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41 Final Fantasy XIII

People should stop judging games just because they're for a specific audience. I've never been a fan of the final fantasy genre but after playing the game I can see why people are.

Underrated game, with an amazing gameplay. Stop mashing buttons and see the truth.

Why the HELL is this on this list I LOVE this game

42 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Sorry but worst RPG ever. It's boring and it just drags. Not my type of game but is popular so why it's on here is beyond me.

Game is fantastic. Been playing for five years and still haven't done everything.

This game is amazing why is it on this list

The game itself is awesome but the PS3 version had some serious technical issues. Once your save file exceeded a certain size, it would start janking to the point where the game would freeze up and crash. Not to mention that none of the DLC that came out was available on the PS3 until February 2013 due to technical issues. - raidramon0

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43 Heavenly Sword

Typical boring hack and slash game. Not bad but very mediocre.

I hate Heavenly Sword but tell me where the bloody hell is WWE 2k15. - RonahJohn


Game is a damn disappointment; especially since it's from Square Enix. Gameplay has no backbone, even if the story is pretty good.

45 Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants

What is up with this list? Its got loads of good games and no bad ones! ):

46 DMC: Devil May Cry

Dante is an emo edgy teen. Hate this character version of him.

This is an awesome game - how is it on this list!

47 Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!

The problem with the companies who think that just cause a show is popular, they can feed the consumers any crap with a label on it and they'll lap it up. It's like a less extreme version of the ET fail, except it's EVERYWHERE!

It's pretty hard and has like 100 levels. so dumb, all you have to do is fight and punch and fight and punch and go to new floors and stuff. don't waste your time it stinks.

48 Heavy Rain
49 Battlefield 4

DICE completely ruined Battlefield with this game. Fives shots to the head to kill an enemy?!?

50 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - PlayStation 3

Just sucks. Black Ops 2 was the best.

Maps are very spread out which promotes camping

51 Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

This game sucks which sad cause the T.V. show of doctor who is one of the best Sci Fi series of all time just sad the game sucked

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52 Star Wars the Force Unleashed: 2

Worse than the original, short, fake explosions but still AWESOME and doesn't deserve to be on this list

I love this game one of the top 5 best start wars games

A huge disappointment to many fans, including me.

53 WWE12 V 1 Comment
54 Brutal Legend

Really good game you can defeat your enemy's and rock while doing it

It's got Lemmy from Motorhead. Need I say more?

55 Star Trek

Mega disappointment. ONE vehicle scene and that ones crap. The game play's glitchy, and the story was as basic as you get. All of the weapons were crappy variations on a crappy theme. It doesn't matter how STEALTHY you are, you are not gonna win the stealth portions of the game. No environment exploration at ALL. Just go down the path and run, jump and shoot.

I was about to buy this game thanks

56 The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

"lets put daryl as a main character in this bad zombie shooter game and people should buy this crap"

Enemies don't really come after you and it's glitchy as hell.

57 Godzilla


58 Rugby 15
59 Iron Man
60 Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon
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