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21 Emolga Emolga

A good character in Gates to Infinity. Other than that, it is a useless Pikachu clone. If it was just a mono electric type, it would be weak to just ground, but it just had to be an electric flying type. Now it is weak to rock and flying.

Volt Switch... Volt Switch... Volt Switch... VolAA
I like his design, though.

All the pikachu clones are good in some ways. Pichu is baby pikachu he is really cute. Minum and plusel are 2 pikachu clones in a region. Patchiresue was my faviorte Pokemon in the anime. Then came emolga not cute dose not have a evelution line and in the anime she keeped on using attrack and I did not like emolga as much as patchiresue

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22 Amoonguss

It's just a mushroom with terrible stats.

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24 Emboar Emboar

It's so horrible! The special defense of a level 50 Emboar are the exact same thing as the special defense of a level 50 Oshawott! You get hit by one water gun and half your HP is gone! It's attack may be good, but it's defense is horrid! - Pikachulover1

If you think the defense is bad then Attack quick and kill first.

Stupid, they just mixed ember and boar together, No unova starter has a good or awesome name except serperior.

25 Tynamo
26 Bouffalant

It's just Tauros with an afro!

27 Panpour

It looks ridiculous. End of story.

28 Accelgor

It just had to sacrifice its defenses just to get speed and medium special attack, I mean karrablast got rid of its already below average speed to become a tank, but acceglor has amazing speed and okay special attack but even its pre-evolutionary for, shelmet is a threat ( sludge bomb, toxic, hidden power, body slam)

29 Venipede

At least it's cute for a bug type Pokemon like Sewaddle

At least it's cute for a bug type Pokemon

30 Deerling

Other than tackle ( which EVERY POKEMON can do ) what else can this colour changing deer can do other than not speak English.

What moves does this colour changing deer do other than Tackle ( EVERY POKEMON USES IT ) and speak its own name

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