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Dawn is a character from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. In the games diamond, pearl, and platinum version she was one of the playable characters you can choose from. She will be an assistant for professor Rowan if you choose her male counterpart, Lucas. ...read more.


"Annoying and stupid. May is the best Pokemon girl."

I know it's only YOUR opinion but in MY opinion, May is an overrated character. I mean sure, she's nice, she won a lot of ribbons, competed in two grand festivals, blah, blah, blah. But the problem with May fans is, some of them don't even look towards her flaws. Some of them just want to make her look like she was a perfect little girl when she wasn't. She was pessimistic for the past two seasons (1/2 of the series), and she was a diva (people want to talk about Ash, look at her, in one Pokemon episode, she got so much attention she was literally screaming with joy.)

And I know what you're thinking now "But you're just saying these things cause you're a Dawn fan" Actually no, I like May, and I just prefer Dawn. And even though I prefer Dawn, there are still some flaws that she had. She was ditzy, overconfident, and like May, took a bit of time to get over these flaws. But despite this, Dawn had a lot of likable ...more

Dawn was one of my favorite Pokemon characters. She was so sweet and bubbly, and a great support to Ash. Everyone says she is a terrible character just because she lost in a couple contests. Hello? Nobody's perfect. You don't just try and succeed. You have to work hard. And that's just what she did. And not only that but it's pretty stupid how everyone talked about liking Misty better. Well Dawn only bickered with Ash sometimes not all the time. And unlike Misty, Dawn never hit or slapped Ash for saying one little thing. Besides, Dawn matured while Misty only got worse.

For me, seeing Dawn at no.5 is extremely disappointing. I mean, it's like putting Cinderella in first place for the best Disney princess, it doesn't make sense! Think about it, May and Misty get higher ratings, and Dawn is considered to be a useless Mary Sue whereas, these 2 poke-girls get a ton of recognition. Are you kidding me! News Flash, Misty and May were the Mary Sues. I mean think about Misty. Misty is the Jasmine in the Pokemon world. She can talk trash, and she treats the boys like her personal statues? That's stinking crap! And then about 3 or 4 times in the series, she had to have Ash, her prince, save her. And before you talk about May, she wasn't much different. She was a sweet and optimistic girl yadayada that had to have Ash and his Pokemon save her making her the Ariel. Dawn was a Rapunzel. She knew what she wanted to do, she was extremely fun-loving, and she had a lot of spunk and made sure no boy treated her badly. Oh, and Mary Sue? Well I didn't know saving the ...more

I didn't like Dawn at first, but then when I got older, I realized how progressive her character was.

She wasn't just treated like a companion, she was Ash's equal. She was involved in everything. She never lost relevance in the DP saga, she was always helping out. She never let Ash take the spotlight.

She was a girly girl type of character done correctly. She was girly, into fashion and all of that. She did it for herself, not to show off. She did it because she enjoyed it, not because she was expected to. She also wasn't afraid of getting dirty and in the action. She was a girly girl who can stand up for herself and hold her own.

In my opinion, she was the female companion that felt closest to Ash. She's the one who felt like she was his BFF or a sister to him more than any other character in the show. She was very close to him. She supported him and he supported her. He was very into cheering her on in her contests. He often felt worried about her as if she was ...more

To be honest, Dawn was the first poke girl I saw on T.V., I did later watch all the episodes from Misty & May and liked all three of them. Yes they're different, seeing Misty as a Tomboy, May as a mix, and Dawn as complete girly girl but I don't understand all the hate. The hate should be on SERENA rather than dawn.

Dawn is my favorite but not because she was pretty, it was her personality and character. She was so likable and had that journey type story with wins and loses. She learned a lot from Ash while also being a super great friend to him. I couldn't see them as a couple that much because I knew Ash was going to leave to another region but she literally looks great with anyone. I think she and Kenny fit the best but there are tons of ships out there. Personally, Dawn is a great friend and character and the writers did an outstanding job but now are trying to make Serena a Dawn replacement.

"A girly-girl is someone who is in to fashion, shopping, or other girly things, and that is Dawn."

Well Misty is all of those things too, yet people insist on calling her a "tomboy." One word descriptions of people are NEVER adequate to describe who they really are. Neither is comparing them to other people. We are more complex than that! Dawn DOES have tomboy tendencies, just as Misty has "girly-girl" tendencies. A person's self-worth is NOT in how they compare to other people!

I am surprised by how many called Dawn a Mary Sue, when she had trouble with both Piplp AND Mamoswine, lost her first THREE contest before finally getting it (even though her mom was a professional coordinator), screwed up with her first capture, never beat Zoey, Ursula DESPISED her (for no reason really), and was another traveling companion that Ash had no romantic feelings for, was dumped after her time, and will probably never accomplish her goal.

