Worst Playstation 3 Games


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101 Prison Break: The Conspiracy
102 Arcania: The Complete Tale
103 Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
104 Rock Revolution
105 Destiny
106 Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure
107 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
108 Infamous 2

How is this on here? Also this douche who says it is bad, what the hell bro?

Wrong all wrong this a great game

I played this game for a couple of days and it just gets so boring! It's too hard too

109 Dead Island

I really have nothing against this game but gosh crazy much!

Dead island gets a little bit boring and when you drive its really hard to steer

Lot of these games in this list is great even this game

Horrible, bad graphics, storyline, it all!

110 Plants vs Zombies

WHAT! This game is very popular game ever I love it too.

I hate this game. All you do is lay out plants.


This game is popular and a really good gameplay

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111 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

SERIOUSLY! This game is awesome

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