Worst Pokemon Anime Battles

These are the worst battles from the Pokemon anime. Wheter its contradicting the games, making no sence, poorley animated or just boring.

The Top Ten

1 Ash vs Cameron
2 Ash vs Tate and Liza
3 Ash vs Elisa

Ash's IQ goes from 200 to -15 just like that. He thinks all day of a strategy. He's ready to unleash it at elisa. So what's he going to do? He brings out a palpitoad. Smart choice in an electric gym. Elisa bring out her zebstrika nad palpitoad wins. Later, Elisa's Emolga KOs palpitoad. That's okay. Ash has a whole strategy up his tiny sleeve.

Ash: You're kidding! I was going to win with just palpitoad!

Ash you know it doesn't work that way. It 99% of the time comes down to a 1 on 1. And heres some common sense: If you are planning to own everyone with one pokemon, BRING TWO OTHERS JUST IN CASE. And Ash wins anyway of course

There's a few thing's that you can point to, when you talk about dreadful battles, and this includes a lot of normal issues, such as Ash being stupid, the Pokemon Moves not really making a lot of sense, and the Pokemon themselves often winning or losing some pretty stupid matchups.

The problem which sets this apart for me is solely the animation quality. While everything else is at least interesting to watch, this is boring, slow and repetitive. The Pokemon series has always pretty blatantly recycled animations of attacks to cut down on their workload, but this takes it to another level. In the first minute of the battle, we see the exact same animation of Zebstrika hitting Palpitoad with a Flamecharge and then Palpitoad falling back three times.

After that there's no choreography, no excitement and just a massive collection of recycled material.

Definitely one of the worst for me. - demisolia

The - at this point in the anime- legendary ash Ketchum who befriends many legendary and mythical pkmn and almost won at four previous pkmn leagues while beating a DARKRAI and LATIOS... brings one plan to a gym battle. Then doesn't know his pkmn' s gender. THEN brings out a grass type against a flying... just no.

4 Ash vs Ritchie

Just the fact that kanto and that full 80 episode saga to win it all ended like that. It’s like the writing tryes to be bad - boltslegend

5 Ash Oshawott vs Dewott
6 Pikachu vs Trip's Snivy

This was when I started hating black and white.

7 Ash vs Tobius

How did Darkrai survive Heracross's Megahorn?!

The writers gave a middle finger to Ash. Why is Tobias allowed to use OP (overpowered) as hell legendary Pokémon? No one else uses legendaries.

Bet he had an arceus,diagla,latios and groudon

8 Pikachu vs Cresse's Panpour
9 Ash vs Flannery

Screw Ash!

10 Ash vs Blaine (First Battle)

The Contenders

11 Ash vs Alain (Xy Pokemon League Finals)

It should have been a tie, instead.

A God like Greninja vs a charizard. GRENINJA HAD THE TYPE ADVANTAGE AND STILL LOST! okay charizard had thunder punch BUT STILL

12 Pikachu vs Bellsprout
13 Ash vs Paul

Best battle by far

14 Ash vs Valerie (Gym Battle)
15 Ash’s Tepig vs Shamus’ Emboar
16 Ash vs Roxie

Roxie had 3 pokemon while Ash had 6, and Ash almost lost
Roxie didn’t even use strong pokemon, she used Koffing, Gorbador and some other stupid pokemon.
Oh and she also gave Ash’s Pignite a Pecha berry cause she felt sorry. So stupid

17 Ash vs Sabrina
18 Pikachu vs chikorita
19 Timmy's Dusclops
20 Ash vs Clemont

Bunelby nearly took out Pikachu the battle didn’t even finish because of team Rocket

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