Worst Pokemon Characters

This list describes the dumbest, most unpopular Pokemon Characters. I totally/partly hate all of these.
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Serena Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship ...read more.

Say what you will about Misty but even when she was on the side lines she was vital to the group. She was the most stable of the three for a while and had to be aggressive to keep Ash and Brock in their respected checks. Ash's arrogance/immaturity and Brock falling for every pretty girl within view. She was actually really nice at times when Ash and/or Brock did not push her buttons. And sometimes her aggressing helped Ash, like in his battle with Rudy.

Serena on the other hand was really just there for filler, to crush on Ash, and give Bonnie someone to bond with. Iris was just Misty with no charm but since she did not have a lot of importance in main plots I'll skip over her. Serena's plots were just lesser versions of May's or Dawn's as the performances were like 1/2 of the contests.

Oh yeah Ash x Serena is so one sided it would capsize if were a boat.

Misty was pretty useless, barely helped in battling enemies, gave advice only when she felt like it and wasn't the brains of the team (that was Brock) nor the healer (Brock again, and before you say Joy is here for it that's true but when they're lost in a forest? Iris helped a lot with medicine) or anything. Yes, Ash and Brock could do stupid things at times, but a lot of times Misty was just a nag and didn't let them enjoy their journey properly and was just straight up abusive. And the comparison with Iris is extremely out of place since all Iris did was pointing out how childish he was at times without malice or physical assault and she'd mellowed down unlike Misty.

Serena is boring. Extremely girly, cooking pastries, into fashion, dressing up, dressing up her Pokemon... I've seen Dawn do this in Sinnoh. What's worse is how her current interest has nothing to do with battling, the core element of Pokemon. Pokemon performers seem really sexist. First of all it's females only. A gender specific competition in Pokemon is odd. Secondly, again, there's no battling. It's like the creators were thinking "Oh. Boys only battle. Girls like to dress up, look cute and dance." Again, somewhat sexist.

OKAY, WHAT?! Her dream isn't shallow and sexist. Just because she doesn't want to battle, doesn't equal sexism. OH BOO HOO! You don't have battling scenes. They're dancing and doing what they like. Kalos Queen is a gender-specific dance competition, and girls who like to dance will do it. The core part of Pokemon is FRIENDSHIP. To do what you and your Pokemon love. Her Fennekin liked to dress up and dance. Same with Pancham. Her Eevee didn't like battling until it evolved. She isn't going to FORCE her Pokemon to battle. She actually had a close friendship with her Pokemon. Why not yell at girls who dislike sports and like to dance and bake, just because they don't want to play sports. Serena is alright with battling but she prefers dancing. She never said "Battling is for boys! " Did she? And her Eevee evolved out of friendship. Never saw Misty have that connection with a Pokemon. Oh and remember Psyduck? That poor thing. Misty tortured that creature just because it was weak and ...more

Her "dragon master" goal was horribly vague. Her Axew was annoying and useless. Said Axew spent more time causing trouble and getting itself lost moreso than anything else. Add to this her arrogance and stupid catchphrase I had no reason to like Iris.

Ash Ketchum

I can't get Ash's fanbase. Being a goodie goodie doesn't make a character entirely likeable for that one solo reason. He has to be a character first for me to like him as a character. Which Ash fails at. He is not even a character with a personality anymore but an empty trash bin for writers to fill with unnecessary junks and fillers that no one cares about. All of Ash's former companions seem to have grown up. But Ash us still the same. Empty, bland, boring, one dimensional and uninteresting. And I agree that Serena should not be the top here. She was there for only one season. While Ash is in every season but still a underdeveloped dumbo. And in each new season Ash suffers from a memory loss and forgets everything he learned from previous region.

Ash is the koopalings of Pokemon. Both offer the same pathetic thing with just a different look. The koopalings are garbage characters/bosses who do the same "recycle the boss with a different, lame koopaling skin" routine. Ash is a pathetic trainer who does the same thing of struggling to collect the badges, struggling with the same type of Pokemon in fire/grass/water/regional bird/Pikachu and he ultimately loses at the league while wearing a different outfit. Same crap, different look.

Ash is completely illogical. He tosses his Pokemon aside like old toys just to capture substitutes who present new problems for him to struggle with. In every series Ash has a competitive goal, but he's not fully dedicated to it. He spends more time eating and being distracted by random problems which have nothing to do with his goal. To top things off we don't know why Ash even wants to become a Pokemon master. Does he want to follow in his father's footsteps? Does he want to achieve something his father could not? Perhaps there's some kind of benefit of being a Pokemon master which would help his family? We don't know!

A boring, generic, annoying character who has absolutely no strategy towards battling or anything else, and who fails to win simple battles most trainers would have to go out of their way to lose. He has barely any skill as a trainer, and seems to forget almost everything he is thought at the start of every new season. He doesn't actually care about almost any of his Pokemon but Pikachu, promising to return for some Pokemon, and never following up. On multiple occasions. All that combined with how rude and self-centered he appears to be at times...I'd put him as the worst Pokemon Character for sure.

