Worst Pokemon Anime Battles

These are the worst battles from the Pokemon anime. Wheter its contradicting the games, making no sence, poorley animated or just boring.

The Top Ten

1 Ash vs Cameron

Terrible way for Ash to lose the Unova league. First off Cameron only brougt 5 Pokemon and it was a 6 on 6 battle. Then he threw out a grass and steel type aganst a FIRE TYPE. And then he throws out a water and flying type out aganst an ELECTRIC TYPE. And Ash moved from his top 4 position in league down to top 8. - Jackster

2 Ash vs Ritchie

Firstly no battle animation just mainly shows a few pictures. Ash's Squirtle was put to sleep and the stupid refree compared a sleeping Pokemon as unablw to battle. Then Ash's Charizarizard refusea to battle. - Jackster

3 Ash vs Tate and Liza

Thia battle completely contradicted the games. First off they made light screen ( Whick reduces oppents attack by half) deflect the attack back amd hit the opponent. Then Ash's Pikachu and Swellow get hit by lightning and the lightning gives them really strong armour. - Jackster

4 Ash Oshawott vs Dewott

Oshiwott only landed one attack on Dewott. Dewott landed 5 attacks on Oshuwott, yet some how Oshuwott won. And for most of the battle Ash copies and usea the exact same moves and exactley what the other opponent does even thougj Dewott will win each time, because it is tje evolved form. - Jackster

5 Ash vs Elisa

Ash only brought 1 Pokemon to his gym battle. And then he threw put a grass type aganst a flying type. And he forgot how attract works. He was forgetting stuff he has known for years in this battle and was screaming most of this battle. It was so insulting to the anime fans. - Jackster

There's a few thing's that you can point to, when you talk about dreadful battles, and this includes a lot of normal issues, such as Ash being stupid, the Pokemon Moves not really making a lot of sense, and the Pokemon themselves often winning or losing some pretty stupid matchups.

The problem which sets this apart for me is solely the animation quality. While everything else is at least interesting to watch, this is boring, slow and repetitive. The Pokemon series has always pretty blatantly recycled animations of attacks to cut down on their workload, but this takes it to another level. In the first minute of the battle, we see the exact same animation of Zebstrika hitting Palpitoad with a Flamecharge and then Palpitoad falling back three times.

After that there's no choreography, no excitement and just a massive collection of recycled material.

Definitely one of the worst for me. - demisolia

6 Pikachu vs Cresse's Panpour

Ash's brand new Pignite and Oshuwott won their battles(Oshuwott was even aganst a GRASS TYPE in his battle and still won) nut Ash's Pikachu who he has trained for years and was battling a WATER TYPE somehow lost. - Jackster

7 Pikachu vs Trip's Snivy

This battle happned just to make a rivalry with Trip. Trip was an awful rival. - Jackster

8 Ash vs Tobius

An out og nowhere cheat who had ledgendarys. Was just added to make Ash lose. - Jackster

9 Pikachu vs Bellsprout

Pikachu was defeated way to easily. - Jackster

10 Pikachu vs chikorita

Another battle Pikachu shouldn't have lost - Jackster

The Contenders

11 Ash vs Paul

Who the heck added this. This is the best ever battle in the Pokemon anime. Thanks for ruining my list - Jackster

Best battle by far

12 Ash vs Valerie (Gym Battle)
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