I wonder your peps definition of Mary Sue (those who are calling her one). Just a character you have hate for no reason?

"I hate her that stupid girl always crying like nonsense idiot"

Are you an idiot? So what she cries what one/two times in the show? Big deal. Do you know how many times Ash cried just in SEASON ONE? He's was human hosepipe compared to all the TO ALL THE FEMALE COMPANIONS COMBINED.

And when she cried it wasn't nonsense it made just as much sense as when Ash cried because:
1) She's ten YEARS OLD
2) She was struggling AT HER DREAM
3) She did not fail just once or twice to win ONE ribbon, but THREE TIMES before she got it

If you where ten YEARS OLD and failed at something you wanted to do JUST ONCE I bet you'd cry too

"A person's self-worth is NOT in how they compare to other people! "

I read your comment and I understand where you're coming at. With that being said, I wasn't trying to compare Dawn and Misty, I was trying to show that it's okay for a girl to be girly. Like how it is okay for a girl to have her tomboyish interests, and girly interests. Not all girls are into sports and dirt, just like how all girls aren't into dresses, and make-up. And just like how every boy is different, that goes the same for girls.

"I don't know why people think Dawn is such a girly-girl."

Although I like Dawn I wouldn't call her a tomboy. A girly-girl is someone who is in to fashion, shopping, or other girly things, and that is Dawn. But that's okay, there is nothing wrong with being girly. But there is something wrong about hitting and yelling at boys because you don't get what you want and then, calling yourself a tomboy. Yeah, I'm talking about Misty. She's not hard to forget.

Oh Misty, you're so cool, oh and May, you're the sweetest character ever! We hate you Dawn just because you replaced our favorite characters and we can't move on! Hating a character for their voice, personality, or flaws is okay, it's called an opinion. But hating a character because of nostalgia, replacement, or just because is stupid, it's called complaining.

It is my belief that a lot of the people who hate Dawn are angry shippers that are jealous Dawn is such good friends with Ash. It's clear that Ash clicked better with and understood Dawn more than any of his other female friends. And for the record, I'm NOT a pearlshipper, in fact, I HATE ALL of the main ships, especially pearlshipping! I wish people could just appreciate how special a true friendship is and not automatically assume that just b/c two people are close it means they should or will eventually "get together" romantically.

Dawn is pretty cool and one hell of a coordinator. Hey everybody makes mistakes. It doesn't seem right to hate on dawn over a few mess ups

I love Dawn. Her personality is amazing and hr looks are also very good. She is very pretty. She is more beautiful than May. SHE IS JUST AMAZING. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE DON'T LIKE ABOUT HER!

Annoyed Dawn is so high up on the list. From what I've seen lots of people are disappointed also about how high up she is. Easily one of the best companions Ash has had with a very unique design and personality. My favorite companion ever!

Hated her at first, but reminded myself, "hate Serena instead."

Shut up! What was wrong with Dawn!? She helps other trainers whenever something goes wrong, and when she does something stupid, she always regrets it and clears it up. Yeah, she was kind of annoying getting all

I have a feeling dawn is in the top 5 because of people defending her. If there was an option where you could comment and not vote, dawn would be far out of the top 10

Dawn had zero chemistry with Brock. Then there's the annoying Piplup. I don't even remember when she start letting that Pokemon stay out of its pokeball. If you don't want Piplup to be hit by draco meteor, then put the penguin back in its ball.

Get Dawn off the Top 10 portion of this list. She doesn't deserve to be this high. - Rue

Don't remember much of her moments in the anime, but I dislike her short dress. That's all I can think of.

I love how Dawn is only in this list because people are DEFENDING her. She honestly is the best written female protagonist for one good reason: She was Ash's equal.

Misty fell to the sidelines; she was never seen as a hero. Ash always had to be the one to rescue everyone and Misty was just there doing her thing. At least they actually gave her a water-type team, but she never felt important to the plot, unfortunately.

May also fell to the sidelines, again with Ash being the main hero. Ash didn't even go to some of her contests I mean come on, that's a bit of an arsehole move, even for Ash. If the main protagonist didn't attend some of her contests, why should the audience think she's important? Unfortunately, she isn't as popular because of her very vague relationship with Ash, at least thank god ContestShipping gave her some spotlight. And I absolutely love May, mind you, hence why I'm so upset with the way the writers decided to portray her.

Iris was such a ...more - hikarin

That annoying way she claps here hands together when ash is winning

She is not that bad I mean look at serena and iris

How can you hate on dawn? She is the most sexiest character in the whole pokemon series, beautiful and just so gorgeous. Look how short her miniskirt is, she has that cute big ass. - Unharmless