Iris Iris is from the Pokemon bwhite version & Pokemon black 2 & white. She ether was the gym leader in Opelucid city in white version. She first appeared to aid Bianca, Burgh, and the playable character when Bianca's Munna was stolen, & acted as a bodyguard. In Black 2 & White 2, she was the champion. Iris ...read more.

Her "dragon master" goal was horribly vague and never explored. Her Axew was completely useless in battle. Said Axew spent more time causing trouble and getting itself lost moreso than anything else. Combine these things with her arrogance and annoying catchphrase and I just didn't have any reason to care for Iris. Iris was just...annoying.

The only reason I ever here someone hating iris for is her phrase "what a kid" or variations on that phrase ignoring that phrase I never here anything else negative about her. People are probably going to hate me for this but I think she was a breath of fresh air I mean after 2 regions of having the girl be coordinator it was nice to see something different and addressing her catchphrase she's calling ash out for things the fans have made jokes about for years if anything serena is worse because the only thing she has above iris is her past relationship with ash. If you don't like iris that's fine there are reasons to dislike her maybe you find her voice annoying all I'm asking is that you put your nostalgia for misty behind you and judge iris without nostalgic bias clouding you if you still dislike Iris after doing that well that's fine I'm not going to judge you as a person because I'm sure you're a nice person in real life (making personal judgements of people because their ...more

Finally, a character who doesn't care about dresses or shopping, and didn't have anger issues. And before you say anything about Misty you have to remember that Misty wasn't really a tomboy. Think about it, Iris enjoyed playing outside, catching strong Pokemon, and competed in a lot of battling tournaments. Misty though, she cared too much about shopping, barely caught any Pokemon, and rarely did any battling whatsoever. Not only that but she always yelled, hit, screamed, and overexaggerated over anything and everything Ash and Brock did. And then you hate Iris just because she called Ash a kid? Well at least she didn't slap him unlike some others.

Iris is hated for calling Ash a kid, Misty is loved despite constantly yelling, complaining about her bike, get violent AND even calling Ash a kid herself. Would you rather be called a kid or be yelled at all the time? People hate Iris for what Misty did too and although Misty called Ash a kid a little less frequently she still did things Iris didn't or barely did. I don't hate Misty, but Iris being underrated and Misty not doesn't even make any sense. Heck, Misty is loved more than Jessie despite not having grown up like the latter and therefore less excuse for her behavior. Jessie actually has a deeper character than Misty and Iris does too. Iris is groomed to be gymleader and has a chill yet with behaviours and she swings on vines, Misty is pretty much where she wants to be and doesn't grow that much. I love Misty too, but her popularity for something other characters are underrated ruins her a bit.

Iris didn't even say that to be mean, maybe at the beginning but later on it seemed like she just playfully teased him, Misty did improve her relationship with Ash but she treated him way worse. Serena with her snowball scene too. But Misty is only overrated cause she is the first female companion, by people who can't move on from the first gen. If Iris was the first and Misty was the fifth, no one would like Misty and they would adore Iris, just for being the first one.

Misty Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’ ...read more.

... People give her way, way too much of a free pass, and the fact that they hate other characters for way less but give this girl a free pass for everything is astounding.

Does Ash being a novice trainer who's a little stupid at times, excuse her absolutely awful attitude to him? Does it excuse slapping him and assuming he mistreated his Pikachu? Does it excuse belittling him worse than his rival did? And his arrogance? Please, she was twice as arrogant with infinitely less skills to back herself up, she rarely fought against opponents that weren't Jessie/James/Meowth and when she fought Ash, he'd always had the upper hand and would've beaten her to a pulp if it wasn't for TR interrupting / her using a baby Pokemon and Pikachu's kindness to cover her own tail (and, as adorable as Pikachu's relationship with her was, it was a little exaggerated, he's made plenty of friends and then fought against them but he categorically refuses to fight against her? Their interactions were ...more

She doesn't do anything for most of her run, criticizes everyone despite being less capable than freaking TRio herself, always ruins every episode with her meanness and bitchiness, and is overall a totally hypocrite. Literally abuses her Psyduck and I don't see why we should be sympathetic of her or root for her seeing how she treats it while at the same time we should hate characters like Shamus or Damian. She even refuses to leave him at Fuschia Gym where he'd have a better life, yet she never ever tries to help him improve. Ash, Iris, Dawn and others, when they had problematic Pokemon, they tried their best to help the Pokemon improve. Misty only abused it. Gag or not, it's sick. And before you say her return in S/M, it's too little too late. Took her 20 years and lots of off-screen to finally acknowledge him?

