Worst Planets In the Solar System to Live On


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1 Venus

I can't even live in earth because its sometimes hot imagine venus.

Sulphuric acid storms, a crushing atmosphere and so much volcanoes. If you were there, you will be immediately scorched and flattened.

Has the worst storm which is a red spot

Nothing can survive there. Not even probes.

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2 Jupiter

You can't live on any of these planets except Earth.

It is a gas planet it is not possible to stand on

3 Neptune

Wost is Solar Systte

People focus on other planets. If Neptune like weather happened here, we would be blown away. The winds on this planet reach 2000mph. The highest it can reach on our planet is 320mph. About 1730mph faster. We don't know how the planet generate these winds but you can agree that the wind on this planet is epic.

4 Saturn

Extremely violent winds

This planet proves that looks aren't everything. If you look at the planet. Nothing seems to happen. But of you go under the clouds it's a different story. Giant thunder storms. Thunder storms that are do big the earth could fit inside them. Plus it's a gas planet. That means the planet is not soild. It's can also burn up and crush anything that enters too deep into the planet. Sounds like it's better to set up a space hotel on the rings or around orbit then inside it. Does it?

5 Uranus

Uranus has extreme seasons

It smells like rotten eggs!

Why would I want to live in your Anus?

Living on Uranus is worse than living in your anus. Put it that way!

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6 Earth


It's name literally means dirt - helicopter

Why is this not higher up

The USA is giving earth a bad name.

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7 Mercury

Super hot and super cold

It's too close to the Sun. - Toontownlover5

There is no atmosphere and the sun looks 3 times larger than it would in earth plus it's mostly craters

And since the craters are deep and the ground is rocky you can get hurt ( that's a hypothesis)

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8 Mars

I hope Martians will kill you if you live in Mars.

Yeah right. - jackintheboxisgross

It goes
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Not 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 - lizard302

9 Haumea
10 Makemake

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11 Eris
12 Pluto Pluto

Pluto is not a planet though. But I thought I'd count it anyway because no body can't live on Pluto either.