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21 Pokemon Platinum

Don't see why its on here. It saved gen 4 from being the worst gen and the most boring and made it more interesting! The frame rate improved and the glitches improved. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Best gen. of Pokemon. Amazing legendary designs, well mixed leaders, and all three starters were dual-typed. Plus, it was a mashup of diamond and pearl, so there were no version specific 'mons.

Ok pearl gets 0 percent while my game out of the two diamond is 7 percent?

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22 Pokemon Blue

Glitch party invitation!
Where: Pokemon Blue
When: October 15, 1996
Come and glitch up and have some glitchy fun!

Go ahead. Hate me for liking X and Y better. - RiverClanRocks

Pokemon blue is not the worst game ever one day I had a frigging level 70 blastios the next a level 2 sqirtle

23 Pokemon Dash

Awful, just awful. Only Pre-Evolutions just dashing and running and it only has 6-5 Races and great job just wasted money on this crap.

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24 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

Such an addictive little game. It gets repetitive after a while, but all Pokemon games are like that.

This is my childhood! Get this off the list now!

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25 Pokemon Snap

Sir this is not portable this is on a home console

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26 Pokemon Art Academy

Who put this on here? Pokemon Art Academy taught me loads of different techniques to draw Pokemon. Just because it isn't a game where you enslave creatures and make them fight to death doesn't mean that it's bad. It may be bad for you, but some calmer sensible people prefer to sit down and relax and draw. They can draw better than you can.

It's too short, I'd love to art the Pokemon but please do more!

I love this game, to be honest. It may not be capturing Pokemon, but Art academy is amazing, even for the 3DS. It not only hslped me draw Pokemon, but other things as well! - Mewbosses

Yes it is a handheld.

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27 Pokemon SoulSilver

Are you mad? It's best Pokemon game I ever played. I have been playing Pokemon since generation 1. I have played all from Red blue to Omega ruby alpha sapphire. This one is best Pokemon game.

Best game ever whoever put this is an idiot this gen has some of the best starters after sapphire emerald and ruby.

:( I actually LIKE this game, it was my first game ever and I still play it, Typhlosion is still my favorite Pokemon.

I will admit, its not the worst pokemon game ever, but it is just so boring, the pokemon in the region is either bland, or just devolutions, or evolutions of kanto pokemon, and the gameplay sucked. I stopped playing half way. - USGC

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28 Pokemon Channel

Its Just A Channel Game

Abysmal, and boring

29 Pokemon Sun

Okay! You guys seriously need to understand the definition of "worst". THIS IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIMES... I CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY THIS IS ON THE LIST... And whoever wrote "poor story" should crawl into a hole and die!

This game has poor pacing, poor 3-d animation, poor story, and will make you grind your teeth on the battles.

I could say only one thing 'useless'

When pokemon faint, they faint forever aka dead. what? Who the hell thought of this! It's sad, weird, and dumb! The 3 starters are all mediocre. Rowlet is useless in it's 3rd evolution. Litten has a rough start and the final evolution...ugh. And just...AWFUL! Also, there isn't much new pokemon. Really I saw a website page of the new pokemon and it was only 1 page. INCLUDING THE RE-CREATIONS. This doesn't even feel like a Pokemon game it feels like a Pokemon ripoff. - spodermanfan1000

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30 Pokemon Gold

Why do people hate this game? Just because it's overrated? Being an overrated is not an excuse. The GRAPHICS is bad The GRAPHICS is bad blah blah blah. It's a GAMEBOY game What would you expect a 3D graphics in a gameboy?

Alright, you people are just making up excuses. "X/Y has terrible graphics."
Like, what? The graphics are 50 times better than Red and Blue. Heck, ANY game has better graphics than Red and Blue.

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31 Pokemon: FireRed Version

It's good game, but it could be boring quick when you finish the game.

Bad remake of an AWFUL game. I hate gen 1, so why remake them?

32 Pokemon Omega Ruby

If you guys think that Groudon is weak, think again. Groudon has that awesome ability to make all water attacks deal no damage to him, and if that's not enough, Groudon learns Solar Beam, a grass type move. You whiny Kyogre fans happy now?

This game is amazing but I think AS is better

Primal grousing vs primal Kyocera well kyogres faster and if they're both primal then their abilities don't work an kyogres uses origin pulse and demolishes groudon

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33 Pokemon Moon

90% of the pokemon use Pursuit, levelling feels slow and sluggish, pokemon in the starting area are garbage, no gyms, trials feels sluggish and/or boring, Confusion nerfed when used on enemies, had to use wondertrade to get a level 57 hariyama to beat 2/3 trial people in the 2nd island. Also some pop-in problems.

The only good thing I can say about this game is it's gorgeous, has wonderful new pokemon, and at least the Z-moves are cool.

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34 Pokemon X

Gen 6: flying wrestlers, hypnosis squids, and ghost trees.
Gen 1: Pterodactyls, psychic bearded creatures, scythe bugs, and poison ghosts.
Gen 6: cotton candy ( since when was it not delicious? ), pumpkins, and rabbits.
Gen 1: Decomposing poop, magnets, 6 eggs, and pig monkeys.
Every generation has their victories and their duds.

Sure they didn't have garbage Pokemon in Gen 1. They had farts, magnets, and killer sludge to make up for it.

Wow really?! Pokemon x is one of my favorite games ever in Pokemon!

B B BBBoring

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35 Pokemon Silver

Who put this on here? This game is old school so lay off.

It is such a stupid game just like Pokemon yellow

36 Pokemon Picross

This game has nothing to do with Pokemon and the only thing is the pictures

37 Pokemon Crystal

Are you kidding? This game is pretty good!


Pokémon Crystal was the best one

38 Pokemon Shuffle V 1 Comment
39 Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia

The Pokemon Ranger games are the worst.

40 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

You no I cat affood a 3Ds so tats why it the wost game ever.

I have played the game like 10000 times

The only "recent" pokemon game I actually completed the pokedex in.
God I have clocked so many hours on this game

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