She always acted like she was better than Ash or others yet never backed it up. If she could back it up, she would've battled Ash... Y'know... fairly... not using a ...more

Misty's pretty okay, and I prefer her over Serena (and possibly over Koharu) (edit: after all not so sure I prefer her lmao, I always have trouble picking between 'lesser of two evils'), but I hate that she's a nth annoying female who can get away with everything even if it contradicts the main point of the rficking show! One of the main points of Pokemon is to love and care for Pokemons and not mistreat them. Characters like Damian, Paul, Shamus or the more recent Gengar trainer (who needs to be on this list by the way, he's as low as Damian) were especially created and made for you to hate them. They show that, yes, not everybody is kind and considerate to their Pokemons, but they're presented as hate-able, get called out and they're not a main hero. Yet Misty completely gets away with the horrid way she treated that poor Psyduck, and that really rubs me the wrong way. Yes, Psyduck followed her without permission. So? Tons of Pokemons followed Ash or other main hero(in)es without ...more

"Oh why did Misty leave, she was awesome! " "The older show is better than the new show! " "Go die in a hole May and Dawn, and other female characters! We hate you! "

Do you know how whiny, bratty, and immature this sounds? I mean, some of the Misty fans are constantly complaining over a cartoon character's departure, and that's stupid. I mean, come on! Not only that, but they want to act like she was a perfect and pretty tomboy and crap like that. Dude, Misty was as far from tomboyish as you can get. She always insisted on going shopping, she was scared of harmless bugs, and she would always pick and choose which Pokemon and humans she was nice to. Are you kidding me? That's not tomboyish, that is snobby and stuck-up. All the other females were original (well, except for Serena) and they had their own qualities that made them very likable. I mean, May was sweet and tomboyish, Dawn was optimistic and playful, and Iris was athletic and headstrong. ...more


Paul should be the number one most hateable Pokemon character because he was nothing but an abuser!
He never treated his Pokemon as friends! Only objects of power... which is a shame.
And every time when ash says something nice and positive about Pokemon being friends, he just says the word Pathetic! That always gets on my nerve!
But of course, there are moments that totally gave us satisfaction, like paul loosing a battle against the awesome powerful Cynthia
And what about the battle of paul against the pyramid king? That battle was just satisfying! Paul loosing while the pyramid king hasn't lost any Pokemon.
But yet ash feels bad for paul. I didn't even felt bad for him, HE DESERVED TO LOOSE!

All I ever hear is people saying that Paul is such a great rival man he is not. Unlike most of a Ash's rivals, Paul did noting but abuse and abandon is Pokemon because they weren't "good enough". All of Ash's rivals cared for their Pokemon and supported them so they could do their best. And even though Gary would tease Ash a bunch it was just a friendly rivalry to prove who was better and even despite this Gary still loved his Pokemon. Paul on the other just yelled at them to do better, even when they trained their hardest? That's messed up.

Is Paul really that self-centered and cruel?!?!? Out of all the rivals he is definitely the worst one. All he cares about is power and he shows no respect to his own Pokemon (especially Chimchar) or to other people like Ash and his friends. He's always calling others and Pokemon "pathetic", doesn't care about friendship or kindness, and he cares about nobody but himself! Also, because of the way he treats his own Pokemon with such disrespect how dare he calls himself a trainer! If he's always going to be scolding his own Pokemon for thinking they are weak, worthless, and useless then I don't think he deserves to be a Pokémon trainer!

I don't understand Paul's (or trip's) character. I'm not talking about how he's mean to his Pokemon, but more as to WHY he's mean to his Pokemon. So he has some older brother complex or something? He somehow thought when he was real young that his brother didn't treat his Pokemon poorly enough for some reason? What kind of screwed up thinking made Paul equate his brother losing to the pyramid dude with THREE LEGENDARIES, as to be strong trainer you must treat Pokemon like lesser beings even though they can easily tear you apart? Ash's rivalry may be interesting to see how they clashed, but he was an awful character who made zero sense.


Revenge over a stupid cookie is one thing, but to hold a grudge over years and taking it out on a girl who only looked like the one who stole it? Talk about pathetic. All he does is get butt-hurt over May beating him, and no matter how many times May is willing to forgive him, he NEVER can. He's so sad that he dresses up as a little girl. Really, a baby outfit would be a better suit for him since that's what he all acted like. It's surprising he even had a friend (Solidad) from how huge of a self-centered prick he was.

Harley is one of the most manipulative egotistical self-centered guys I have ever seen. Trying to sabotage may in her contests over a damn cookie is just wrong. You know if he was half the man that I don't think he is he wiuld bury the hatchet sith may and just tell her that he's sorry for what he did.

Harley is just stupid. He has a vendetta against a girl just because she said his cookie wasn't 'half-bad'. I mean come on. A cookie. She wasn't trying to be mean. He acts like a three year old. OH, YOU POOR BABY, MAY HATED YOUR COOKIE! GROW THE HELL UP, HARLEY!

Harley acts like a whiny bratty toddler, He wanted to do revenge to poor May over a stupid dumb cookie. He throws tantrums when he gets to his house, #HarleyFromPokemonIsAWhinyBaby. I feel bad for May that she has to put up with this idiot. Jar Jar Binks is way better than Harley.

