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81 Tenderloin
82 The Bronx, New York City
83 Harlem
84 Winton Hotel V 1 Comment
85 Westin St. Francis's hotel rooms

There so small that no human can fit in there, the hotel will BLOW UP when they see this on the list!

86 Gas Station

They are usually like 1-2 stars and bad things will happen if it is at this rating.

87 Stratford School
88 Drybar
89 Motels

Motels are usually not very good.

90 Artists Inn
91 Harper's House
92 1-Star Hotel

One Star hotels are mostly gross, never go to a 1-Star Hotel!

93 Reverb Kitchen

That place is gross, Even if it is not a Fast Food Place but bad as that!

94 Japantown
95 Pacific Heights
96 Lower Pacific Heights V 1 Comment
97 Baltimore, MD V 1 Comment
98 Chernobyl

In 1986 there was a big disaster there!

99 Columbine High School V 1 Comment
100 Somalia Somalia
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