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Iris is from the Pokemon bwhite version & Pokemon black 2 & white. She ether was the gym leader in Opelucid city in white version. She first appeared to aid Bianca, Burgh, and the playable character when Bianca's Munna was stolen, & acted as a bodyguard. In Black 2 & White 2, she was the champion. Iris more.


Ever since she caught Dragonite, she's become a failure. I truly with that she will leave and never come back, or at least have Georgia get her revenge on her.

Iris is hated for calling Ash a kid, Misty is loved despite constantly yelling, complaining about her bike, get violent AND even calling Ash a kid herself. Would you rather be called a kid or be yelled at all the time? People hate Iris for what Misty did too and although Misty called Ash a kid a little less frequently she still did things Iris didn't or barely did. I don't hate Misty, but Iris being underrated and Misty not doesn't even make any sense. Heck, Misty is loved more than Jessie despite not having grown up like the latter and therefore less excuse for her behavior. Jessie actually has a deeper character than Misty and Iris does too. Iris is groomed to be gymleader and has a chill yet with behaviours and she swings on vines, Misty is pretty much where she wants to be and doesn't grow that much. I love Misty too, but her popularity for something other characters are underrated ruins her a bit.

Finally, a character who doesn't care about dresses or shopping, and didn't have anger issues. And before you say anything about Misty you have to remember that Misty wasn't really a tomboy. Think about it, Iris enjoyed playing outside, catching strong Pokemon, and competed in a lot of battling tournaments. Misty though, she cared too much about shopping, barely caught any Pokemon, and rarely did any battling whatsoever. Not only that but she always yelled, hit, screamed, and overexaggerated over anything and everything Ash and Brock did. And then you hate Iris just because she called Ash a kid? Well at least she didn't slap him unlike some others.

To tell you the truth, Iris isn't really bad character and I find her pretty cool. Everybody's saying Misty's the real tomboy or that she was way better well, Iris just called Ash a little kid as a way of teasing him like friends do. Misty on the other hand was very bossy and mean and would usually hit Ash or Brock and then beg to go shopping. Iris on the other hand would call Ash a kid and then she was through. Misty though, she would thump Ash with a mallet and then hurt his feelings. A real tomboy is someone who likes activities for boys and that's Iris. People like Misty are just prissy.

Honestly I bet you half of the people who hate iris are genwunners who just can't accept the fact that misty is gone. There are reasons to dislike iris but a lot and I mean a lot of the people I hear say that follow their statement with "misty was the best bring her back". Oh and I can almost assure you that once gen.7 and it's anime come out people who grew up with gen.3 will say the same thing about the gen.7 girl saying that she sucks while May was epic - Gamer4life

Iris copying misty? please. You butthurt misty fans are just upset that we finally got a REAL tomboy here. Misty was bratty, bossy, naggy, and are like those annoying schoolgirls in anime. She also likes shopping, into romance, and was interested in dolls. Iris on the other hand was into none of that, wasn't afraid to fight a Pokemon head on, swings on trees, into 'hard to catch and harder to train' dragon types. She also wasn't as hard on ash, but still knew how to speak her mind. Iris may not be the best character, but he'll she's a lot better than prissy misty!

The only good thing she has going against Misty is that shes less temperamental. Other than that, shes worst than Gary 2.0 (Drew). Meaning, she is basically a Misty, but at least Misty's fear wasn't as stupid, she had a sympathetic back story and she got character development and seemed to go more for her dream than Iris did.

Iris only had TWO dragon types... and she wants to be a dragon master >. > And she's afraid of ice types cause they are supper-effective against dragon. I think even a 5 year old can figure out why that's a problem for that goal. Also add on to the fact that ice types have like FOUR WEAKNESSES, so in that regard, she SHOULD be more afraid of dragon types (with only 2 weaknesses). And her Axew's goal? She didn't even evolve it ONCE! Good luck getting to your final form buddy.

Then there's Dragonite... "oh Iris's team pales in comparison to Cilan's and Ash's... LETS GIVE HER A PSUDO-LEGENDARY! 11! 1" With Dawn, she got Togikiss at the end of her ...more

People's reason for hating her is her "you're such a kid" comment to Ash, which is illogical and hypocritical whether you like it or not. They hate her for one flaw despite the fact that ALL the characters has negative flaws? While Iris isn't my favorite that's just unfair. That flaw, while I agree it's annoying if done too much, is far from as bad as flaws of some popular characters. Where's the logic in that?

Iris shouldn't get hate because of her catchphrase! She is pretty strong and she does care a lot about ash! Serena's the one who should get hate for having zero character except her creepy slave like obsession for ash!

"Misty's the real one! "
Ahahahha no. She was obsessed with getting 'princess dolls, ' if things didn't go her way there was a rage-fest, shopaholic, obsessed with romance... If she did at one point clam she was a tomboy I'd call her Princess Daisy for being as big as a poser than her. And her having a small ponytail to the side with a yellow half-shirt and short-shorts isn't tomboy ether.

Iris probably was the most tomboy. Iris love to climb trees, was into raising Pokemon who 'are hard to catch and even harder to train, ' thought highly of her self and seemed competitive and never seemed interested in contest or shopping. May's outfit in my opinion looks the most tomboyish looking and she was into traveling the world, and she had a tough looking Blazikan and an... not-cute-at-all Venusaur, so I'd say even she might be more tomboy then Misty

I think she's a great character. Finally getting rid of the "girly, oh I love shopping, ooh fashion shows" sterotype. Before you say Misty, Misty was rather girly, and dragged everyone shopping, and was a diva. Iris was the real tomboy companion. Also, people against her phrase "you're such a kid! ", remember, Ash is still literally a kid. 10 years old, guys.