Cilan Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym, in Pokemon Black and White. In the anime, he is classified as an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and traveled with Ash Ketchum in the Unova region. He first debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!.

Cilan may be annoying, but hating him because he replaced Brock is stupid. We all know Brock had to leave but it wasn't just because he stayed so long, it's because of Ash. Why I say that is because Ash is the only child, and he lives alone with his mother so he had no father figure whatsoever. But after he met Brock, Ash kinda started depending on Brock for everything. He looked up to him as a role model and even began taking on some of his personality traits. Eventually though, Ash started to mature, and then grew into his own character which stated giving him not much of big need to depend on him. So he left not only to become a Pokemon doctor but also because he knew Ash could handle things on his own unless he met new friends. And besides, when Ash met Cilan, Cilan didn't really act as a brother or father but more of a close friend. He may have not have as big of a relationship, but he was still important to the plot. And if they hadn't created Cilan, the viewers would've gotten ...more

Let's be fair most people who hate Cilan only hate him because he was the replacement for Brock and that if Brock was still around most people wouldn't hate him at least not as much. Cilan isn't some perfect god of a character but I can almost assure you that if Cilan was ash's travelling companion in kalos while clemont joined him in unova you would hate clemont and say Cilan was a better travelling companion and I do believe that a lot of the Cilan haters (and iris haters to an extent) just can't accept the fact that they replaced Brock I mean it happened when misty left, people said may sucks and bring misty back.

Conessuier, the worst goal in all existence. Not only does it require to act like a know-it-all jerk... just what the heck is the point of it? Just looking back on what he's said about Ash's Pokemon in their first battle, I wouldn't be surprised that he said those mean things to Burgundy's Pokemon. All this kid does is OBSESS over every little thing, because his real goal is that bland. Dudes worse than most fangirls of anything.

And the awful "Evaluation time! " or whatever... Is this show trying to get 5 year olds interested or something?

Actually, I don't hate Cilan. His food references never bothered me that much, and his goal was still better than Serena's by far. And while you can like Brock better, hating Cilan just for replacing Brock is stupid. I guess people just like to jump in the BW hate bandwagon.

Burgundy Burgundy is a fictional character who appears in the Pokémon Black & White anime series, a C-class Pokémon Connoisseur and rival to Cilan who she vowed revenge after losing to him in a Gym battle and evaluating her Pokémon she became motivated to study and become a high ranking Connoisseur in order ...read more.

Why is Georgia even friends with her?! She's so annoying! She thinks she is so strong while it's quite obvious she's the weakest trainer of all time. She also thinks she's too good for everyone, even herself. All these tiny elements are what makes her annoying. Also, she lost to Trip's Serperior, with two moves, one of them being an attack that is not very effective on it. She needs to stop entering tournaments and actually get better!

Burgundy is your typical French person. Snobby arrogant annoying and just can't win any battles. How much of a loser can uou be the only trainer she ever beat was chilly and he ain't much himself. Burgundy find something else to do like cook French fries because honestly you can't make it as a trainer

She is pretty annoying...and rude...and loud. She's so obsessed with beating Cilan all the time that that's the only thing she cares about. I just think she's an obnoxious, bland character, like a recipe for a rival gone bad. :P (Okay, that Cilan-style line was on purpose, haha.)

This character ruined the show for me. She has no accomplishments other than becoming a C class cona-whatever and earning a trio badge. Now, her entire purpose for being a Pokemon trainer is just so she can beat Cilan. What a lame excuse for a character.

Bonnie Bonnie is created by game freak & Nintendo. She was in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, as Clemont's (the electric type gym leader of Lumiose City) younger sister. She gave out quizzes to trainers who came to challenge the gym, who if they get it wrong would have to challenge a trainer. ...read more.

"Bonnie on the other hand acted wild and stupid. I know she's just a little kid but that's no excuse. "

Really, how smart where you when you where YOUNGER than ten? She's obviously going to be ignorant about a lot of things and wants to be the center of attention. Sorry, but most young kids INCLUDING GIRLS are stupid.

And you want to talk about stereotypes, most shows show young girl ether having to stay home because they are so vulnerable and innocent that they can't go and or wanting and needing protection and obeys no matter what with no complaints and not trying to help older sibling at all. While I find the gag stupid, he still wants her brother happiness and wants to make sure he doesn't end up alone. And she hates being to'd 'you can't do this...'

"I'd say she's a breath of fresh air compared to know-it-all whiny brat Max"

I'd say it's the other way if around you ask me. I mean, sure Max is annoying but at least he was kind of nice and not so hyperactive all the time. Bonnie on the other hand acted wild and stupid. I know she's just a little kid but that's no excuse. They act like they have to make the series about stereotypical females. All the other years we had a competitive tomboy, sweet coordinator, cheerful girly-girl, and a wild jungle girl. In other words, unique females. Now, we have a ten-year-old barbie doll, and pint sized idiot.

