

Cold. Cold, cold cold, cold cold cold. Cold 🥶

10 Justin Bieber Concert

That is horrible. And I don't see why hell and prison is up this high cause they ain't that bad

He got caught with a hooker. I'm THIS close to dropping down a nuclear bomb on his frontal lobe

I'd rip my ears off, then make myself die by the vibrations of "his" suicide "singing."

Justin Bieber. Why would someone even go to his concert! Whoever does is crazy.

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11 School

Without school, life would be hell. Nonstop crimes, more wars, more gangs, dumb people, abusive people, and more! Whoever thinks school is worse than hell, go to hell yourselves and find out how great school was!

School is overrated, just because we "learn", doesn't mean we re dumb. We have our own opinions.

This is worse than prison! In prison you don't need to learn and you have free food.

Secondary school sucks. In my country are schools are really badly run and I hate it.

12 Desert

This shouldn't be higher than hell, because hell is hotter, and when you die you will be there for almost all eternity!

Actually, this item should be higher since Hell on Earth is found in the Desert

The deserts of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia are hell on earth

Vegas is an exception

13 A Trump Rally

Never wanna go to one of his rallies.

14 Bermuda Triangle

It’s misunderstood. It doesn’t have aliens or sea monsters, it’s winds are stiff, making it hard to sail. Many news of people disappearing in Bermuda has been over exaggerated, and in completely different places. Many people don’t listen to weather reports and go during a storm. Many don’t detect the storm because weather is simply unpredictable. And many are just mystery’s.

Well, you never what you can expect in the Bermuda Triangle. Imagine if there are actually aliens there lol.

I've spent HOURS at a time, wondering what it was that prevented anything from departure.

I don't wanna get murdered by aliens!

15 Sewers

I would never go down there it probably stinky down there and gross

I mean...what if pennywise is down there

I would rather die than go here

Pennywise isn’t real people.

16 An Abandoned Asylum

This place is so creepy. I guess during Halloween instead of trick or treating, I would illegally visit this place.

The creepiness just gives me the chills.

17 Deserted island

I can not live

18 The Lake of Fire

It’s actually hell

Great Nirvana joke.

Basically hell

19 At the End of Chuck Norris's Fist

Worse than a black hole in the taco bell bathroom of Justin Biebers house, in hell

20 Graveyard

Oh gosh terrifying

21 Buried Alive In a Coffin

Who would do that?

22 Big brother house

Of course I have to vote to comment. I know it was BBS who added this.

23 Justin Bieber's Underwear

Seriously guys? You're telling me that a wide open state with plenty of things to do and see that well fits nine million people is worse than a super tiny place to do... nothing that would be nearly impossible to fit even one person. I wish people would get their facts straight.

This should be #1. This is definitely the worst place. People, please VOTE!

He will blow up when he sees this! LOL!

It would feel very weird on you

24 Inside an Animal's Stomach

The animal would gobble you up worse place ever

Where are you gonna go?!

Jonah and the whale

25 Blood on the Dance Floor Concert

A LOT worse than a Justin Bieber concert.

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