And now we have the most girly character ever. (Drumroll please)...Serena. - RiverClanRocks

People saying Iris is annoying for you-know-which catchphrase are hypocrites. As long as Iris is unfairly hated like this they will always be hypocrites. Iris isn't my favorite and love many characters more, but I don't hate Iris at all and I find myself defending her and her fans more than any other alongside Jessie. If you really don't have any other reasons to hate Iris besides one flaw the stop hating her, that just really immature and obnoxious of you to do.

I love iris! She was always my favorite companion! #iris4ever

She's just plain awful. She's so smug, totally a bad trainer. The annoying comment about being a "little kid". She gripes at how bad Ash is and yet, Ash has been on many tours, battled legendary and mythical pokemon. Challenges many leagues and won the orange islands tournament and battle frontier. Ok Ash can be an idiot sometimes too, (throwing pokeballs at start up battles or calling moves he should know for a fact doesn't work). She just doesn't bring anything to the team. Cilan can be just as bad with his observations all things coming down to some recipe and his arrogance is incredibly sad.Best character to go on Ash's journey I feel was May, Dawn wasn't too bad just a little ditsy and air headed. How Iris got Dragonite is well beyond me, if it wasn't scripted in it never would have happened. Iris is just plainly weak, annoying and contradictory.

Pretty much the worst companion for Ash for always calling him a kid all the time, it breaks my heart. If Brock were here, he would tell her to stop and explain the accomplishments Ash has already made. Even though I don't like Iris, I wish there wasn't so much hatred being put into the Pokémon, but the games and Pokémon Origins are so much better.

Iris is a poor attempt at recreating Misty. It is clear that much of Best Wishes / Black and White tried to recreate the original series (Cilan the new gym leader companion, Team Rocket being competent, reintroducing 'Who's That Pokemon? ') and Iris was this for Misty. However not only is she a poor facsimile because we have seen Misty and will forever hold her to the standard, but as the recreation left a bitter taste in my and many other fans' mouths, anything to do with the recreation will be surely judged negatively. That is why Iris clearly is the worst character, followed by Cilan.

No I don't think she is a bad character though she complained she wasn't taking much of ash main role like others and she was a good trainer and also didn't had much connection of love like other characters

People often forget that Iris calling Ash a "kid" is supposed to be ironic because it shows that she can be just as childish as he is. Yes it gets annoying, but it's the same irritatingly ironic catchphrase like Dawn's "No need to worry! " Calm down.

Iris looks so good compared to serena. she isn't as bad as serena. I personally don't think Iris is bad as people think. Iris is that character who's a hit or miss. You either like her type of character or don't. It doesn't mean she's bad. I don't mind Iris, even if her "you're such a kid" is annoying. The problem I have with Iris is that her story was a missed opportunity. they didn't do as much with her as they needed to do with her. If they did, she probably would've been the best female companion to date when it comes to development.

What's there not to like about her? She's always calling Ash a kid even after seeing how strong his bonds are with his Pokemon. She overly glorifies dragon-type Pokemon and rants nonstop about becoming a "dragon master", yet she can't even tame her own Pokemon. To add on, her voice gets incredibly annoying after a while.

I wasn't fond of Iris when I first watched some of the Unova series, but I'm starting to like her more due to a certain bland stereotypical lovesick puppy that is the current companion. Yes, Serena. I'm talking about Serena. Talk about Iris all you like, but she had a lot more going for her than Serena has. Serena's only purpose of existing is for a shipping that will never go anywhere in canon.

Complaining about Serena cause she's boring?! You guys would rather see Ash get nagged and bitched at by an un-supportive girl like Iris. You people make me sick! Ash needs all the support he can get by girls like Serena. She's sweet, supportive, feminine, and actually wants and believes Ash can succeed. You people can go back to hearing about how ash is such a kid bologna, chill with Serena.

Clearly, you don't understand the concept of 'affectionate teasing'. Iris did support Ash. She did believe he could win. She even went so far as to dress up to cheer him on. She also made Cilan dress up and cheer too. Heck, Ash was a whole lot more energetic with Iris around, because she wasn't a bland, boring, Mary Sue like Serena.

Agreed, in fact Serena is the only girl who has not fought with ash in the anime ever, - Sunset

As Iris' catch phrase can get annoying, I don't understand how that one character flaw makes Iris one of the most hated Pokemon characters to exist. Take the catch phrase from her and you will see how unique of a character Iris is. She's not great but she's certainly not one of the worst characters to ever exist in Pokemon. - Rue

Your Such a Kid, That's what really annoys me. She wants to be a Dragon Master but she needed to meet Cynthia to understand Dragonite. At one episode, when she found a flower and puts it on and it fell off and Ash accidently steps on it in a battle so she cries. Seriously? She can't even evolve an Axew and she wants to become a Dragon Master.

This entire list is pointless. All it does is bag on every single ' Pokemon character that was ever made. I mean, sure, some characters may be annoying sometimes but I like each and every character, including Tracey. Everybody acts as if they can make better cartoon characters when they know that half of them are only 11 year old kids. Pokemon has inspired me to make really good cartoons someday that will make young viewers want to pursue the same path. And if that's a stupid dream to some of you than fine, I don't care. PikachuLover1 I'm sorry but it's true.