To me Bonnie is just so annoying I can see everyone's point but even if she is young at least try to act even the slightest bit of mature like max. I just really hate this character who literally contributes nothing to the show all she does is the same thing over again saying "can you take care of my brother" and "a pokemon wow let me take care of it." Her voice to me is very annoying and is very predictable sometimes I even wish team rocket would kidnap her then lose her in some forest where she could never be found and I hope that there will never be a character like her again in the pokemon series.

I don't know what you guys expect a little girl (younger than ten) to do and be like.

Honestly, do you believe most ten year olds are calm, not hyperactive, don't bag for things, play around, etc...? I'd say she's a breath of fresh air compared to know-it-all, whiny brat Max who threw a fit over a friend beating his dad fair and squire. She can't have Pokemon yet, so it's going to be obvious that she isn't going to be able to do much at all. But I'd say for a child she really isn't that bad or obnoxious. I can say I can do without the 'hay older woman marri mi bro! ' gag but really the anime has always thrown in annoying gags/lines since the beginning of time and I've learned to ignore it really and it's not done often defiantly not as much as Brock's ear pull/poison jab one those were never funny (no, they weren't) but people don't hate Brock or Max or Misty or Crogank for that. =/

Gary Oak Gary oak appeared in the anime series in seasons 1-5 . He was ash's rival and childhood friend . Though they had a dispute once they fought over a rusty pokeball they wanted for luck, which broke after they fought over it . Gary was the grandson of professor oak . He had cheerleaders & his own car. ...read more.

Ok... I don't know who put him on here? I had no problem with him after I admit I wasn't a big fan of Pokemon anime as a kid... Sorry Gary's hater but I would be opposite of shipping of Ash and Misty since I'm not big fan of them since I'm neutral. I'd rather see him getting humiliation or tease from his favorite pesky girl Leaf Green or seeing Gary and Leaf Green would be paired up like a childhood love and hate together! It's like she would've been a nerdy and his personality because of bunch of cheerleader and a cocky all because he brags he's way ahead of you that he has bunch of badges would have been turned real if GameFreak should've done opportunity this! Leaf Green would be a cure for breaking Gary Oak ego and a playboy. Also it would be funny if Gary ego player would start caring about Leaf throughout Kanto and Johto! Too bad GameFreak missed opportunity... It would've becoming so real! :( If they were had time to add female counterpart for Red & Green and Gary's real ...more

I have no problem with gary what so ever. There's nothing wrong with a friendly rivalry. And him and ash are prime examples. Now look at him he's a Pokemon researcher now and I think it's pretty cool. I couldn't think of anyone better that would be a cooler researcher than gary.

Gary, Misty, and Brock shouldn't be on here. And come on guys, give Team Rocket a little credit. They've been after Pikachu for 17 years and still haven't given up. At least be impressed by their determination.

Are you retarded, guys? Just because Gary is Ash's rival and being a dick to Ash in the beginning just dosen't mean he's a terrible character. Wait. I bet everyone voting for Gary is some immature 6 year olds! That explains a lot.

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Everyone compares Jessie to Misty when the two are actually different. Yeah, they are both tsunderes but, unlike Misty, Jessie had a bad life. And I know what you're saying "They both had terrible lives." Actually no, Misty just grew up with sisters who teased her every now and then. I mean, I know how it feels but that's no excuse to go around beating people up. Jessie on the other hand grew up in an orphanage and was forced to eat snow and mess like this. Not only that, but Jessie's a villain, which doesn't make her personality that strange. But Misty, you're a hero, so act like it!

I'm so glad this whore is on this list. I've hated her since I was in eleventh grade for her bitchy behavior. Why, she makes me pleased that I have no girlfriend. I wish that Meowth killed her.

If anyone asks me, I'm sick of how she and her teammates seem show up in every episode of Pokemon, recite a poem, and scream, "We're blasting off again! " whenever they lose. What would please me a lot is if Team Rocket, except Meowth, actually dies and gets sent to hell, where they can be tortured forever.

I like Jessie too... Sure she can be bossy and rude but deep down she cares a lot about James and Meowth and it's her bad past that made her the way she is. While I can understand people being annoyed by Team Rocket, they aren't that bad in my opinion.

I don't agree, Jessie had a bad life, I'm pretty sure her dad died and her mom disappeared trying to catch Mew. She was taken into an orphanage that was so broke she ate snow. She grew up and wanted to be a nurse but failed cause the school was for Chanseys. She meet James at Pokemon tech and got the worst score ever (with James. ) She is also mistreated by guys. She had a awful life that made her the way she is today, her and Misty is the most realistic.


My opinion james is good at heart it's just the decisions that he made were bad in my mind james actually likes Pokemon and if he would just get away from those two big mouths he could have a great future I mean come on who wants to spend their whole life blasting off time and time again

Really? I know TRio has lost their charm over the years and are just useless nowadays, but seriously he's nowhere near the worst get him off here!

Stupid voice, stupid personality, he's terrible. He's not even a villain, he's just there for little six year olds to point him out a how stupid he is.

