Worst Pokemon Episodes

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1 A Double Dilemma

I hate that episode

Everyon in Petalburg city acts like complete jerks to Ash and treat May and Max like royalty just because their Normans kids. - egnomac

This is like Pokemon ORAS
Nobody cares if you win the Pokemon League or even save the world, but everyone makes a big dead over contests. - yungstirjoey666

Every time I see this episode come on screen, I immediately switch channels!
It didn't further the story in any way and the people were so mean spirited to Ash, all because they of their love for Norman.
Short summary: I REALLY don't like this episode.

2 Challenge of the Samurai

Whatever happened to the Samurai? - LittleLitten11

3 Pokémon Scent-sation!

I have to admit it was pretty stupid they only allowed girls into the gym. For Pete's sake, that was borderline gender discrimination! And I thought my gender had its history of being discriminatory towards females. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 Electric Soldier Porygon

This episode was so bad and caused too much seizures that it was never aired again. - PerfectImpulseX

It caused seizures, how is this not number one?

The episode, that caused seizures! - BorisRule

Beauty and the Beach and A Double Dilemma are NOTHING compared to this episode. - BorisRule

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5 Dazzling The Nimbasa Gym
6 Enter Iris and Axew

Haha! Really, the name tells you itself. The start from where everything went wrong in Black and White. - Kiteretsunu

Actually, I like to watch black and white, its true, iris is annoying but that's what I like.

The name tells you all

Useless episode, Iris and Axes both are annoying. A pokemon should forget most of the episodes of BW including this one.

7 The Path to the Pokémon League
8 Friend and Foe Alike

I hated this awful episode!

9 Down To The Fiery Finish

I like to call this episode, "The Pokemon equivalent of Spongebob, You're Fired". LIES! LIES, WHEN WILL THE LIES END?

Hoo boy, this, is a BAD episode to sit through. And one of the worst of the series.

10 Dreams by the Yard Full

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11 Pikachu's Goodbye

I'm 11 years old, I knew he was going to stay with Ash and I start crying my eyeballs out. WHY WOULD ASH DO THIS?! (sob) (sob)

This is the first episode after the incident in 1997 - BorisRule

I didn't like it too much but glad that Pikachu stays with Ash Ketchum.

12 Smells Like Team Spirit

Why is this on here? - HeavyDonkeyKong

13 Who Gets to Keep Togepi
14 Cruisin' For A Losin'
15 Memories Are Made Of Bliss

This episode got rid of the beat characters ever and it made me cry - Jackster

No more Brock or Dawn. WAAH! - N64Dude

16 The Bicker The Better

It was horrible to see ash and may argue and fight throughout this episode, the beginning was horrible because of ash getting mad at may just for looking into a mirror. This episode was banned in many countries due to the episode’s plot: The battle of the sexes

17 Beyond The Rainbow
18 Beauty and the Beach

This episode has a 40 second long scene in the original copy that was taken out. PLUS, Ash and Brock were obviously amazed to see Misty wearing a bikini.

Bad for kids

There was stuff... in this episode. I didn't know what it was so I searched it up. DON'T SEARCH IT UP!

Why James?!


19 Battling the Enemy Within
20 Win, Lose, or Drew!
21 Crowning the Scalchop King

Worst episode ever...

22 Mending a Broken Spirit!

What? I love this episode - Neonco31

23 Berry, Berry Interesting

It was the worst episode

24 In the Knicker of Time!

Boring Premise, lame writing, equally boring May battle, and not even the character of the day can salvage this mess.

25 The Poetry Commotion

The episode wasn't bad at all

26 Princess vs. Princess Princess vs. Princess

If Serena from Pokemon were a princess against another princess, then she would be so aggressive and eager to have a sexist, jealous catfight.

27 Mystery on Deserted Island!

Seriously. Remember the part where Ash was battling Ninetales on the top of the mountain. This proved 100% he LOVED abusing Pokémon. He knocked Ninetales OFF FROM THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN and felt VERY GOOD about it. It would a million percent be a fatal fall, so many miles high, and he doesn't care at all and even cheers.

28 Kalos League Victory

Ash didn’t win the league he’s a loser and Gingka Hagane from Beyblade is a way better character.

29 Mutiny In the Bounty

That was J did to Gardevoir was unforgivable.

This is one of my favorites. j was an awesome villain. - HeavyDonkeyKong

30 Pika and Goliath
31 Electric Shock Showdown
32 Haunter vs Kadabra

It gave me nightmares

33 Clemont's Got a Secret - Pokemon Xy Episode 9

Meyer thought Serena was Clemont's girlfriend. I know, I support Geekchicshipping too, but COME ON! I think if you are going to except the fact the Serena kind of regrets not choosing Clemont in secret, you should at least stay out of the way.

34 The Battle Finale of Legend!
35 Top-Down Training
36 Seeing the Forest for the Trees
37 Less is Morrison
38 Mimikyu Unmasked

All the bonding Jessie did with mimikyu... was for nothing. They got killed by ash's lycanroc which was failing almost all the time in the episode.

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