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21 The Last of Us

Wow. Just wow. First Saint's Row 2, Then Uncharted, now this? Have you no taste in gaming?

How is this even on the list!? I swear most of the games on here people are just hating on because they're popular. There's a reason why people like these games! The story in the last of us is just amazing and if it doesn't make you feel something you are a robot.

5th best game ever! - Alpha101

The fact that Ellen Page can't die during game play sequencea ruins the experience in my opinion

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22 Sonic the Hedgehog

The PlayStation 3 version is easily the by far, worst version. Why isn't it #1?

Sonic game is A$$

How Is This Game This Low? - VideoGamefan5

How On Earth Is This Game Only 37? , Also What Moron Xbox Fanboy Put Littlebigplanet, Gran Turismo 5, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ratchet And Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction And Thr Last Of Us On Here? , Those Are Great Ps3 Games, As For This Game, It's The Sonic Game Pretty Much Everyone Hates So How Isn't It Higher? - VideoGamefan5

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23 Lair

One of the most hyped games with the most disappointing release.

Great game, but controls ruin it all. It kills all the fun of the whole frikin' game. What a disappointing game. :(

24 Smash 'N' Survive
25 Minecraft

Why does everyone hate Minecraft so much? It's a genuinely good idea from an originally obscure company. Minecraft is great. We used to have it at my school to help learn programming and it's not only a good game, it's a really amazing learning tool

Sorry. disliked your comment by mistake. was trying to dislike Minecraft being on the list. Completely agree with what you said

Now I'm angry. Almost everything on this list shouldn't be here. People don't like it because they're book nerds

This THOSE NOT belong here...

Crappy game

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26 Dream Chronicles
27 Iron Man 2
28 Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda 2
29 Need for Speed: Most Wanted

What the hell there is nothing wrong with this game for me why people don't like it

I agree it is the worst game and the most irritating game. once I was trying to defeat a most wanted car, I forgot it was no. 7 or 8. I lost like 10 or 11 times but once I was very close to the finishing line and the car was just 10 cm behind me. but then a 4 police cars pushed my alfa romeo and I lost my balance and I hit the wall and once again I lost. if I had won, I would get that mercedes. the police during the race is the most irritating thing in this game. so I broke the ps3 cd into 2 pieces and threw it out the window. never buy this game

Dude Fudge you, EA Games make the
Best need for speed games ever (well

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30 Magus
31 Clash of the Titans
32 Mindjack

Everyone in this game has the same gun. Even infants.

Absolute garbage built on a garbage engine. I couldn't play more then 10 minutes of it and only because it has a good idea for a game and the trailer looked ok.

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33 Thor: God of Thunder
34 Grand Theft Auto IV

Who the hell putted this game in here? It's the best Grand Theft Auto game ever! The only problems you have is that you have played so much Call of Duty

Yeah who the hell it is the best game ever

This is the b set game EVER who put this on the list

This game stinks

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35 Saints Row 2

Saints row 2 is a great game! Whats this guy's deal. He or she doesn't have any taste in gaming.

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36 WWE '13

This game is not bad

The worst boxing game ever

37 Kick-Ass
38 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

Did someone even realised that this is a game?

39 Rage

This is an a masterpiece. I do not undestand how the editor placed it on this list. It deserves a 9 or at least an 8!

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40 Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi
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