You have a stupid voice, a stupid personality, and you're terrible. You're cringe, just there for little two year olds to point out how stupid you are.

They really had no need for James... Once in a while, Team Rocket would even miss him out from their "introduction song"


This girl can be a little annoying, but I appreciate that they gave Iris a rival instead of not giving her any like Misty. But I wish she was... Better? She is kind of weak, useless and forgettable honestly.

This girl is annoying as hell. She's rude and eats other people's food. She's like a cross between Harley and Ursula, she become a "Dragon Buster" just because she got beaten in a land where dragon Pokemon live. Please. And then every time she loses a match she'll be like "It's not a dragon type so it doesn't count." That girl is freakishly obsessing over dragon type Pokemon

The thing that mostly annoys me about Georgia is how little sense her character makes. She got defeated by a Dragon Pokémon once, so now she dedicated her life to beating dragon trainers?

Then she runs her big mouth every time and demands to fight against dragon types only, WITH her super effective ice type Pokémon. And whenever she's up to fight against a pokémon that her Beartic is not super effective against it's "not worth her time".

Demanding you only fight pokémon when you have a type advantage seems pretty cowardly to me.

And besides that she's basically the same person as Burgundy. One of them was already plenty annoying, why the writers decided to introduce one for Iris AND Cilan is beyond me.

Oh my good, you always say that your going to beat Iris, but you never do! You always talking, but your so weak that you get out on the first round in every battle tournament!

Dawn Dawn is a character from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. In the games diamond, pearl, and platinum version she was one of the playable characters you can choose from. She will be an assistant for professor Rowan if you choose her male counterpart, Lucas. ...read more.

Dawn was an annoying character. I'm glad she was kicked off the show. Iris and Serena were far superior than the Piplup carrier.

What's so wrong with Dawn? I can understand finding overly-girliness annoying, but Dawn never did it in an obnoxious way and is actually a good character to watch. For example, she would jump in mud to save her Pokemon or let her face get messed up to save Ash and her friends. And she can wear whatever she wants too, like Misty and Serena can (the latter's fan service is kind of disturbing from the writers because she's 10, but she herself can wear whatever she wants). In my opinion Dawn is a girly girl done right.

Dawn was awful. She was generically high spirited and wore that skank skirt. Her Piplup should've stayed in its pokeball forever with how annoying it was.

I hate how everyone dislikes Dawn so much. I mean, just because she wears short skirts, does feminine things (like a girl is supposed to), and likes cute Pokemon, everybody hates her.

(1) There is nothing wrong with wearing mini-dresses when your a girl. Like how there is nothing wrong with a girl wearing shorts and crop-tops (yeah, if Misty can do it, so can Dawn, there just being feminine)

(2) As I said early, there's nothing wrong with a girl being feminine. Not all girls are tomboys. And besides, I don't think Dawn's all that girly. I mean, she says words like "awesome" and "cool", catches really strong Pokemon (Mamoswine, Quilava), has natural athletic abilities, and has the ability to defend herself like Misty and Iris.

(3) Some of you see where I'm getting at with my examples. Now listen, as you can tell, all the female companions have a thing for cute Pokemon, but for some reason all of the fans only get mad at Dawn because of it. I mean, come on, it's a ...more

Bianca Bianca is a character from Pokemon by gamefreak & Nintendo. She is one of the rivals & a childhood friend of the protagonist in Pokemon black and Pokemon White. She lives in Nuvema Town, and was held back of being a Pokemon trainer because of her overprotective father wouldn't let her be one. Bianca ...read more.

Oh come this girl shouldn't even be on this list. She needs to have her one website about how stupid and annoying she is. But then her stupidity would probably cause the Internet to crash. Bianca grow up and then you can be a trainer but you have a mind of a five year old but then again a five year old is probably smarter than you.

A five year old could write a better comment than whatever it is you just said.

I like it when Ash get pushed, rushed and everything else. Lets face it, Bianca had way better Pokemon in the games than Ash will ever use, and there fore he should be replaced. And lets face it, Bianca had an awesome personality too.

I want to drop kick her in the face, she's so annoying. I seriously can't stand her always running around like a stupid, blonde airhead.

I understand that she was kind of annoying, but it's kind of hard being confined to your household when there are people younger than you out there by themselves.


He left his Charmander alone. Need I say more? This guy is very egotistical and douchy. He should be in the top 10 at least. Lana isn't that bad.

The worst piece of filth to ever grace the screen of T.V.. His hilarious accent is the only thing likable about this douchebag.

He was such a douche. Well, I guess that was his character purpose. But he's still a trashy person like Paul.

Damian and Serena should swap places


The only thing that... Kind of annoyed me was that Ash lost the League while they made it look like he would win this time. But other than that, I don't hate Alain. And still better than Tobias, at least Alain was introduced before, was more than just the guy whom Ash lost to at the League and didn't have a Darkrai and a Latios...

