Top 10 Worst Pokemon Designs from Generation 1

People always complain about awful modern Pokemon designs, but what about Gen 1?

1. Only Pokemon From Gen 1(The original 151) can be put on this list
2. Respect the opinion of others.
3. Enjoy The List and Have a Good Day
4. Also having a bad design doesn't mean the Pokemon is a bad Pokemon. Just badly designed.

The Top Ten

1 Grimer Grimer
2 Muk Muk
3 Dugtrio Dugtrio

Just 3 digletts put together - Sneslper

Please do not use the slur "genwunner"

Genwunner: What?! They made a sword that evolves into two swords? LAME! They're really running out of ideas. Pokémon should just give up already. It's really gone downhill from Gen I, the golden age of Pokemon.
Me: One word: Dugtrio.
Genwunner: Well, uh, um...Dugtrio is uh...he's a...we'll never know what's under him! Hah! Yeah! Dugtrio is one of the most controversial Pokemon ever! Doublade is just BORING!
Me: |:|

4 Magneton Magneton

Just 3 Magnemites put together, lazy. - Sneslper

5 Tangela Tangela
6 Voltorb Voltorb

It's a Poke Ball. With no mouth. LAME. - RiverClanRocks

7 Electrode Electrode

It's creepy and a Voltorb made larger, flipped on it's head, with a face. - RiverClanRocks

8 Exeggcute Exeggcute
9 Victreebel Victreebel

Number 1 to 8 is alright but why victreebel and exeggutor? - ihateoverratedpokemon

10 Exeggutor Exeggutor

The Contenders

11 Pidgey Pidgey

Just a lame little brown pigeon with no real memories of it in most of the games.

Most of the pokemon with bad design are from the first generation

12 MissingNo.
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