Worst Pocket Tanks Weapons

Which are the worst weapons in the game Pocket Tanks? Let's see what everyone has to say...

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This weapon was literally made to be useless. check the description of this if you don't believe me

Absolutely Useless weapon; fires an inaccurate shot that doesn't even create much damage. - jimmy12lee

Use it under dirt for... Nothing. You are protected by the dirt, and you enemy cannot do anything. Not useless.

People seem to be missing the point that if your opponent is stuck in dirt, and you need a weapon to waste, then this is perfect.


I don't see why anyone would want to use this weapon anyway.. It picks you up and drops you at a totally random position. Oh, and it doesn't work if you are buried in dirt. - jimmy12lee

Once again, if you use it under dirt... It does nothing. Then you are shielded for one turn. There is nothing your opponent can do.

Magic Wall

Supposed to be a defensive implement, but it is easily destroyed by enemy weapons, and if you stand far, you will get hit anyway. - jimmy12lee

This one really is useless... Unless you really like to annoy your opponent.

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Well.. It traces your enemy and shows what you gotta do to get a good shot. That's about it. - jimmy12lee

Useful in almost any given situation.

Blast Off

A good way to clear dirt, get from place to place, and to throw your opponent off. Not useless.

Another weapon where you simply blast off from your position and land somewhere else. - jimmy12lee

Mass Driver

Using this is like playing the lottery... If you hit... You win. Always use on first turn.

Whats the use of a weapon of mass destruction... WHICH YOU CAN'T CONTROL? You could very well end up with about 200 damage to yourself. - jimmy12lee

There is a way to use mass driver
Just turn your speaker on and press spacebar when sound come.
P. S :-there are different co-ordination in different system.
Just make some practice, and shock your friends (300pts).
Sk. Rocx@gmail.com


The only thing its good at 90% of the time is to protect you from those two UFO kinda things.. But again, they don't even appear 90% of the times. - jimmy12lee

This has one use. If your opponent strategically backs up to an edge... Boom! You win.

Super Tracer

If you want to trace the opponent using better angles and stuff - jimmy12lee

Better than tracer.

Super Star

This is actually among the best weapons in Pocket tanks. If the enemy is at a little high level, super star can deal a damage of upwards of 100


I have killed myself with this weapon so many times.

Well this is actually most usefull in this list

The Contenders


I rarely have use of it. Useless.

Bubble Gun
Laser Tracer

To aim any laser, you simply tap where you want it to shoot. No need for guessing.

The only weapon with 0 use

Ok, sure. It can be useful in the PC version. But the only problem is that the ratio of line-of-sight weapons to everything else is small.

That's a puite worthless weapon. Lugubrious for the creator


This weapon sucks so bad, You're better off using Single Shot.

If you miss by a single pixel, -50 points. Always.

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Makes the opposing tank unable to move... Also it creates a good pool for water weapons. When you shoot it over an enemy, it stops and falls on them, so you can hit them all the time like with homing missile. Not useless.

Very less damage. Needed something more from a weapon that looks like that. - jimmy12lee

Glue Bomb

Covers a large area in... YELLOW! All this does is stops cruisers and bouncing objects. It would be useful if the tank could not move either, but that is not the case.


Does a very little damage and no knock back effect --- way worse than chain reaction

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