The league isn't the sole reason why I despise Alain. Alain had so much potential to be such a good character, but he ended up bland and predictable. He only lost twice but never lost again after those losses. You know he's going to win because that's the kind of character he is. He doesn't even need you typical wish fulfillment, he just wins. I have a feeling they only made him like this because of Charizard and they have to make Charizard a complete bad ass for marketing purposes. (YES, Charizard is STILL overrated and a marketing ploy. Charizard as a Pokemon is very well known and liked despite losing some of its popularity lately)

It really sucks. I loved the concept they had with Alain, being an anti-hero protagonist who is being manipulated by the bad guy and all, as well as showing of mega evolution, but it just ended up not as good as it could've been. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I wish Alain had more struggle as a trainer as it would feel more realistic. ...more

He's more competent than Ash as a trainer but he is so BORING TO WATCH. He's so dull, bland, and predictable because you know the outcome of pretty much all of battles. He wins. That's it. That's all you get. He only lost like 2 times I think and if he beats Ash, then that would make things worse for him. He's such a Gary Stu, the Tobias 2.0 if you want to get real of how much he easily defeats almost everyone he makes eye contact with. Ash if you have to lose to Alain because the writers don't want you to win leagues most of the time, don't beat only 2 of his Pokemon. I beg of yo u.. y ou can do better.

Even though I hate Serena more than Alain, I still hate that guy quite a lot! And no, I'm not gonna go easy on him and try to find positive aspects of his character like one of my favorite anime characters who I will not disclose the name of in fear of people comparing Alain to him. Anyways, if you wanna know how much people hate Alain, I looked at a forum on MyAnimeList.net discussing episode 38 of Pokemon XY&Z, and when I tried looking at the poll results for the episode, a huge majority rated it a 1 out of 5. BY A LANDSLIDE! No higher scoring had as much votes as the 1 out of 5 rating! 2 out of 5 was just the runner-up! Yup. Lots of people hated this episode because of Alain.

Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated ...read more.

Are you serious, charizard should not even be on this list. Ok charizard didn't exactly listen to ash at first but that was due to ash's lack of experience at the time. Now he and charizard are almost as close as he and pichachu are. So in my opinion charizard on this list is like saying that a magikarp is the most powerful Pokemon of all time. Seriously this is worst choice on this list that I have seen

Ah yes, those stupid and utterly annoying Magikarp jokes... What idiots.

I sense something, "overrated" Pokemon are universally hated while "underrated" ones are loved. Don't find any overrated, just had to say this. Also, if it wasn't for the anime, Charizard wouldn't be my #1 favorite Pokemon, though still top 10 worthy. Felt so sorry for him that even when he went Maverick, I still felt upset.

Heh, I bet the people who put Charizard on this list never watched past season 1. Charizard is definitely one of Ash's best and most reliable Pokemon these days, he shouldn't be here.

Charizard is so lazy. I'm surprise it doesn't have the ability "truant". He also makes Ash lose the lead in the first season. No wonder why Ash got rid of him.


His stupidity didn't bother me, but the fact that they made Ash lose the League to him... That doesn't make me hate him as a character, just slightly annoyed. - Liinde

Cameron is a completely unnecessary character. Him being an idiot and being good at battles was already done by Bianca, only better. And after he beat Bianca in the Unova League, that's when I began to hate him.

He's so stupid that it's beyond grating. Not to mention his Riolu evolved so the writers could have an excuse to (once again) kick Ash out of the league. - KalloFox34

He is one of worst Ash's rivals ever! I was very disappointed when he became so stupid! I wanted him to be like Ritchie and not an idiot cheater. - Nectaria


I hated the way he treated Dawn in the series. How are you supposed to be in love with her when all you do is put her down? That's like saying "a boy picks on you because He loves you" Even though that's not love. It never is and shouldn't be. He was the cause of her trauma, because HE WAS THE ONE WHO STARTED CALLING HER DIAMOND DANDRUFF. Who does that to a person they love?! Then he got the nerve to have a battle with ash to determine who Dawn gets to travel with as if she's property. Dawn can make her own decisions. I'm glad she went with Ash. And when the series end, I hope she ends up with that other trainer who liked her. At least he was trying to impress her and not put her down. I don't care what dawn does in her future as long as he's not in it.

Kenny is a little prick, that is what he is. I hated him since I first saw him in the anime. His first appearance was making fun of Dawn in front of her new friends (Ash and Brock) by telling them embarrassing childhood stories about her. And we have to believe he wants to be with her? He doesn't respect her. You know what he deserves? Dawn to drop kick him right in the face.

How is he not already on this list? And how is Dawn on this list and not Kenny? Oh, right. I guess it's because he is so forgettable! I always hated the way he treated Dawn like a trophy, and was jealous of her and Ash's friendship. He is also the reason she was traumatized by Plusle and Minen. He always talked down to her and NEVER cared about HER feelings! He " wanted" her because he had a crush on her but doesn't care about her as a person. He has NO good qualities whatsoever. He's so pathetic that I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

I have a brother named Kenny, and he is such an ass! If you ever meet him, would you kill him for me?


