Worst Pokemon Anime Cliches

I know I just made a list about cliches but this one popped up on my mind recently. I might as well get it off my mind now.

The Top Ten Worst Pokemon Anime Cliches

1 Ash loses the league

Ash won the league in Alola! The greatest moment in Pokemon anime history!

The first three or four losses were fine. After that, it's becoming stale. - yungstirjoey666

I'm not big on Ash winning as other people but jesus, at least let him win the league once in a while. The whole "it's okay to lose" message is getting stale and it doesn't translate well anymore because Ash loses every single league. And no, I don't count the Orange Island league. Or him winning the battle frontier. (The battle frontier allows you to retry battling it) - Rue

I actually changed my mind the past couple weeks about Ash losing the league. He deserved it. I'll explain why later. My opinion has changed as I have been analyzing the XYZ series and Kalos Ash in general. - Rue

2 "We are blasting off agaaain!!"

I'm so glad Bewear removed this running gag, for the most part. But I have a feeling it's going to return after the SM anime is over and we move to gen 8. - Rue

I never said they completely removed it. They rarely blast off this season. - Rue

It's getting old - Hydreaisevol

3 Every main character has a starter Pokemon

I made a mistake for the item entry. I meant to say Main character(s) has a starter Pokemon. - Rue

This slightly bugs me, not that I hate the fact that the characters have starters, I don't usually like it when Ash gets more than 1 Starter on his team...It limits various ways to make his team diverse and less predictable.

And the only reason why the main characters get starters to begin with is to feature them for marketing. Same with the next one I'm going to bring up. - Rue

4 One of the main characters gets a Pikachu clone

The only times that this didn't happen is in Johto and Hoenn. This peeved me the most when it comes to Iris. She's supposed to be a dragon trainer, why would you give her an electric flying squirrel? Like seriously. - Rue

5 Romantic subplots

Ash is a huge idiot. Why waste your time shipping him with a random girl? - yungstirjoey666

Most of the images were approved. And sorry, for this item you have to deal with Serena blushing during that gross scene where Ash was sick. I want to empathize how much I get annoyed by this cliche and I want you all to feel it. - Rue

Both Serena and Misty deserve better than that idiot.

Serena is ugly amd dumb she looks like a rat died on her head - Lunala

6 Main characters has an absent father

This also happens in the games. May and Brock were the only characters that didn't have a father that was absent or missing until the Sun and Moon anime, where literally 3 characters have a father that is present. - Rue

7 Ash and co befriend a cute mythical/legendary Pokemon

I actually want them to befriend Marshadow in the 20th movie (Give my lonely, timid little ghost some friends), but I've seen people that really despise this cliche so I'm adding it here. - Rue

But I like the cute mythicals - Teravolt1422

8 Female leads/companions love to shop

Okay I know this is normalized when it comes to girls, but why do the majority of them have to like shopping? Lana loves to go shopping...which you wouldn't even picture her enjoying in the first place, but she does... because she's a girl. - Rue

9 Contest related goals

..Am I the only one that actually likes pokemon showcases? - Pieclone

Didn't care about it until Showcases came along. Which I can go on a full fledged rant of how much they suck... and I'm not saying that because of Serena. - Rue

Contests were okay, but Showcases are pointless and stupid.

Bring back contest - boltslegend

10 Pikachu beats everybody

This is true and untrue at the same time. I don't know if I should upload an image. (I did for nearly all of these) - Rue

The Contenders

11 Fire starters that Ash gets have been mistreated/ have a dark story/past revolved around them

Come to think of it, I have realized this just about now. I don't know when will they ever stop with this. I mean, it's stupid to see that they keep it up. I haven't seen any of the anime series other than BW series, but having to see the flashback of the original series, I realized that this is one of the things that should stop.

Charmander was abandoned in the rain where it can die
Chimchar was abused constantly by Paul and then was abandoned by Paul after he got tired of it
Tepig was abandoned and tied up for losing a fight with a Deerling
Litten had to accept with the fact that his close friend (Stoutland) is going to die


Stoutland is dead now - Rue



Snivy did have a "mean trainer" previously, but sadly didn't expend on that because for some reason, they had to have TEPIG rehash the same Charizard (as a charmander minus life threatening situation plus being tied it up) went through & took away what could be explained for what happened to Snivy with her previous trainer -_-

12 Ash never catches a legendary Pokemon

Well, to be fair, legendaries in the anime are portrayed as powerful and to maintain balance of the universe. Beats me on how Tobias got them, but then again, he only existed to stop Ash from winning the league. - yungstirjoey666

Fire ash from being a pokemon trainer he's to stupid to catch a legendary

He did technically catch an ultra beast and a mythical.

So? - Hydreaisevol

13 Beach episodes

I liked A Hot Water Battle from season 4... It's one of my favorite Pokemon anime episodes.

YES. This is also in other anime too. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It makes sense to do them in Alola, since it's literally based off Hawaii..but I really don't like how common beach episodes are in Pokemon. These characters are like 10-11 years old. I don't want to see them in bikinis just so the older fans of the anime can be perverted about it. Which I theorize that's the only reason they exist to begin with...fan service.

And speaking of beach episodes, there are people who are salty about Serena not having one even though the majority of her character already gives enough fan service as it is. - Rue

14 Ash is stupid in this season!

Savage pokedex

15 Female companion based on girl protagonist; male companion based on a gym leader of some sort

Yeah it is getting old

16 Always a stupid girl protagonist

Not saying their not good, but sometimes their straight up dumb

17 Ash doesn't kiss Dawn

How is that horrible? - Hydreaisevol

18 Team Rocket constantly showing up and wasting Ash's time and the episode time.

Buzz off and bother someone else for once. Is Ash's Pikachu really worth stealing if you almost always fail horribly at it? There are plenty of other Pikachu out there, although maybe not as powerful or unique.

19 "It's Team Rocket!"
20 We’re off with a new blast
21 Ash is dragged into movie plots
22 Ash doesn't actually earn most of his battles
23 Team Rocket Taking Over Pokemon Social Media Accounts
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