Worst Planets in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

While there may be some awesome, unique planets in this game, sometimes there is just pure garbage everywhere, this list will be covering those ones.
The Top Ten
1 Grelbin

For one thing, the glider section in this level is absolute trash, with turns that feel way too precise to be able to be performed with such clunky controls. My other massive issue with this area is the giant empty space for the crystals. I already don't like the desert, but this one is even worse, because it's nearly impossible to do anything due to the unfair spawn rate of the Yetis.

AGREE the glider mission is solid, I did it once years ago now have to do it again, it's been 3 days now feel like smashing the thing! Grr

2 Feltzin System

I despise all of the stupid spaceship missions in this game, this one is definitely the worst of them, with the awful races and the simplistic missions

3 Hrugis Cloud

I like this one slightly more than Feltzin for the aesthetic alone, it still sucks just as much, with a racing section that could be considered even worse.

4 Dobbo

I hate so much of this place, the giant clank mission was terrible, the factory area was uninspired and dull and the gliding was bad as well. I do kinda like the area leading up to the robot fight, but other than that there are no positives of this place.

5 Gorn

I still hate this place, but the missions are slightly more tolerable and the racing is at its fairest here, except for those 2 terribly placed rings that ruined my platinum bolt chance so many times.

6 Tabora

The cave is a good way to start off this area, unfortunately, the rest of the area is the desert, other than that other tiny, useless path. I really don't like the desert, it's just a giant empty space where you have to spend about 30 minutes to collect all the crystals, which is boring

7 Siberius

I don't mind this area, but it is so unbelievably short and simple that I can't leave this off the list

8 Endako

A lot of people seem to like this area, but I found the garbage collector section to simply be ok, and the electrolyzer section to be incredibly dull, at the very least, the clank section was fun.

9 Snivelak

The area itself is really good, but the slow, boring boss fight always leaves me with a twinge of dread whenever I need to go here.

10 Aranos

The first time you go here, it's a tutorial, it's what you would expect, easy and boring. The second time you go here, it is somewhat more interesting as it becomes a prison break. Unfortunately, I prefer the Clank sections to be a nice diversion rather than the focus of almost an entire area, this place is still decent though, I just ran out of planets that were awful

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