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21 Twisted Metal: Black

Another good game thrown on the list for no reason - iRocketGamer52

It's popular but it sucks! - Neinwott

Best twisted metal game ever

22 Gran Turismo 4

This game is awesome! What

Hey! This game is AWESOME!

The only thing I disliked about this game is the fact you have to race against potato cars if you choose a strong car/truck

Some Idiot people who say this game is worst? This game isn't worst, This game is best! - LapisBob

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23 Guitar Hero


24 Legend of the Dragon
25 Shrek: Super Party

Why are there so many shrek games? Almost all of them are bad - Harri666

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26 George of the Jungle and the Search for the Secret V 1 Comment
27 Call of Duty 2

Are you kidding me or what its easy I beat the game 10 times its easy

28 Dalmatians 3 V 3 Comments
29 Jak 2

Okay, whoever wrote this countdown had no damn idea on what to put on the list - iRocketGamer52

Piss off if you put Jak II and Jak 3 on the list, they are great sequels and the change was for the better. You only like Jak and Daxter 1 because it's the only one that's more of a platform game not because it's your favourite. Jak and Daxter 1 is my favourite because it's the one that started it all.

Microsoft fanboy alert. This game is amazing.

This game sucks because it's jak

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30 AMF Extreme Bowling
31 Antz: Extreme Racing

How can u make a game out of the Pixar ripoff?

32 Fugitive Hunter: War of Terror V 1 Comment
33 Manhunt
34 Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys

Evil game, so crappy one has to eat a poo sandwich to get the taste out of ones mouth afterwards

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35 God of War

His story overuses time, and time, again. It's nothing but a cheap worst clone such as Rygar, and Devil May Cry. Sony goes Bankrupt. - Neinwott

It's the number one worst PS2 game ever. - Neinwott

This game sucks! No one said it looks cool, but it sucks, worse than JG's Adventure, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Akame Ga Kill for PS4, and Rygar. STOP PUTTING COMMENT ON THIS! THIS IS THE BAD GAME! - Neinwott

36 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

While I have started to enjoy Persona games more, this still remained as a bad game, it's not that it's too long (other Persona games are near its length range), but because of how lighthearted it is compared to all other Persona games. All the other Persona games are mostly about dark topics such as death and depression (Persona 3) and anger and rebellion (Persona 5), this is about the topic of truth and true self while implementing a cheery vibe, hence the color yellow (the colors on the cover of Persona games do actually have meaning believe it or not, such as blue for sadness and red for rage). While it does have its dark moments, that isn't enough to make it as dark as the other Persona games, hence losing some fun factor. - SelfDestruct

4 is a joke compared to 5 and 3. Also, I don't understand that Yu Narukami is better compred to Akira or Minato. - YourWaifuSucks

37 McFarlane's Evil Prophecy
38 Crazy Frog Racer

Crazy Frog already had a terrible career of songs, why did we have a video game for it? For a cash-in? - Swellow

39 Shadow the Hedgehog

This game rocks! Whoever added this is a retarded fat guy.

Don't say swearing and guns are reasons! Jak and Daxter was kid friendly, then Jak 2 came. Hypocrites.

Terrible controls with an awful camera

This game was cool - Lorenzoboaza1

This game is the bee's knees. - Sojournes2112

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40 XIII V 2 Comments
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