When Ash finally beats Paul, gets out of the Top 8 position, and is this close to winning the league, this guy comes in. No, not with your average Raichu or Caterpie, but with a bunch of stinkin' legendary Pokemon. And in the end, he creams all 6 of Ash's Pokemon with 2 and becomes the victor. Either the writers wanted to make Ash seem cooler, or they tried to give us another so-called rival we wanted Ash to wipe the floor with.

If Tobias didn't have those legendary Pokemon by his side it would have been a lot more competitive between him and his opponents so him being on the show is a complete rip off to the other characters on the show. When he won the sinnoh league they should have ended the series right there because he had the most unfair battles in the entire series.

For real? Get this guy in the number one spot. Because having not one, but two legendary Pokémon. And supposedly having two more and not having a back story. No just no.

He will forever be known as that bull trainer because that shouldn't be nowhere near possible in the anime. He just a lazy excuse for a character just so Ash could lose the sinho.

Meanwhile at the writers' desks...
"We can't have Ash win the Sinnoh League! We need the series to go on further! Ash can't win until the franchise ends! "
"I know. Let's have a Gary Stu walk in with two event-exclusive legendaries that Ash never bothered to catch, and have him throw the boy out of the tournament! "
"Excellent idea! Then we can go to Unova without Ash ending his journey! "


She's such a diva and drama queen. She snotty sassy and snobby. She's like Harley in a dress and pigtails.

Is just jerk to cause drama. No personality besides being a sore loser and she had no reason to be so cruel to Dawn.

She is a stupid jerk

I don't like her she's annoying, causes drama for no particular reason the only thing that makes me only dislike her instead hate her is because she looks like Teto.. Yeah I know stupid reason but come on! Who could hate teto?


He "cheated" his way to making it through all of the "Clubsplotion" tournament by "MAKING A WISH ON THE 'WISHING BELL'". "SHERMAN" (I DON'T CARE HOW THIS DUMBASS' NAME IS CALLED) was the most ridiculous character I could NEVER bear through because he's annoying. Not only that, people ship this FAT idiot with Bianca! While I like (and love, don't ask why) Bianca, I can tolerate with the shippings with Bianca and Cheren, but not that BLEUUURRGHH... NO! He is the new Butcher (I know how it's called, I just had to do that for "comedic" value) of 2010. Whenever people (or his "friends") mispronounce his name, he's like "Get my name f-ing right! ", It's annoying as hell.

No one cares about what your name is Stephen! You say you want to change your name but if you do, it will still be spelled the same way! It will still be pronounced wrong! Get over it!

I guess all of you who voted for him hate Butch too, huh?

Well, nothing about him really makes me dislike his character. But since he stopped Cilan's "EVALUATING TIME! " I kinda respect the man! Right on, Stephen <3 Favorite B/W character due to that.

I don't mind Stephan. At least I know how to say his name right. At least he is better than Ash and Serena. He is like Ira Gamagori from Kill la Kill.


Do people hate him just because he replaced Brock? That alone isn't enough to consider him one of the worst Pokemon characters...

Umm...he takes pictures? Just because someone takes pictures doesn't mean they should be shamed upon for it...

Tracey is worst character! He is so annoying! And he replaced Brock!?!?!?! What! Brock was one of the best characters! I hate him and everyone else does too!

Dumbest replacement for Brock , Brock or Clemont is 100000000 times better than Tracy , always sketching


I hate him the most because he's such a know nothing know it all. He thinks he knows everything about pokemon and in his FIRST appearance, he started saying that Ash was weak and that he could have done better. I mean he didn't say it in those words, but that was definitely the gist of it. Normally, I wouldn't hate him just for that since he was just a kid and didn't really know how difficult battling was, but even AFTER he traveled with Ash and May and saw how hard they trained and how difficult coordinating and battling were, he STILL looked down on them for only getting in the top 8. When he bragged to misty saying that may wouldn't have gotten so far without him, I wanted her to punch him. I mean, she's a GYM LEADER, she knows how hard people train, instead, she just tells him to be EASIER on may. And in another episode, I can't really remember much except for the fact that he was left alone for some reason with all the pokemon and May's munchlax was there and he WENT TO SLEEP ...more

No really. Get Max OFF here. He was a GREAT character and should come back!

No! Keep on here! And I need to vote this to get him higher than Bonnie cause Bonnie is the best character ever and Max is the absolute WORST!

This guy has no sense, no logic, no wisdom, no purpose, no life, and no knowledge. Seriously who's ever a fan of this guy needs to get there head physically examined

He's nothing but a little smarty pants know it all that gets on my nerves especially when he thinks he knows everything there to know about Pokemon when he clearly doesn't I hope one day reality comes and smacks him right in the face then maybe he'll realize that he's definitely not smarter than everyone

I know. He is the the most stupidest anime character on this whole entire planet.

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