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61 Sonic Heroes

Stick to Gamecube version guys

Just too godamn glitchy

62 Celebrity Death Match

My favorite show of all time, but this game is awful haha - Jonerman

63 Finding Nemo


64 Jak 2

Okay, whoever wrote this countdown had no damn idea on what to put on the list - iRocketGamer52

Piss off if you put Jak II and Jak 3 on the list, they are great sequels and the change was for the better. You only like Jak and Daxter 1 because it's the only one that's more of a platform game not because it's your favourite. Jak and Daxter 1 is my favourite because it's the one that started it all.

Microsoft fanboy alert. This game is amazing.

This game sucks because it's jak

V 6 Comments
65 Twisted Metal: Black

Another good game thrown on the list for no reason - iRocketGamer52

It's popular but it sucks! - Neinwott

Best twisted metal game ever

66 Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift
67 DT Racer

Worst driving controls ever

68 The Sniper 2
69 Daemon Summoner
70 Wacky Races: Mad Motors V 1 Comment
71 Little Britain
72 Vip
73 Robocop V 1 Comment
74 Jumper: Griffin's Story
75 Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet Fusion
76 The Mummy Returns

This game was bangin too. Do they just consider every movie game bad?

77 Samurai Shodown V
78 Dragon Ball Z Sagas
79 Trigger Man
80 Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
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