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81 Bunnelby Bunnelby

I hate him he's so annoying - Unharmless


Why is bunnelby on this list? I think we're only talking about the characters not the Pokémon themselves.

Bunnelby works really hard but just doesn't have it - a total loser! - IHateEverything

82 Roserade Roserade
83 Barry

Anybody who is a big fan of paul is down right delusional. Seriously barry you look up to a guy who doesn't give a rat's ass about his Pokemon. In the words of Paul you're pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourself you little bigmouth wannabe. Now for your attitude about paul I demand a fine in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.

Seriously, this guy is just a tool. He is better than Bianca and Cameron but he was so full of himself. "Oh you only one because you were on Paul's team, and I could totally beat Paul too."

I really like him as a character I find him very funny but he does have a soft side too you know.

ONLY #74?! I'm gonna have to fine you for that!

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84 Silver

Kill whoever put this here. Silver has a tragic back story and awesome character development.

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85 Conway
86 Blue

Yes, he is! He's from Pokémon origins! A reason I hate him: He beats me every time I pick Bulbasaur! In the anime: He teases Red! P. S., I can't believe Red comforted him! Take him out right now!

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87 Ingo

I can't tell the difference between ingo and emmet apart from their Pokemon.

Isn't he one of the guys who works at a subway? Or is it a metro? Maybe a train? - RiverClanRocks

Update: It's a subway. Eat fresh. (I had to say it.) - RiverClanRocks

Pay attention to the series dumbass and you'll know

88 Ricky
89 Grant

He's cool in the games. But in the anime he acts as this gentleman but then here he is obsessively climbing walls like a Mankey. Not to mention his rock climbing wall looks like the ones you see on a playground. He's weird and messed up. He probably has autism or is a man child.

90 Muk Muk

A disgusting piece of...

91 Flannery

In Pokemon oras, I had a question for her. Why are you yelling, I'm standing two feet away from you and right in front of you!

Seriously, everyone obsesses over her for what? Her clothing. Just because she wears tight clothes, it doesn't mean you can fangirl over her! Her voice would be enough to motivate me to commit suicide!

Not to hard to battle FYI she yells because she's a new gym leader in the game

92 Professor Ivy

Don't mention that name

She just sucks in too many different ways!

What did she do to Brock is what I'm wondering - Pokemonfan23

93 Wallace

One of the coolest trainers I've ever seen and his milotic very majestic

What the heck is he doing on this list? - RiverClanRocks

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94 Unown Unown

What the hell are unown anyway?


I think they meant the unknown like from that one movie I think was the 3rd? Yeah 3rd

95 Princess Allie

She's a really dumb and snotty brat.

She's about as snotty as Ursula

I think she's funny but she made me jealous... (Blushes and stares at Ckemont)

I got so mad at this character when I watched the episode she was in (plus Snorlax is one of my favourite pokémon)

96 Doctor Oak

Its PROFESSOR Oak, idiot

97 Doctor Proctor
98 Dario

Dario is desperate. No imagination! - IHateEverything

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99 Mallow Mallow

Come on! There's nothing wrong with her character from what I've seen so far! Give her a chance. She just might get more character development and a better goal than that sexist stereotype of a hateful woman known as Serena. Also, what's all this junk about "sex appeal"? She's just beautiful and that's that. At least she isn't a furry prostitute like Serena. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You Amourshippers are so hypocritical. It would be funny if it weren't so disgusting! - eventer51314

Yeah, she's (QUOTE ON QUOTE) "So annoying" or some crap like that. Come on, we barely got to meet Mallow and she's not horrible. So why don't you get back to the XYZ anime if you don't like her. GOD, you Amourshippers sure can't think too positive! - ClassicGaminer

Wow, I'm suprised about this! Most people say that Lillie or Lana is the best (Spoiler Alert: They. Both. Suck.)

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100 Pikachu

Pikachu is the most overrated Pokemon ever. No, seriously, he is. Why is he still the mascot, he should have evolved into a Raichu by now! And don't give me that crap that Pokemon can get stronger without evolving, because that is total bull. They just make him refuse to evolve and they never explain why. What makes the matter worse is that they bring up the issue again in "Pika and Goliath," but it does nothing but give you false hopes and another BS scene of Pikachu defeating his evolved form. (I mean, COME ON! This Raichu is stronger and faster, why is Pikachu able to beat a Pokemon with the same exact moves as him, but superior in every way? ) Pikachu started the incredibly silly trend of evolution being frowned upon, and I wish it would stop. - DemonSpider253

Hang on, hang on! Who the hey put pikachu! Pikachu is sweet, he's cute, and an awesome friend not to mention loyal! Why would someone ever put someone so sweet on this list. SERIOUSLY NOW that's JUST HEARTLESS!

Why is Pikachu on here?! He is so sweet and cute and Ash and him became such good friends! Whoever added this is a monster!

Worst Pokemon ever! Disgrace to other Pokemon and even in the cartoon he destroyed the girls' bikes just because they called him cute. - Coffeemilkshakes

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